Daily Chatter

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Traditions and Additions

This will always be home to me.
We went home this past weekend.  We had a great time!  I love feeling a part of a larger family, the one made up of my birth family and all our created families too.  Annually we get together on multiple occasions to do things together.  In January we get together to celebrate my mama's birthday and go bowling.

Trampolines and snow = awesome fun.
LBM started his weekend with some fun in the snow with his cousin Z, who he doesn't get to spend enough time with.  S'ghetti girl and the super secret spy went to run shopping errands so I was "forced" to play with the boys. Don't worry it wasn't too difficult for me to enjoy it. 

Snow diving.  What the rest of the world calls a face plant.
The boys enjoyed a bit of what they called "snow diving," I passed on that activity but loved watching them cover themselves in snow.  I had to squeeze in my run before heading out for our bowling party.  With a bit of a cut back week I tried to keep my workout intensity up but lower my overall miles.  Since we were so action packed this weekend lower miles wasn't too hard to pull off.
Blessed to be part of this amazing family.
Of course I killed at bowling.  At least amongst the girls.  We all simply enjoyed being together more than anything.  I am sure we talked much more than we bowled but these great family traditions help us remember that we are part of something many other are not as lucky to have. 

Next year there will be seven!
Our little group isn't very little anymore. We certainly keep growing! 
We will welcome a new addition in about a week.


  1. What? When did I miss that you're a grandma-to-be? Congrats!

  2. Tons of fun! Glad you got the opportunity to reconnect with so many. And yes, congrats!

  3. I call that a perfect "recharge" :) And congrats on your new-addition-to-be!