Daily Chatter

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mishmash

This weekend I did all the right things...

I ate too much icing.

I played with fire.

We threw ball...in the house. 

We played outside in our pjs.

I tried to sweat my cold out.

And then Monday morning came when I read this G.
G posted about her experience at the Richmond Marathon this weekend.
I won't be a spoiler so click over there and read it first.

After I read it all I could think was (in an "it's all about me" way) what if I can not kick this cold/flu bug and end up in the middle of "you-have-to-walk-out-because-they-can't-come-in-a-get-you-ville" at mile 20, 32 or 44 and pass out


That can't possibly happen, right?  I mean how long can a cold last.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Birthday weekend despite not feeling 100%. You WILL feel better by the weekend... REST UP GIRL!

  2. REst, Rest, Rest! You will be fine. Good luck this weekend.

  3. Hmmm.....a week or so for a cold right? Unless you are my dear hubby and darling daughter who don't want to let go of them and I am afraid I am about to get it back.

    I think you will heal though. Add in some vitamin C and do what you do best! Looks like you had a great weekend and that a happy birthday is in order!

  4. There is nothing better for colds than icing. You should be feeling well soon then. :)
    Take care of yourself.

  5. Be smart like you are! Rest your body. You're going to do GREAT!

  6. :( I will pray for you.... and pray s'more. Thanks for the shout out.

    And Shelly - it IS all about you. Make it ALL ABOUT YOU. Listen to your body, listen to your heart, listen to that voice... you know the one... and decide what to do based on YOU. Not ME & MY (won't spoil it) marathon.

  7. you will feel amazing, your body is just asking for a little rest now...it's gonna be better!! yeahhhhh icing!!

  8. You can never have too much icing!

    You'll be fine. Rest up and take care. This weekend is going to be great!

  9. That cold you have sucks, girl!! Hopefully that icing kicked all the sick germs away!!!!

  10. I hope you are feeling better! Happy belated bday!

  11. Sorry to hear about the cold going around. It's such a tough time of year. I'm holding out hope youll be feeling much better on race day. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it!

  12. OOops busy week but happy late birthday! I've never seen a cake where the writing was on the side, cute! You WILL NOT have to drop out. I'm positive of it.