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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pig tails rock!

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Day One of what I hope to be three consecutive 10 mile days.  I am hoping because tomorrow is Hubbs knee surgery so depending on how he is managing post-surgery I may not be able to get all my miles in. 
I have less than 2 month before my next ultra, The Skyline Challenge, so I need to keep my miles heavy and train my legs to go when they are tired.  I have been doing my version of some speed work.  Using my unstrollered morning 3.5 miles to hit a faster than race pace.  Since my ultra will be on trails speed won't be as big a factor as endurance.  So my training will focus on high mileage and pushing my lactic threshold.

Tonight we did our 6.5 mile loop (51:45) finishing our 10 miles for the day.  It was an overcast foggy day.  The run was enjoyable even though LBM wanted every single flower we passed.  When I picked one and gave it to him, he was mad that the flower was wet and he couldn't blow all the seeds off of it.
He eventually tired of the wet flowers and curled up with blankey and napped the remainder of the run.

With the humidity so high, I was the usual sweaty mess by the time I was done.  I am loving the shorter hair.  Piggy tails are awesome!  And Hubbs feel like he has a brand new wife, but that's a topic for a different kind of post.

What does your spouse/significate other think when you make a big change to your appearance?

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  1. 1. love the short hair (again)
    2. ur pigtails are cute
    3. ur little one is super adorable
    4. ur doing an ultra???? have u done this before? i am very interested in this. i would never do one...but i admire ppl that can! WOW!!! speedy shelly, u r awesome!

  2. THERE you are all short and sassy - very, very nice (did I whine enough on dailymile??? ;) )!! I love how humidity makes your hair all curly and it makes mine flat as a pancake. Oh to have even one of those curls!

    So cool you're doing another ultra - woohoo!! I was mulling over races this summer. Hum....

    HUGS :)

  3. I really am loving your hair :) I recently had to shorten mine and it makes a huge difference when you exercise. My husband usually reacts positively when I change my appearance. Funny how that happens :)

    Thanks for the shout out for my giveaway. I really am trying to recruit some more followers to keep me in line. Thanks for being one of them.

  4. I also love wearing pigtails. I feel like I can get away with a lot more when I wear them. LOL

  5. I lost over 50 lbs and my husband said... I liked you before too.

    Sweet... but I wanted more.

    Cute look... like i commented yesterday... you look younger!!

  6. Haha my husband never notices a change in appearance. If the topic comes up, he just guesses how he's supposed to react based on how I'm acting..."Yeah...that looks gooo...I mean bad." haha

  7. If your hair is different, it looks good. Give me a break because I am a guy and I can't be bothered with remember what people looked like last week.

    Good luck to your husband with his surgery. Knee surgery sucks.

  8. I wore pigtails too the other day (not for my run though). Your little man is just adorable!

    Will be praying for your husband's surgery today.

  9. OMG the cuteness is contagious here! Love the hair! The Caveman won't say much. Maybe a grunt or 2. If he doesn't like it, he'll wait oh 3-6 months before saying so. Makes me nuts.

  10. You look great in piggy tails! Love it.

    Awesome job on the miles.

  11. Your hair is adorable. It makes you look so young.

    My husband doesn't tend to notice changes, which can be good or bad LOL.

  12. Looking at this photo and the photo of you on the right side bar you look so much younger. AMAZING!

    Wet flower, kids are too funny.

  13. Hope the hubbs is doing well - sending lots of good vibes and thoughts your way!
    LOVE your new hair cut - and I adore pig tails when I run! I think they make you faster :)

  14. pig tails are the best and they make me feel sassy and young! you look great :)

  15. Love that you are embracing your shorter do, your pigtails really do rock. :) Cute shirt, and very true 3 10 miles days in a row you most certainly are kicking some assphalt.

  16. I love your short hair! And you are amazing with your back to back 10 mile days.

    Best of luck to your hubby and the surgery!!

  17. Hi! I'm new to your blog and think I just brought you up to 101! Awesome! Loving the pigtails. I cut my hair short last month and haven't been able to do a pony tail so I've settled for piggies. My hubby thinks they're sassy and cute so I guess change is good!

  18. I enjoy reading your blog; your mileage impresses me! Love your new haircut and the pigtails look cute; i'm going to try that! I think its great that yhou donated your hair. Good luck on the surgery tomorrow for your hubs! Keep us posted! And keep on runnin'!!!

  19. Love the piggy tails so cute!!!