Daily Chatter

Monday, May 24, 2010

File this under....

...kids say the darnedest things.
After a long busy day at work I was eager to get home and pound out some frustration through my feet.
My daughter was her usual chatter box-self.

"Mom, I can tell what natural animal every person has inside." she tells me.

"Oh really."  I say
"I am a kitty, brother is a turtle and you are a dog." she says.
"I'm a dog?!  What makes you think I am a dog." I ask.
"Your short hair cut."
I ask, "What about my hair cut makes you think I am look like a dog?"
 After a pause,  (considering whether or not to be honest ?)  "Your hair makes you like you have puppy ears." she finally says.

She could have a good point!

After that confidence boosting exchange I feed her brussel sprouts for supper and headed out for my run with LBM.  I enjoyed his baby jibberish the entire run.  But wondered if he was agreeing with his sister about my haircut.
It was so hot and humid and I DID take water!  See I can learn.  My shirt is completely soaked and I was exhausted when I finally got to stop.  6.5 miles of sweat (51:32)

After my run it was LBM's turn to rack up the miles.  He decided to do some speed work with Mom chasing him. 
How great it would be to have him running beside me in the years to come.   S'ghetti girl would not join us for a run.  She was hiding inside enjoy an entire evening with NO homework! 

LBM says, "Mom you don't look at all like a dog.  Now let me win!"


  1. I love, love your new cut. Not sure how new it is but I love it. Sounds like a great run.

  2. I daydream about my son being old enough to run with me too. I wonder if he actually will or if he will be too cool or maybe even too fast. I hope he will...

    Aren't kids so honest? I don't think you look a dog or that you look like you have doggy ears! =)

    BTW I got my DVD's today! I haven't tried them out yet but I will give it a go on the DVD player and my computer! And thanks for the bonus surprise, AB Ripper!!! Awesome!! You are too sweet!!

  3. Yay you took water!!! See I would have had to run hot a few times before I got it!! hahaha! I love your hair and that puppy is darn cute and you are super fast with that stroller lady! Amazing!

  4. You do not have puppy ears.

    I started to take water with me last summer on the hot (relatively speaking) runs. It's an excuse to take my oldest with me on his bike because he carries the bottles and I run bottle-free. I really expected to have problems with intake but found that a few ounces every 15 minutes (about 3-4km) made a difference.

  5. LBM is learning early - flattery will open doors and soften hearts. What a cutie.

  6. haha I love when kids say stuff like that even if it is the truth (I don't think you have puppy ears) but it shows imagination and it also lets you know she trusts you soooo much she can say anything to you!

    I once took my girls underwear shopping with me, and when I picked up a cute pair of too small undies, my oldest shouted, I don't think your hiney is gonna fit in there.....umm embarrassing but how do you not laugh!

    cute story! Have a great day

  7. Hahaha kids! Dogs can be very cute, in her defense.
    Good running as always!

  8. Well, now that your daughter mentioned it...if you put those gorgeous curls on the top of your head you might be able to pull off a poodle look. ;) Great run! Glad you took water.

  9. That is such a cute story :) It is really humid here too! I was dying of thirst for my measly 2.5 mile jog this morning.

  10. Super cute... I think you look like a teenager!

  11. Kids always crack me up...too funny. I actually love how your hair looks. :)

  12. Kids say the darndest things :) I love your hair, it really suits you!
    This will probably not be the last time I say this, but I am in awe of you and all you east coast peeps for running in the humidity! It was a little humid yesterday here and I was thankful it was an easy day!!! LOL!

  13. LOL at your daughter! LBM is adorable.

  14. That is too funny! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has kids who say wacky things!

  15. Awww how can you not giggle at that? Great job on the sweaty run!

  16. I don't have kids, but I love it when people tell me about the things they come up with. I love their honesty or what they think is honesty!