Daily Chatter

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mondays are Marvelous

ringing phone.  cell phone display.
Pan from display to the excited face of the recipient of the text message

That was the scene as biking sherpa made my day.  Since I so often run alone only with LBM in the jogger, having someone along who can speak in complete sentences is a joy!
We had lots to talk about.  The miles flew until the head wind got so strong we were not making much forward progress.  BUT the chatter kept us both going AND enjoying it!

Faithful followers although you don't know biking sherpa's BF he is a very nice young man.  He had an accident on his motorcycle over the weekend.  Luckily he seems to be already but keep him in your thoughts as things sometimes don't arise until days after an accident especially with young kids who don't go to the hospital or doctor.  Thanks.

Although we had a mixture of news to share, both good (my race.  biking sherpa's new job) and somewhat bad (BSBF's accident) biking sherpa was in a crazy mood.  There is photographic evidence!

She was feeling very tough!  I am feeling very pale beside her.

LBM is a barefoot runner! 
You don't want to know what my dog was into!
It was a great way to finish out a wonderful day.

Sun is setting. 
Shadows lengthening. 
Two figures walk on a country road toward a cozy house.
Scene fades.

Erica at Run Mommy Run is celebrating her 50th post!  She has some great recovery socks that I have already planned to win but since she is giving away TWO pair  (For you slow readers (heehee) Not just two socks but TWO pair!) you should head over and check it out too.  
Tell Erica I sent you over! 


  1. Picture perfect day, on many levels!!! :)

    And no, I didn't take the picture on my blog, but I like it!!


  2. Fun pics! Great way to spend the evening!

    I hope BSBF is recovering well!!

  3. What a nice day. How great to have a biking Sherpa. Sorry about the motorcycle accident though. All 3 of my bro's have had them and they scare the crap out of me.

  4. crazy moods help us get through bad things. yay for bike sherpa!

  5. What a fun day! Love the photos with all the smiles! Yay LBM! Look at those tootsies! If you want to know how to run barefoot, watch a kid run!

  6. Great pictures. Glad all is well post-accident.

  7. I'm a pale one too. It's ok! What a lovely day. Will be saying prayers for her friend.