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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Conflicting Goals ~ HBBC Week One

This year's installment of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge could not have started on a better day for me,
November 19th.
Remember that was the fabulous Stone Mill 50 Miler
which turned into 55 miler

Are you sick to death of these photos yet?
So I started the challenge off with a weeks worth of points!
Although my diet left a little to be desired that day.
(There is a suggestion for the aid stations, more fruits and veggies.  )
I did eat about 2 and a half bananas that day.

The down side of the HBBC for me is that I want to rack up points even though I know that I need to have at least two weeks of lower mileage so that I can start adding Intensity back into my workout routine along with my running.

Conflicting Goals. 
 That should be my middle name.
I got a email from a friend today.
He is offering to crew me in an early spring 100.
Yes.  I just typed
One Zero Zero.
For a split second I thought he was on crack and then I jumped to the website and started thinking how could I make this work.  Emailing other friends for their opinions.  Contemplating which 100 I could do.
Do I have brain damage?

While you all contemplate my sanity, let's look back at yesterday's 21 Facts.  Not surprisingly the first to get the answer right was Marlene. 
She knows me so well!

My mom did dress my sister and I alike however I did not like dressing like my older sister.  Today I'd feel differently due to her sense of style.  I wish she's show up each morning and pick out clothes for me.  Because if left up to me, it's tees and capris every day! When I'm not in running clothes, that is.

Glad to see that so many of you guessed correctly.

HBBC Weekly Points
11/19 ~ 55 mile run = 55 pts 
11/20 ~ 2 mile run + F/V = 3 pts
11/21 ~ 5 mile run + F/V = 6 pts
11/22 ~ 8 mile run + F/V = 9 pts
11/23 ~ 8 mile run + F/V = 9 pts
11/24 ~ 2 mile run + F/V = 3 pts
11/25 ~ 8 mile run + F/V = 9 pts
Week One 94 pts

I doubt I'll see those numbers again but it sure was fun!

How are you doing with the HBBC?  Getting in those F/V?

Do you allow yourself multiple goals at one time?
How do you deal with conflicts between them?


  1. I knew it!! :)

    I feel like I do know you pretty well because you are so open on your blog. Amazing the connection that can develop between people from afar, isn't it?? I feel privileged to know you!

    Capris (or yoga pants) and tees for me too, BTW! I consider jeans to be dressing up. Ha!

    Way to go on week one - you crushed it!!

    I hear you on conflicting goals. Moving forward into next year, I've been struggling with balancing my marathon (hello, BOSTON!) and tri (hello, HALF IRONMAN)) goals. I know I will make it work... somehow. And so will you!

  2. Did you just saw 100 miles?! *gasps*

    But not really surprised. ;)

  3. Oh yes! Ahhhh....I knew I'd see 100 in your future. And you WILL make it work! :)

  4. Ok, I seriously should have looked at the HBBC point rules before signing up...I thought it was just mileage - haha. I have had zero time to do anything but collect mailing addresses for the blog exchange. Anyhoo...YES for the 100!!! Pick one near me so I can help pace or crew you!! :)

  5. Ha ha. I think there's a little disorder called Running Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and I think the dictionary has your photo under definition. I know you can do this 100 miler and I think you're amazing to even contemplate it.

  6. You could rock a 100 miler!

    You should know, I laugh at people who eat fruit during ultras. I want as many calories as possible in a small package and an Oreo fits the bill much better than orange slices. :)

  7. Nice points! I have to look at those rules for HBBC more closely. I thought I got 1 point for 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day!

    I need to work harder to get more points in but am having a hard time with it due to conflicts --- healing toe versus mom who NEEDS to run or else I will go crazy....really, I think I will soon if I don't get some miles in!

  8. you must have had your points in when i was doing the totals cause you are wayyy blowing folks away again this year :) love it

  9. How exciting. A 100 miler!!! You can do it and I can't wait to read all about it.