Daily Chatter

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Capture Moments

As the years pass my memories have gotten hazy. I don't admit this proudly in fact I carry a bit of shame in acknowledging it. Because I know that those memories that I visit often have not gotten lost inside the twisted paths of my mind. Those frequented memories are crisp and clear.  Like this day.

I can still smell the leaves and hear them crunch under my feet.  I can see hear my Daddy's voice as I hand him my then little baby daughter.  I can even recall the smell of his cologne.  I remember how Biking Sherpa was not in the best of moods that day and how all the grandkids were much too energetic for a family photo shot.  All these memories bring a smile to my face today.  For you it is just September 25th. 

For me today is 8 years since I heard my Daddy speak. It was the last day I had the chance to see him or hold his hand.  I didn't know then how precious that was.  My Daddy was not a super hero.  He wasn't perfect, I'm sure.  But he was the kind of dad, the kind of person that is rare to come across.  I hit the jackpot and had him as my dad.  He taught me lessons that I am still learning today.  But he also left behind my mother.  A woman who stood beside him day in and day out.  I all too often forget that while my Daddy isn't here to turn to, she is.  She is full of all those things that my Daddy was.  While I will allow tears today as I think of things that I wish my Daddy was here to share in, it will only be for today.  There are so many people in my life that share those same memories and those who I need to teach those memories to. 
My Daddy helped make us all strong and family-focused, maybe that was part of why he was given to us.  To help us be better prepared to continue on when he had to leave us.  Today I will do everything I can to show him that he did a great job.  And this Saturday when I am climbing that mountain in Pennsylvania, when my legs are screaming that I just can't go any farther, that is when I will reach down into that Smith strength that Daddy took me to store up and I will find a way to keep going.  I will make him proud because I know he will be with me.


  1. Your dad will be looking down on your and helping you along on Saturday - smiling with huge amounts of pride, too! I lost my mom when I was little and I vowed I'd never forget her voice. Sometimes at night, I go back to that special place just to get a little "mom fix" and I know she is there with me, helping me when I have a rough patch. That's what moms and dads do best! :)

    Have a fantastic race this weekend...

    Big hugs to you!

  2. That's a really touching post. Thank you for sharing. xx

  3. What a nice way to remember your dad. Sending you a hug (a day late!)

  4. Life is indeed precious and it sounds like your last moments and memories of your Dad match mine for my Dad. I love that you call yours Daddy though.....I did that last day with him and it meant the world to him. And I didn't realize I did it until my mom told me later.

    Your Dad will always be with you, watching you, and providing you an infinite wealth of strength.