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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last night I just could not sleep. 
The excitement over the Biggest Loser finale may have been part of it. 
But mostly, the moon was so full and bright it kept calling me out to the porch tempting me to run.  But with no Hubbs home, I was forced to evantually go in and try to get some sleep.

Which I got from 1 a.m. until 2:12 a.m.  At 2:12 LBM decided he had slept long enough.
Talk about an early morning!

So even though I am beginning to feel like another mom who some may think should stop,

The Duggars before they reached 19 and Counting

I went for a run (3.5 miles / 28:07) with LBM early this morning. 
The run felt so much better than yesterday's run. 
The pace was a little fast for the "run slow to go fast" but I am getting closer.

At least it wasn't quite a hot and humid this morning and we saw this awesome snapping turtle.
Poor guy didn't see us at first.  He was missing an eye! 

So I made sure I got his good side too.


  1. Very nice of you to give the poor turtle the chance to see you!
    I recognize the itch to run! It's a bitch when you can't scratch it.


  2. I love how you used the Duggar picture :) LOL!!! Have a great day!

  3. Too cute getting his good side! Hope you get some more sleep tonight.

  4. OMG, I TOTALLY forgot about The Biggest Loser Finale.....whaaaaaaa. Who won? How did they look? I need all the details. I was at a choir concert for one of the kiddos and completely forgot about it after that.

    Aren't you grateful you don't have 19 kids and counting???? Very nice family, but yikes! THat turtle is really cool...one form of wildlife I haven't ever seen while running.

    Have a great day, sweetie!!! :)

  5. The moon has been wicked bright! I just love it! Glad your run was more bareable with the crazy weather you guys have been having! It's cold here and rainy! This is NOT california weather!

  6. Shelly my friend I love you dearly, but I am starting to wonder if you need medication for your addiction.....*sigh* at least it is a healthy one!

  7. Love it! How cool to see a turtle!!!

  8. Wow a turtle! Thats awesome! How nice of you to get his good side, I am sure that made him happy :)

  9. I tried to take a picture today of myself after running. I did not look nearly as cute as you always do...

    Sorry you didn't get much sleep last night!

  10. Oh, I love the turtle pictures. I never get to see THOSE.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Just to clarify, until last year, I had not seen or talked to my Dad in close to 20 years so the last year has been part of the healing. Thanks for caring. ;)

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