Daily Chatter

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Five for Friday

1.  Where have I been all week? 
Oh on the road running my legs off.  Nope.  Not quite they are still there.
I have gotten up every morning this work week and ran.  Just tomorrow to make it 5 for 5.
I have run every evening, too.
Can anyone say tired legs?!

2.  The photo is me near the top of my steepest 3 stage hill on a route I run regularly.  You can only see to the bend in the road.  The hill continues down through another turn which is it's steepest section and then to the bottom.  Due to the wind through my area, I usually choose to run this route going up this hill.  That way the wind is more to my back than my face.

3.  In other news, LBM is sick.  Hubbs may be taking him to the doctor for me tomorrow.  He is running a fever.  Poor little guy.  I don't know how the night will go.

4.  Hubbs is having some employment issues.  I know that he has options BUT with just closing on another house, I am nervous and stressing a bit.  Probably another reason why I am running a bit much with no rest.  or am I just using that as a good excuse to get my miles in?!?!? 

5.  I need so serious suggestions on how to get myself to cross train!  I know that I should.  I know that it will help me lose some weight but "shaking" things up.  I know that I will be a better runner for doing it.  BUT how do I make myself give up miles to get it in?  Or how do I find an extra 30+ minutes every few days to create a habit? 

3 Changes Challenges

May3rd through 5th - Monday, Tuesday &; Wednesday

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - ++64 oz. each day - Success

2. Destress - I've been praying every day!(+)  Hubbs has MAJOR employment issues!  We just closed on a new house! (-) - Needs improvement (I typed that but honestly, I am really trying to remember that we will be okay.  I know that there is always a reason for these challenges.  God has a plan.)

3. Xtrain - Lots more stretching.  Situps becoming a near daily habit and push ups are getting there but...- Needs Improvement (I stink at cross training!)


  1. Oooh! That looks like a CRAZY hill. You are really inspiring with all your miles, day and night! :)

  2. I hope your boy's feeling better soon.

  3. I hope little guy is feeling better soon I hate when babies are sick :(

  4. I got nothing for you on the cross training. I ride a bike to cross train, but not as often as I should. Mainly because it doesn't make me feel as good as running does.

  5. Hope things settle down soon. Um crosstraining. Just do it. I'm all about the schedule. But I also only run 5 days a week and only once a day. So it's probably easier for me to give up my evenings to crosstrain. Usually if I write things down, I make sure I get them done. Or you could petition for an extra hour in the day?

  6. I cut my run distance in half two days a week to weight train. I actually have better runs after too.

  7. This week I started my cross training before I rev back into marathon training. I'm hoping I make it a habit before then, too. I find that doing it before I go out to run is the easiest, because we all know when you get back from a run, the last thing you want to do is crunches and planks. You are a BUSY lady, but you also know what you want and need. Attempt to add it BEFORE you run a few days a week, like maybe before your evening run and I am sure you will make it a habbit.
    Sorry LBM is sick! Feel better! And sorry about the hubbs and the job situ, I've been there not too long ago and I know the stress it gives you. Good luck - sending a big hug your way ;)

  8. Praying for your concerns.

    I like P90X for cross training.

  9. This is one of my biggest obstacles. Cross-training. I LOVE running and hate giving up my miles and hate fitting it in! But, I just started a 20 minute class that is intense intervals. It's down and dirty twice a week and on my way home. I still manage to get my run in. Granted, this is only a temporary fix for me, but I'm hoping that I enjoy it enough to maintain it on my own.
    While you are surrounded with stress right now, the run is the best thing for you! Keep it up! I know you will!

  10. That's a lot of runs this week! When exactly would you have TIME to cross-train!?

    I hope LBM gets better soon and that everything turns out okay with hubb's job.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Hope things work out quickly on the job front!

    I suck at cross training, so I have no advice...