Daily Chatter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Turtle-topia

Any one who was crazy enough to run last night knows that the pictures of that run just weren't pretty.  So I won't bore you with another photo of my sweaty pig-tailed face.
But LBM and I got out to finish another 10 mile day. 
(6.5 miles 53:45)
I just realized last night that if I run 10 miles each day for 4 more days I will have ran 20 10 mile runs in one month. 
20-10  I thought that was interesting. 
And of course now I am trying to figure out how I can make that happen since the weekend is a holiday and we will be traveling.

This morning's run was another nice 3.5 (28:54).
You won't believe what we saw. 
Another turtle! 
I like that we see snakes and frogs and turtles along the creek. 
That is typically an indication that the creek is healthy and clean.  Which it is rated a clean water stream.
Unlike yesterday's one-eyed turtle, this little fellow had a huge chuck out of his shell. 
Probably a run in with a haybine.

Luckily he seems to be healed and surviving. 
LBM wanted to of course keep the turtle and share his crackers with him.
Go figure, he won't share his crackers with his sister but a turtle on the road is his new best friend.

We've all established that I am a mileage junkie right now.  Another 200+ mile month is nearly complete, a crazy run for 30 days idea and ice the cake with a 20 10 mile runs in one month goal. 
All just to see if I can.  Silly, I know.  But also fun to have little goals to keep me running when the heat would encourage me to quit.  I mean last evening's run was so sweaty the only way I knew I wasn't swimming was the fact that I had running shoes on!

What things do you use to keep going when the conditions are less than comfy?

Candice, you know the running Barbie is hosting a Gone For a RUN giveaway.
They have a creative product, among many other cool things, a bib porfolio. 
Finally a way to store all those bibs that I just can't throw away!
Go check it out and tell Candice I sent you.


  1. Poor turtle!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Ahhhh, I love those turtles you keep seeing :). And hey, if mileage is your thing right now and you're running well with it, then so be it!!! Yay!!!! I love how everyone's an experiment of one :).

    Have a great Thursday!!! It's my 4-day weekend, yay!

  3. Aw poor turtle! I saw one crawling out into the street the other day as I drove by....noooo!

    You are on quite the roll, in the heat and all.

    I keep going in the heat by
    1. getting out earlier
    2. telling myself the mental toughness I'm developing will pay off in spades later.

  4. wow another turtle eh? they are everywhere. i dont think i have ever seen such a big turtle before.

    good luck with the runs in the heat. be careful! drink lots of water and give the little guy lots of water

  5. LBM is too sweet trying to offer up his crackers.

    Hey, I like your ambitious goals. Why not go for it?!

    Mileage targets definitely keep me going, though I'm no junkie like you. ;)

  6. Love turtles! Go get those miles momma!

  7. Poor turtle. Glad your little guy wants to feed him. It is human nature to care for the most vulnerable; your little guy obviously saw that.

  8. I've heard of a locust plague but never a turtle one. Maybe the ones you've seen have been escapees from the local Turtle Rehab Clinic.

  9. Umm, I take a day off ...

    Ok, I do have mileage goals that help me keep motivated when the weather sucks (read: 2 feet of snow or temps above 85), but I've never tried to put in the kind of mileage that you do.