Daily Chatter

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Mumblings

Yes.  I am still talking about the weather.  Stalking weather websites.  Blogging about the weather.  Photographing the weather.
All in an attempt to avoid thinking about the actual race.
In other news look what arrived today!  Some yummy goodies from the amazing multi-tasking Amanda at RunToTheFinish who recently moved and still made time to get her goodies from the Spring Booty Buster Challenge in the mail. 
Thanks Amanda!  I will be thinking of you during my 103.7 miles.
great!  now I'm thinking about the actual race.  I feel sick to my stomach.
Since I'm talking about every thing I might as well admit that I ran a bit more than "the plan" said I was supposed to.  But I also stuck with my squats, wall sits, planks and hand stands that I have been working on.  My wall sit and plank are both over 3 minutes now!  I'm completely excited about that.  It may seem like baby steps in cross training but for me it's like conquering a mountain. 
Have you heard about the Whole30?  Part of my distraction techniques has been to fully engross myself in this eating plan.  Which I will be starting the day after the race.  By that I mean Monday since I will not stop running until Sunday and then I might proceed to eat a small country's food supply and I will not care if dairy, grains, sugar or even alcohol is involved.  That is saying A LOT because I don't drink alcohol!
What do you say?  Anyone want to join me?


  1. I have 9 weather websites stalked about 5 weeks out to a key race (I already know Boise will be hot, on June 8th, for instance :)).

    I've never heard of the Whole 30, sounds pretty cool. I love a good beer after a race, though :).

    Keep up the great work, girl! Gonna crush the race!

  2. Weather stalking is an important part of racing. Racing without it is unthinkable!

    Oh boy, my good friend the whole30 - I'll be interested to hear your thoughts!