Daily Chatter

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Runner's Sin

The radar map this morning told that story.  It was going to be a day in the house.  While I already know thanks to FB that there are those that did not welcome our current weather, I am thrilled by it. 
I miss my treadmill. 
I realize I probably just committed a runner's sin but I really do miss it.  Those regular long runs without the worry of carrying water or where I might need to duck if I have a corn field emergency.  I'm thrill at the thought of watching something I want to watch while I run in one place.  Thanks to my mom I now have a treadmill here in VA to use until I decide what I want to do about a permanent one that can handle my abuse.  Thanks to the weather and the inability to get up and run before the super secret spy goes to work today I will be running on my dad's old treadmill.  Even if the miles gets hard and awkward I will enjoy knowing that my dad used that same machine. 
So today while LBM rides his hot wheel around the basement, builds imaginary worlds from cardboard boxes and scatters a million toy cars around the floor, I will be happily running in one place and thankful I get to do it every single day.
How do you get your sweat on when the weather doesn't cooperate?
Are you happy for the change or use it as a rest day?


  1. As much as the treadmill bores me to tears and I sometimes complain about its tedium, I do appreciate how it can be a necessity. I don't have one at home, but I have often wished we had the space for one, just for purposes such as inclement weather!

  2. Then I'm a sinner with you! :-). I love te treadmill because once in a while is good to run without worrying about weirdos, carrying water bottles and such!

  3. I avoid the treadmill with everything I have! In fact, I have a traveling husband next week and life would be much more convenient if I just got up early and ran on the treadmill, but...not gonna do it! I'll get up early and work, then run when the kids go to school just so I can be outside!

  4. I really like having the variety of indoor/outdoor runs, so I get where you are coming from! I don't want to do all my runs either way, I like having the choice!

  5. While I love, love, love running in the mountains, I don't mind the treadmill on cold and rainy and windy days, or when temps reach -10. Since I don't own a TV, it's thrilling to run while watching "House Hunters" and "Say Yes to the Dress." It's my guilty pleasure. Plus the treadmill forces me to stay on an even pace and, also, I sweat. I sweat like crazy. I sweat until the floor is wet. It rarely gets hot up here in Alaska, so it's kind of a luxury to sweat like that.