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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Love/What I'd Love to Love Wednesday

What I Love and
What I'd Love to Love Wednesday

Through daily life it is often the little things that make each day special.  With that in mind, today I wanted to share with you a few things that I have been using/enjoying lately. 

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My Crocs

After so many miles on my feet nothing beats slipping on these shoes.  My toes are often tender after ultra length events and the roomy toe box allows me to give my tootsies all the room they need.  I also like the feeling of walking barefoot.  I wear these around the house after running and I haven't had any problems with my feet or calves cramping after hard runs.  Could there be a connection?  I don't know for sure but the soles of my feet haven't felt better!

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode Gallery

When my oldest attempted to get my interested in this series I said No Thanks!  However, when I was stuck on the treadmill Again with nothing to watch he talked me into giving it another chance.  10 miles later I was hooked.  Granted I could do without the graphicness of the show, the story line is reminiscent of Lost with wonderfully well rounded characters and an engrossing story line.
Today is day # 570 of my running streak and with this series to watch, I think tonight's going to be a long one!

Using Leftovers

One quick and super easy way to get a few more servings of veggies in your diet is to use those left over veggies from dinner in your breakfast or lunch.  As a full time working married single parenting mom, my time is at a premium so packing for the day's work is often something that doesn't get done.  That usually means I won't be eating since I work straight through without a break.  But if I plan ahead it doesn't have to.
A trick I have found that is super fast is to use my leftover veggies in my breakfast meal.  Whether I add them to my eggs or eat them in a wrap.  If I made extra the night before I will add the reheated veggies to my salad at lunch time.  I love how the warm and cold veggies mix in interesting textures.  Its a quick extra serving or two of veggies that might have gone to waste. 

Run:Your Heart Out Skirt

Running Skirts

Okay so I was the one that was so keen on my Running Skirts skirts at first.  They didn't stay up but I did keep trying them and found that I really like them for shorter runs.  I even wore one for the Fire on the Mountain 50k.  I had pinned it to my tights to keep it from slipping. 
But this little one is on my

What I'd LOVE to Love List!

Run:Your Heart Out Skirt

Do you see that little cord?  I think it could be the answer to my skirt slipping problems!  The only issue is the price of this little beauty.
Another thing holding me back are some of the negative comments about it's fit. 
So do you have this sweetheart of a running skirt?
What do you think of it?  Is it worth the investment?

Do you like zombie movies?  Or watching movies while you run?

Do you now think I'm a geek for loving my crocs?

How are you doing getting those HBBC points?

What have you been Loving lately?

What's on your Love to Love It List?


  1. I have that skirt and it's totally worth it. It's super cute and the drawstring is clutch. I have a different skirt that I had to buy a size up because it was out of stock and that drawstring made it fit. love it.

  2. I wanted that skirt too, but the comments make me hesitant. I might have to try it on at the store.
    I love my new pink Saucony running jacket. My favorite!

  3. Hubs and I are hooked on Walking Dead! I don't like the zombie scenes much, but I agree with you that these are some great characters and story lines.

    Nothing wring with Crocs!! I'm all for comfort.

    I should put together a wish list...

  4. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO hooked on the Walking Dead. Spike and I watched the whole first season over a weekend so we could be ready for this season! :)

    That skirt is adorable and if not for the price I would totally consider a skirt again too. I have the same issue though, they ride up too much.

  5. I'd like to try Lululemon but they are SO pricey. Never gonna happen. They are so cute though. I really really really dislike crocs. They are SO uncomfortable to me! A loves hers though. My favorite shoes are Uggs... we have winter like 7 months a year here, so I get a lot of use out of them.

  6. I too love Crocs, the Walking Dead and leftovers! I'm eating leftovers right now!