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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cable Family Challenge ~ Week #2

As with many families, mine struggles to find an acceptable plan for diet and exercise or at least one that keeps the grownup and the children all happy and healthy. These issues stem in part from the differing parenting styles between my husband and myself. Whereas my husband doesn't seem to understand that our daughter is a young girl with feelings and opinions thus he takes a My-Way-or-The-Highway kind of parenting position, I tend to want to allow our children to at least voice their thoughts and feelings on issues. Neither one of us is right in our parenting style, merely different.

Due to these differences we were discussing his concerns for our little children and their diets and activity levels. Which lead to some frustration to say the least.

Having been a young girl who dealt (deals) with an eating disorder I may be guilty of treading very lightly on issues that might cause my own daughter to feel unloved, unaccepted or inadequate in any way. In an effort to make change as much fun as change can be we have decided to start
The Cable Family Challenge
Go here for Week One - Meals

Week One as you might have guessed everyone WON as in got their 7 points.  LBM chose a much needed foam axe and hammer I thought at a dollar each these might work their way into his Halloween costume for his reward.  S'ghetti girl got her Monster High book.  I just love that she is such a great reader!

Monster High [Book]

Hubbs and I chose to "save up" our points for a nice evening out without the kids.

This week is,
Week Two - Movement

30 minutes of purposeful movement every day.
along with 1 fruit or 1 vegetable each day.

This week 14 points possible.

With back-to-school in full swing I purchased some classroom calendars and reward stickers to use as a visual aid to help the kids see their efforts.  Neither one wants to be the one without two stickers on each day.  So far this week the kids have used swimming, jumping on the trampoline, jogging/walking on the treadmill, running, the yoga ball and wiffle ball and it's only Thursday!  I am so excited that the kids are really wanting to eat better and move more.  Even if it is more out of competition with each other then understanding the long term benefits.  These habits are something I hope will become part of our daily lives and the only rewards needed will be a healthier happier family.

Will you and your family join the challenge?
What better time to start than with the new school year.
Add recording the family's food intake into homework time.
Make a cool refrigerator sign for each family member to mark the days they earn their points.
Make a rewards jar for the kids to pick out of when they "win" the week.
Send "trash talk" email between family members (a little bragging that they are going to beat dad is okay).
Come up with fun Team names. Maybe each family member has their own or girls vs boys.

How 'bout it?

A new school year of learning and a healthier habits before the Holiday Season and all those extra treats.
Join us.
Leave your email so we can share encouragement or trash talk and weekly ideas!

Link your challenge posts so we all can share in the fun.
Coming Up Week 3 - (Mind) Adding in Reading

Week 4 - Give me your ideas!


  1. We have joined! I made a little motivation chart with 4 columns on it. Fruit, Vegetable, Chore and Movement. My boys are earning quarters. They love it! Thanks for the motivation! :)

  2. So cute - I love the visual progress charting and I still LOVE getting your daughter a book as a reward. Even though now it's mainly a competition getting them started in those habits young will have lifelong benefits, I'm sure - before long, it won't be a competition or something they do to earn prizes, but just a lifestyle. For week 4, maybe something with sleep? Or drinking water? Or maybe writing down something you are thankful for each day?