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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


To many my life is very routine.  I typically run the same distances everyday at about the same times.  The family and I go about the day-to-day routine kind of like a dance with each partner knowing where the next step will be to keep things running smoothly.
It's along the way within that routine that amazing things can be found.
Perhaps to some those things seem trival or unimportant but to me they punctuate my days.

Day # 114 ~ 6.5 / 53:04

The past few runs have been punctuated by wildlife. 
Most recently butterflies.

Black swallowtail butterfly

There is a section of my 6.5 mile loop that has been filled with butterflies. 
Several different kinds.  I don't know if they are ending their lifecycle but they seem to simply stay in the stretch of road and flutter in the adjacent fields.

Happy Big Second Birthday to my Little Bug Man!

Seeing them.  Holding them. 
They remind me; as we celebrate LBM's second birthday, that life is precious and fragile. 
I want to enjoy and breath in every moment that I am given.
My hope is that I am showing this philosophy to my children and in doing so, teaching them to take nothing for granted and appreciate everything.

I will leave you with a final thought
because I know you all REALLY just want the winner's names

What are you allowing to punctuate your days?
Would those around you say the same?

A few more bits of punctuation!


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Winners please email me with your contact info so I can send you your winnings.
shellyrm at yahoo dot com
Thanks for Sof Sole, Road ID and CEP Compression for helping me get to and exceed my goal of 100 days!  Thanks for supporting me through a ton of amazing miles.
Thanks to everyone who actually follows, encourages, offers advice and supports me as I take my journey,
One Foot in Front of the Other!

It's only Day # 115 there are many more miles and races to come.
Check back soon.


  1. What pretty butterflies and I love your analogy... so true and life is fragile! I have been tyring more and more to appreciate the little things as I go through those motions.

    Recent examples:

    -running through a sprinkler on my run this morning
    -giggling as a rabbit darted back and forth across my path

  2. congrats to the winners :)

    recently my days have been pretty routine but when patients at the clinic thank me for getting them their stuff -- it totally punctuates my day because it's different patients for different reasons and it puts some pep in my step :)

  3. the butterflies are so beautiful. its so cool that u can hold them!

    congrats to all the winners!

  4. congrats to the winners, though I really wanted those compression socks!

  5. I really wanted the socks too!! (And I would have got them in green, lol)

    cool butterfly pics!

  6. You can just mail Jill's socks to me, I will make sure she gets them ;)

    LOVE LOVE the butterflies and what a great reminder. Hugs!

  7. Now I know what kind of butterflies those are! We see them all the time here. And your little man could not be cuter in that picture!

    My life has been punctuated by change this week--kids back at school, which means new routines for them and me. I miss them, which makes me appreciate them more.

  8. Life is fragile, but oh so wonderful.

    Congratulations to the winners!

  9. So excited I won...WOOT, WOOT! Thanks for hosting such great giveaways.

    Sent you an email.

    Those butterflies are amazing. You seem to live in a really great place.

  10. I won? I never win. The only time I won was when I won your socks a billion years ago - and that wasn't a drawing, that was just a good "guess." Thanks, bunches!! You know where to find me, but here's my addy so you don't have to go searching:

    And you're right, I WILL get the pink one - I think I'm the only running sole on earth who doesn't have one!! Ya for me!!!


  11. Those are amazing butterflies!

  12. congrat's to the Jill's and Erika.

    I went for a walk last evening and the dragonflies were out like crazy. 15-20 of them hovering above a yard. It was great. Must be the time of year. Enjoy nature.

  13. Great post! Life is definitely fragile and precious...thanks. Beautiful butterflies!

  14. The pic of your baby boy with the butterfly; so precious!

  15. YAY for winners!!

    Love the photos!!