Daily Chatter

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Enter the Anti-Sherpa

Day # 449 ~ 6.5 miles

What a fabulous run I had last night!
  The famous Biking Sherpa joined me which couldn't have come at the better time. 
Since shortly after starting Insanity I have had a sore left thigh. 
Yes, I know I didn't tell you.
That's a post in it's self.
Not only did Biking Sherpa join me but a new friend came along too.  After a delay due to a crappy spare bike bike issues we were on our way.  I explained that my paces might not be where they should be due to my sore thigh but it quickly became clear that our new friend did not understand the rules of sherpa-dom.
She was continually way ahead of Biking Sherpa and I making us look bad and forcing me to push my pace.

She was the Anti-Sherpa!

Turns out a little push was all I needed.  My thigh felt loose again and I not only knocked off the extra time from my recently slower pace but shaved about a minute and a half off my 6.5 mile time.  So we all ended the run friends again and the Anti-Sherpa may be joining us again when a little extra speed work is needed.
Although next time we will give her the crappy bike!


  1. I know why you didn't tell us about the sore thigh. If you put it down in writing it becomes real but if it's not publicly acknowledged then there's every chance it will disappear as quickly as it came.

  2. Anti-Sherpa... I like that! Glad it turned out to give you the push and distraction you needed. I hope your thigh is okay!