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Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Addict

It probably comes as little surprise to my regular readers when I tell you that I have a slightly addictive personality.  It's a handy thing to have when it comes to many aspects in life.  I am extremely committed.  Give me a project and I'll see it through.  Crash a plane and I'm the one to hike out for help. 

In my running life this addictive tendency has helped in my deepening love of running long.  I can also credit my 640 days of running to that dedicated side of myself. 

So knowing how I can easily get a little to into things I should have heeded the comments about


but I didn't.  I started to pin.  And now I think I am addicted to pinterest too.

I just need to figure out how to make it through the day without sleeping because I am quickly running out of hours to accommodate all my passions.

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  1. Pinterest is the most fabulous time suck out there. I'm on there constantly.

  2. I am on it, but don't totally get it. I am trying not to get to sucked in.

  3. *Raises Hand* Pinterest addict over here too.

  4. I refuse to jump on that bandwagon for the EXACT same reason. I've been addicted to far too many things, all of them I've had to work my butt off to give up ;) but have fun pinning ;)

  5. I am so afraid to go to Pinterest because I think I will never make my way back out!