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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Other D Word

Recovery is about more than not being active.

I was thinking about recovery while I was watching The Biggest Loser last night.  For anyone who has watched the show, you know that first episode shows scenes of "contestants" being pushed beyond their limits physically and mentally.  That usually results in footage of contestants fainting, throwing up, crying, whining, or just plain walking out. 
Last night we were even introduced to the term "fake vomiting."  Which Bob Harper explained is really the way a contestant gets to take a break in the workout.  While I didn't watch the entire episode what I did see left me wondering why they still don't show any footage of what the trainers have the contestants do or not do for recovery. 

Now I do realize they are editing hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of footage down to fit into their hour and a half show time. 
Come on.  they are not kidding anyone.  At least 30 minutes of every show is advertisements!
I credit them with trying to show as much of "the process" as they do BUT I think they are missing a key element in the fitness journey.

This is probably the last topic you might expect to read about here considering that I haven't taken what most would consider a "rest" day for recovery in over 600 days.  I do however use many things for recovery after every workout. 

Today let's talk about diet. 
I know it's the other D word but often your diet can be a critical part of not only your fueling but your recovery.
I am currently on a "diet" meaning I am restricting the options and reducing my calories on purpose.  In case you are interesting I am basically following The 17 Day Diet.  This plan for the first 17 days capitalizes on the rapid weight loss you can experience due to reducing the amount of water you retain.  While many may feel that "water weight" loss is not "real" weight loss and thus has no value.  I would disagree. 

The first positive of the rapid results on the scale, as quickly as the second day, are that you feel motivated to continue to eat healthier because you see your efforts rewarded. 

You also benefit on this plan by eliminating items from your diet that may be difficult for your body to digest.  Due to any number of reasons I have gotten lazy in my meal preparation.  Typically after my evening run I simply just want to make sure the little kids have eaten and they are often happy with less than stellar choices.  With this plan I am reminded how little preparation is required to have several day's worth of meal ready that are fresh and good for my body.

My mid morning snack

Fueling your body in a healthy way will help your body to repair and recover from all the stresses you put it through.  While this plan may not be for every one and may not be an example of a realistic life long eating plan for most, a "diet" is a tool to help rid your body of unneeded pounds and bad habits that are hindering your performance.  Diet doesn't have to be a bad word.  A diet can be a useful tool in achieving the fitness level you are reaching for this year.

So how you do feel about diets?
Have you ever followed The 17 Day Diet?
How has "dieting" effected your training?

Speaking of recovery tools.  You don't have to visit often to know my number 1 recovery tool, my all time favorite recovery tool is COMPRESSION.  And The Studly Runner is hosting a Aspaeris shorts giveaway.  I am dying to try them since I hear amazing things from every one who has.  Hop over and share some of your wisdom with Marcia or just go to talk about my crazy dieting-during-training thing.


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  2. I am not against diets as long as one has a plan for healthy eating after. A diet is a good way to start, to motivate by showing quick results on the scale. BUT if a dieter, after reaching the goal weight, is under the mistaken impression that this is it, then invariably the weight will return and then some.
    I am not familiar with 17 day diet. but you made me curious so I will look into it.
    Occasionally I will watch TBL but I have a lot of problems with the show. Probably the biggest one is setting unreasonable expectations for the real people. Losing double digit pounds in one week is not achievable for most. Contestants usually get upset if they lose less. Any weight loss ought to be celebrated. OK, I'll better stop now.

  3. I refuse to diet, but I'm all for healthy eating and moderation! ...and I've learned what things do and do not make for good recovery for me. Sometimes I follow my knowledge...and sometimes I don't :P
    I thought the fake puking Bob part of the episode was pretty funny. My favorite part of last night (we've only watched one hour so far, though) was when the guy couldn't remember what state he was in or what Bob's name was. YIKES!!! Holy scariness.

  4. I've done nearly every diet in the book at some time or another. Good luck with your 17 day plan... the way I see it, as long as you are getting the nutrients you need and enough calories to fuel your running, it's all good!

    Good point on TBL not emphasizing recovery. Hmm...

  5. Not a dieter, but a clean eater. That said, I can still go overboard on good things w/ high calories, like almonds and dates. It's so hard. Hope your approach works for you.

  6. I'm anti diet. They seem to make people unhappy and obsessive. Deciding to eat cleaner is cool though. Fruit and shit are good for you. :)

  7. I have been on holiday sugar overload and when you posted that photo on FB, i headed to Costco and restocked on the fruits and vegetables my diet has been missing - including berries and Greek yogurt cause your photo looked so good!

  8. i used to diet all the time...a career dieter! but over the past few years i haven't been able to "diet" because it's affected my training for runs. now i find i'm able to maintain a consistent weight by eating clean and exercising.

  9. I am not a good dieter - too many past issues with food. I just try to eat good, nutritious fuel for my body and allow myself the occasional fun food.