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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Nuki Song

Unless you are new around here you know that I begrudgingly recently moved from my home in PA to rural Virginia.  With this move I went from a career mom to a stay at home mom.  I thought getting to focus on my family was going to be great.  With my oldest who is now 22, I was able to do so much more but now I realize I just might have had more energy than I do now.
For example I am doing LBM's preschool lessons with him.  We were working on colors this morning and I remembered the great little songs that S'ghetti girl would sing from her daycare/preschool.  So I googled and quickly found a video of a class singing those same songs.  We had a great morning of lessons, songs and crafts with the color RED.  When I told LBM that were going to sing the song one more time but he could sit on my lap if he sang it all by myself, he was thrilled.  Because he can't be more than 3 feet from contact at any given time throughout the day I have discovered.  So he sang me his version of the song and got it mostly right.  Either way he got great practice is recognizing the letters R, E, and D and knowing that those letters spell RED

Of course when I went to close the video LBM noticed all the other suggested videos on the sidebar.  He is so computer savy already.  He wanted to see this one:

And now it's stuck in your brain too.  I am sure all day tomorrow this song will pop into my head.  I might as well add it to my play list now.  But seeing this little video also reminded me of our latest trip to the park that we have taken to running to a couple days a week.

We often are there all by ourselves but this afternoon when we rolled in there was another mom and small child.  They were occupied in the pavilion when we got there and I unbuckled LBM from the stroller.  LBM is that kid at the park who will not hesitate to stalk you if his first attempts at, 'Hi my name is LBM.  What's your name? Wanna play? are unsuccessful.  So when the other younger boy came over to the playground LBM was ready to introduce myself.

I usually use whatever non-swing pushing time I get at the park to stretch for the run back home so I wasn't paying attention to their introduction but LBM wasted no time running over and telling me that he couldn't understand the other little boy.  I tried to explain that he was younger so maybe he just wasn't as outgoing as LBM.  No, that wasn't it LBM said, 'he's got a blinkie in his mouth and he won't take it out!' 
But just like I don't ask everyone to love me showing us at the park smelling like I just ran 6 miles, I won't say when a child shouldn't have a binkie, nuki or whatever you wanna call it.  I do wonder though, when is it too old to allow a child to rely on a pacifier?  And when are you too stinky to go to a public place after or in the middle of a run?
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  1. Oh....can we be too stinky to go to the park after a run? Hmmm.....

    And I can't get into the binkie debate....and fortunately never will need to develop my own real opinion as my daughter sucks her finger and I will never be taking that away. She will stop one day and so will the binkie. Hmmm....guess I do have the opinion. But fortunately darling only sucks her finger when ready to sleep or self soothing when she had a really hard time.

  2. From experience, it is tough taking the pacifier away, but supposedly if they still use it past 3, they are causing significant dental issues.

  3. I've shown up stinky to a few places, even the grocery store. Kind of known around town as the crazy haired running mama. May as well add stinky to that.

    Binkies we've never had to deal with. I keep my mouth shut and try in my heart not to be judgmental. There are parenting choices I make that baffle many others. You never know what is happening in a kid's or parent's life at that particular time. In that case, the binkie might be the battle they're not willing to pick.