Daily Chatter

Friday, November 4, 2011

 was postponed a week due to winter arriving last week I won't bore you with another goal post. 
You can go HERE and read it again to refresh your memory. 

Even with one less week between the 50k and the 50 miler I won't really change my goals.  I will run the 50k with the thought in mind of putting in a solid effort until I get to about half way.  At that point I'll see how I have done on the "unpracticed half."  If I am doing well and feeling strong I will try to negative split the course knowing the second half is "easier" technically and I should be able to make better time.  Then at about 8ish miles to go when I leave the logging "roads" and go into the single track again I will make the call to give it everything for that PR or cruise in for a solid training run.  

p.m run 6.5 miles ~ Day # 543

I've been feeling the weight of all the issues I've got going on right now.  The stress level has reached yoga-unremovable levels.  I knew I had to do something that would help give my mind a break.

Did I crack open a cold one?
Did I open a good book?
Did I pop a little pill?
Did I hide under the bed?
of course not
I went running....
in the dark....
under the stars...
in my new tight reflective leggings
new gear always makes things better when they help you feel skinny

My super great RelaxReflect tights!

I just ran.
And I remembered how much I loved it.d
Now my problems were not magically solved when I got back.  But I felt like they weighed a whole lot less on my shoulders.  I felt like I could trust that everything will work out; in my race, in my health, with my work, my schedule and my family.
As I ran through the dark occasionally feeling that tug of fear at being out there all alone I also felt that faith.  The faith that is with me every day get just a little bit stronger.  It reminded me that I will either live in fear or I will live in faith. 
It's all going to be just .... amazing!

Does new gear help get you out of a rut?

Do you think you can have fear and faith at the same time?

Do you think I should push at the 50k or save it for the 50 miler?

Thanks for your input! 
Now go out and have a wonderful weekend.
Run Strong to everyone raving this weekend.  To the many running the NYC Marathon this weekend, I know you are going to do some amazing things up there!


  1. I think you can have fear and faith at the same time. Faith that things work out for the better in the end. Fear that it might not be a fun journey along the way.

  2. I think that you should push it. You won't be disappointed. I know you are strong enough to dominate both the 50K and the 50 miler. Best of luck and run strong!

  3. I like the plan for the 50K - see how you're feeling and if it's there, it's there!

    YES love some new gear to feel good!

  4. Good luck this weekend! I say go for it and see what happens. and yes new gear always makes everything better for me.

  5. I think you should go for at the 50K and take it easy in the 50 miler with me! Also during the 50K think of all the 50 miler advice you can, and email to me when you are done. You are so lucky to have helpful readers like me!

  6. I think I would have been all over the cracking open a cracking open a cold one and popping a pill or 30, but that's just me!! Hahaha.

    Do what you need to do, girl....we are all here rooting for ya!!!