Daily Chatter

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This morning I got out for a test drive of the new do. 
My usual 3.5 miles  LBM was snug in bed with Daddy after getting up for the third time when will it end!
after getting up at 5:45.  I was on the road in the fog, loving it!
I was shooting for 25 mintues. 
25:59 would have made me happy and won't you know it when I crossed my "finish line" and stopped my watch
oh, so close!
Maybe if I had gone just a little shorter with my hair I could have nailed it.
It was a great start to my day.
Happy Hump Day!

The Amazing Amanda @ Run to the finish has been hosting the 3 Changes Challenge. 
You may have noticed my declarations at the bottom of most of my posts for about the last month.
Amanda challenged us to chose 3 things (she does 5!) to change, quit, limit, start or do in an effort to improve ourselves in any way we felt we needed some attention.
I choose to focus on:
1.  Drink 64 oz. of  h2o or other non-caffeinated beverage
This has been the easiest of the 3 changes.  During the work week, I can control the amount of "water" I drink by keeping my 23oz bottle filled and working toward emptying it at least twice a day while at work.  Combine that with my 16 oz glass of water in the morning and evening and voila.  I have drank over 64 oz.

2.  Destress.  Focusing on getting back into a habit of daily prayer but also using yoga, quiet time, frustration limiting techniques to reduce or remove stressers in my life.
Reducing or removing stress has been a bit harder.  Recent developments in my family life (oy vey) have added to my stress HOWEVER I am happy to report that I have been managing this increased stress well.  I have been praying morning and night, doing my yoga (when the kiddos bedtimes allow), using positive talk and talking with my family about my concerns have all helped manage my daily stress.

3.  Xtrain 2 days a week even if I run. 
This change has been hard.   I am not going to sugar coat it.  Unfortunately being under stress makes me want to run to help elevate the stress, running takes up my limited time leaving me with little surplus time to cross train.  Full Disclosure.  I have been better about sit ups, push ups and stretching after runs and in the evenings but I am looking to incorporate two actually cross training days into my running schedule to improve my overall fitness.  Most likely some serious core and weight work.  I have done this before so I know that I can get into a routine that will allow for it all to fit. 
I need the cross training to perform better in my upcoming trail ultra in July.  I will most certainly need to be stronger if I am going to attempt a trail 50 miler in October BUT I also need big miles to complete those distances...again, oy vey! 
So this challenge continues beyond Amanda's 3 Changes Challenge. 
Maybe this blog needs to be renamed to; "Will Shelly ever Xtrain?"


  1. Wow, that WAS a speedy run!

    Great job on your 3 changes. A for Effort!

  2. You are a fast girl! Good job on the challenges! You'll nail that last one if you keep working at it.

    As for sleep, my 8 year old still wakes up at least once a night most nights. Thankfully, the 4 year old does not.

  3. drinking water is the hardest for me because i am a teacher and i can only go to the bathroom on breaks.....i need to drink more water!

  4. I'm terrible at fitting in xtraining as well. I try to do it when I can, but I am not faithful to it like I am with running!