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Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Things Thursday

Day 346 ~ Third Run of the Day

Yesterday must have felt like Thursday because I went for 3 runs.  My morning wake up 3 miles, 2.5 miles on the treadmill and then 6.5 outside in the gale force winds.  It was during that third run that I crossed over 1000 miles for 2011.  I think it's time for a new pair of shoes!

I have been stuck in that "What's Next" zone since floating back down to reality now that my A goal for 2011 was accomplished.  You know that little 50 miler that I ran.  Sorry but I will be talking about it until I do my next one.  Since my B goal for this year is to increase my overall conditioning and reshape a body that needs to do more for me, I am still working out an achievable schedule to allow for family, work, running and cross training.  While I have BIG plans coming that require a new level of fitness, I still have the need to get back out there in the woods and maybe chip away at a few more course PRs so I have already registered for the Fire on the Mountain Trail 50k October 30th.  Yeah, I was the first to register. 
Does that mean I should train to be the first to finish it?

Besides running three times yesterday the day also marked the start of a new running "season." 
It was the Return of the Biking Sherpa!
Oh how I have missed her company on the roads.
If I could just get her on the trails too!
She never lets me slack.  She is always good for a great story or three.
She helps those miles fly by and never breaks a sweat.
Thanks Biking Sherpa for a very challenging windy run last night
and for the many more to come!

The Return of Biking Sherpa


  1. 3 runs in one day and 1000 miles in 2011?! That's amazing! I'm completely inspired by you! I don't workout as much as you, but when I do, I definitely understand the difficulty you have of trying to balance the workouts and family life etc. If only I didn't need to sleep so much! :)

  2. There's nothing like a bit of company to help with motivation. But I don't think I've ever known you to be lacking in motivation.

  3. Yay! I was hoping we would be seeing Biking Sherpa around here again soon!

    And keep talking about that 50 miler. I want to talk about it and I didn't even do it!

  4. Wow! Three runs in one day and crossing 1,000 miles for the year?!? That's awesome! It's nice that Biking Sherpa is back!

  5. So, how do you keep a pair of shoes for 1000 miles? curious minds want to know.