Daily Chatter

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How'd October Go?

October 2011

Monthly Miles Ran: 235.9 (Year total: 2452.6)

Highest Mileage Week: 10/3 - 10/9 (DM Weeks)   64 miles

Rest Days Taken: 0
The Streak: October 31st was Day # 540 of the streak ~ 4303.8 miles,

 Runs ~ ave. 8 miles per day/ 55.8 miles per week


Tough Mudder Virginia ~ October 23

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:

my yummy apple fold over but I haven't indulged much this month
....remember the whole weight issue.

Non-food Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
Full body squats
before the tailbone issue I was doing these all the time throughout my day and loving how strong that little boost of "workout" was making me feel.

Which Outfit did I Wear the Most:

When I'm running on the treadmill I live in this outfit
I sometimes forget to take off the visor when my run starts outside and finishes inside

What We Are Watching:
With the Kiddos:
Red box rentals
because Netflix stinks

My Viewing:
The Biggest Loser

Funniest/Best Kid Quote:
"You're Mean!" S'ghetti girl after a stressful morning.
Why the "Best" kid quote? 
It reminded me that I am the grown up.  I am the mom. 
I am the one who (mostly) sets the mood in our home.  
Even if she is running late for the bus due to nothing but her own fault.  It's up to me to help her see that we can deal with those situations in several ways.  I want her to learn that stress doesn't have to equal treating each other with any less love.
Her comment reminded me that I need to practice some patience.
and she needs to learn time management.

Current Triumph:
Surviving the Tough Mudder
and sharing the experience with the super secret spy!

Current Goals

Making this a bigger priority
Lose this freakin' 15 pounds


To lose 15+ pounds
will this ever happen?

Current Blessing:

Every single day in my life. A gift.

Current Excitement:

The super secret spy is going to CA solo.
The oldest is hopeful to land an interview for a much better job.


I won some super cool tights from Kara at It's just a dog lick baby world

Having races (oh yeah plural!) to look forward to again.
Fire on the Mountain Trail 50k (postponed to Nov 6th)
The Stone Mill 50 Miler

Current Concern:

Figuring out why my weight just won't go down!
and making it a priority to make that doctor appointment
....after my races

Being a GROUCH, just ask my poor kids.

I blame it on the lack of day light.
Anyone else feeling the seasonal effect?

Only having two weeks between the 50k and the 50 miler.
Not being anywhere near a comfortable race weight.

How did your October days add up?


  1. Nice numbers for October and November is looking pretty good with TWO ultras!

    It boggles my mind that you can run EVERY DAY, sometimes twice, and not lose weight easily. But I struggle with the same thing. No fair! Hope you can figure it out.

    The dwindling daylight affects my mood too. I love fall but not all the darkness.

  2. Sounds like a good month to me. And I would argue that you do NOT need to lose 15 lbs!

    so let's set a date to hike the AT! I would love to do it too.

  3. Two weeks between those two races is tough, but if anyone can do both races well, it's you! :)

  4. Can't wait to hear about the Trail 50K this weekend! Good luck!