Daily Chatter

Monday, February 20, 2012

A 30 pound pack

Weekends are always fun and filled with little surprises.  This weekend was no exception.  I was looking forward to a slightly extended weekend in Virginia.  With the mild weather I had dreams of miles on the trails on Old Rag Mountain.  This is a picturesque mountain that I drive by every time I travel between VA and PA. 

The dream was altered when we got to Virginia and found the super secret spy struggling with a bad cold.  Being the good wife I made certain he got lots of sleep Thursday evening in the hopes that he would be up to hanging out the kiddos Friday while I scampered up a mountain side.  Unfortuately sleep did not cure his ills.   But being the determined person I am I did not allow that to stop me from getting out and enjoying the trails. 

It just added a very wiggly 30 pound pack to my resistance training and one grumbling 10 year old.  After packing LBM up the switch backs, I climbed ahead while S'ghetti girl and LBM rested to see if they would be able to continue.  It made for a great workout and an amazing time on the mountain.

In the end I think both kids enjoyed trying "climbs" they weren't sure they could do.  I know that I was very proud of how they continued on (okay LBM was getting carried most of the time) even when they were tired.  It wasn't the training I thought I would get that day but if the next day was any indication, I got a great full body workout. 

Five days to Hashawha Hills 50k

Have you ever climb Old Rag? 
Running Hashawha?  Ever done it?  Tell me about your experience.


  1. I've climbed Old Rag and I can't believe you did those switchbacks carrying a toddler!! You are my hero :)

  2. Well done on toting that wiggly 30 lb pack all the way up a mountain, and good luck in your forthcoming Trail run.
    Notice you're wearing a Chi Running hat. I've been experimenting with Chi running - but not been very successful!

  3. I love Old rag!! I always forget your in VA sometimes as my family still lives in Charlottesville and we are there often.

    50k you are my hero!!!

    30lbs is a lot I hike with my 23 pound 3 year old or 15 pound 9 month old and it gets tiring fast!! great workout!

  4. Shelly enjoy Hashawha! I'll be over doing Reverse Ring! Can't wait to read your race report!

  5. so funny i was thinking i wish i spent as much time in nature as you..but i do, it's just a different scenery!

  6. Making lemonade out of lemons is the only way to go, and as a bonus, you got a great afternoon with the kiddos. How fun!!!

    Excited about your upcoming 50k :)!!

  7. Way to get it done! I'm sure it wasn't easy, but the kids surely loved it. Good luck this weekend!!