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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I used to lace my shoes, grab a visor and run out my front door.  Now I'm spending days planning, bagging, labeling pounds of supplies to be prepared for a run. 
Who have I become?

another awesome YMX top
There are only four more sleeps until race morning.  Wait.  Let's be honest.  I won't sleep much Friday night because I'll be sick to my stomach with nerves so there is really only 3 good nights of sleep and then one with a lot of tossing and turning.  Either way come 4 a.m. Saturday morning I'll be donning my headlamp, praying that we all make it to see that grassy finish line.  They really should make the finish line a big pile of rocks considering how rocky the course is.  Although after 103.7 miles I doubt I will be thinking that more rocks would be clever.
 early in the bagging process
This was a beginning of my drop bagging process.  There are 13 aid stations but only 10 with drop bags.  After I worked up a projected time frame for reaching each aid station, I marked up my bags to be placed inside each of my drop bags.  Each bag has a list of what is in it and a  list of what I should do or get at that station.  This way everything will be kept dry if we have any rain and I'll easily be able to come into the aid station and only grab what I want or need at the time and I won't be as likely to forget anything that I will need before the next station. 

It's brain scrambling to try and remember everything.  Like my first bag I'll need to remember that if I start with a long sleeve, arm warmers or a jacket, I'll need to drop it or change tops.  I'll need to pick up a visor, drop my headlamp, grab my fuel bag and "meds" bag and pick up sunglasses.  That means I later have to plan for warmer clothes once the sun goes down, put another headlamp in the correct bag, plan for another visor if I want to drop it over night...It's almost like packing for five races at once.  An early morning run, a heat of the day run, an overnight run, then another early morning run and another heat of the day run. 

Since I have loads to still do I will save a detailed How To for my next post.  Bbut feel free to remind me of things you think I should include or ask questions and I'll answer them in my next time.

If you have saved the link for live race day tracking you can get it HERE.
I am #35. 



  1. It's getting so close! Excited for you!

  2. After helping prepare Spike for his 50 M I definitely have a whole new perspective on exactly what goes in to these kinds of adventures. Good luck girl, you've got this!

  3. Darling daughter and I will be cheering you on! Good luck! Have fun!

  4. I really can't wait to hear about your experience!!

  5. Wow, super excited for you!!! Boy, I thought planning for 50 miles last Fall (w/ the whole New England weather thang) was tough. I cannot imagine double-ish! I think it's smart to label and overpack; things can get blurry/fuzzy in a marathon - never mind a 100 miler.

    I wish you good solid sleeps and a strong race :) Can't wait to track and then hear all about your adventure!!

  6. Excited for you and cheering you on! Have fun and enjoy the sleep now! ;)