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Thursday, October 13, 2011

TTT - What the Kids are Up to Edition

I hope she didn't forget her glasses

S'ghetti Girl
Today is picture day number 1 at school for S'ghetti Girl.  There are two.  Because of course parents need two school photos of their child each year, one at the beginning and one near the end.  This photo will be the one in the year book and on Ids.  Mom usually gets to pick the outfit and hairstyle for this photo and S'ghetti gets to be a little crazy with the other one.  This year S'ghetti girl wanted to choose.  I'd say she went school girl and did a pretty good job....except for the mismatched socks.

S'ghetti girl helped LBM on this one....but I don't know why his face is red.  I bet he was running!

Little Bug Man

LBM has been learning....everything.  It's crazy how fast he is picking up things.  His vocabulary has exploded.  He question and answer sessions take for.e.v.e.r.  I don't get away with curt explanations anymore.  Why this?  Why that?  And when he wants to tell me something that he saw or did or understands forget, I just sit done because it's going to be a long story.  Yeah, he is really becoming like his big sister; smart!  His art skills?  They might still have a ways to go.

A tractor trailer, two cars and the grace of God.  No one was hurt.

The Big Kid

The Big Kid had a big day yesterday.   
He lost half a day of pay due to rain.
His car got backed into my a tractor trailer.
Pushed into another car.
Then he got yelled at by his boss.
He has finally come to the realization that just having a job is not all he wants out of life so he is willing to move out of his comfort zone and do things to help prepare him for what he'd like to do a little more long term.
It's tough that some lessons are learned through challenging ways.


  1. Tough day for the big kid! But yes, lessons to learn. I'm predicting a good picture for s'ghetti girl and a future in the arts for the little guy!

  2. S'ghetti girl is growing up! She is a pretty little thing.

    SO MUCH to see LBM learning and growing. My niece is around the same age and always has an earful for me. :)

    Sorry to hear about the big kid's hard day. Hopefully something good will come from it!

  3. I think it's so funny that my daughter could care less if her socks match. It's pretty funny sometimes...depending on the outfit. Occasionally NOTHING matches and then her socks don't look so out of place ;-)

  4. Your poor big kid. Some days it just seems like the whole world's against you. It builds up resilience and maturity in the long term but in the short term it sucks!