Daily Chatter

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Clouds Rolled In

I had to hussle when I got home after work.  The clouds were getting heavier as the minutes passed.  I thought once about skipping it but I think we all know,
"You never regret the runs you take but you always regret the ones you don't."
So I got my middle situated for a hour and littlest and I took off for the 6.5 mile loop.
(will I ever get to run solo again?)
I have to say that getting any speed back since the ultra has been very hard.  With so much going on and my hubbs crazy work schedule I haven't had much any opportunity to get a solo run in.  I really need some so that I can get some speed work done. 

When I bid farewell to my last long love pair of sauconys I mentioned that I already had another 'red box' waiting for me.  Truth be told I have 3 red boxes waiting for me.  I usually buy 2 pair at a time (can anyone say SALE!) and since I hadn't changed pairs in so long I got a few extra purchased from gift cards I have gotten for Christmas and birthdays.  Sweet!
This is a pair I wore once before but they ATE my heels.  I'm talking the back half of this shoe was RED!  In this shoes defense I wore them for the first time with the wrong socks and on a LONG run.  Never do that to a new shoe.  It's just not fair.
So I was not afraid to give them another try.  (and the other 2 pair are so beautifully white that I just can't get them dirty by running in the potential thunder storm with them!  Not yet!)
Let me say they (only having one run on them) felt like little pillows under my midsoles!  They are trail shoes but not really aggressive ones.  I like a sturdier shoes sometimes.  They were wonderful and the ucky color will never look dirty.  There are nice orange accents on them but my pictures all came out fuzzy tonight.

You can see littlest and I beat the thunderstorm!  We were really slow but I am still happy for the miles and time together.  Littlest didn't nap but yelled at every bird, cat, dog, cow, horse, goat and person we saw along the way.  He seemed to be having a great time.
That was my running for today.  Yes, only one.  I know it's shocking but that's all I could squeeze in today.
Now I have everyone in bed and I am going to finally do what my Bondi band told me to do


  1. Try to beat the storm is always fun; actually beating it is so, so satisfying.
    Hope you're catching your breath now.

  2. Glad you made it back before the storm. I hope the shoes treat you well. Wearing the wrong socks can lead to lots of pain. Don't forget to breathe again today!

  3. The bondi band doesn't lie! Breathe!

    Good job on your run

  4. Glad to hear the new kicks worked out okay. Definitely interesting coloring but you're right, they'll never look dirty!

    Nice run!!

  5. You are amazing always making time for the run! I know that you and your littlest will look back on these runs together when he is older and have fond memories. Great job on beating the storm! And don't worry, your speed is there, it's just waiting for the right day to remind you :)

  6. I love trying to squeeze in a run before the skys open. So happy you switched shoes, I hope these ones carry you far!

  7. I love to run in the rain!!! Looks gorgeous out there :)

  8. yeah for beating the storm!!! You must be so strong pushing the stroller all the time!

  9. I love your posts, always very interesting. YAY for being able to outrun the storm!

  10. Glad you were able to outrun the storm! I'm so impressed at how Little does in the stroller. My youngest never tolerated it.

  11. I like the buzzer beater runs! I feel so accomplished.. then again I feel like a total bad ass when I finish in the rain too!