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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

Promise kept.  Five days of easy light runs.
As an ultra runner and even before I started ultra distances, I promised.  As the miles grew long or the hills seemed endless I bargained and nearly promised my first born to simply finish the distance.  You have probably had a similar mental conversation during your own races and hard training runs. 
"Legs just get me through this and I promise to..." 
"Come on thighs get me up this hill and I'll never..." 
"Lungs just stop coughing for the next mile and I'll take those vitamins."
"Stay focused brain and I promise to get more sleep...stop stressing..."
I did a lot of internal bargaining during the BRR 50.  But usually once I cross that finish line and I kinda forget about how grateful I am that my body and mind and God got me there.  I don't mean to do it.  I am going to blame it on finish line adrenaline.  I am still grateful it's just the promises that I usually seem to forget. 
But not this time.

I promised to take 5 - 7 days of "rest" runs.  Done.  In the five days following BRR I only ran 20 miles.  All at an easy gentle pace and followed by lots of stretching.  I promised to get more sleep.  Done.  Thanks to the super secret spy I was able to get extra rest for five days after the race.  I promised to walk more.  Done.  Every day since the BRR I have walked.  Some days it is only 30 minutes but every single day I have gotten it done.  I promised to use my non-running time to play with the kids more.  Done.  We have shared walks, water fights, swinging, snuggles and countless nature hikes to find new friends.
Thanks to finally keeping some of those race day promises and holding up my end of all that fatigue-induced bargaining, I finally feel a little bit more like myself.  Thanks in part to some much needed rest but also thanks to doing what I promised myself I would do.  It's theraputic to actually do what I know I needed to do. 


Now I know that my training will ramp back up before that final taper closer to race day. And I know that I will be playing another round or several of Let's Make a Deal during all those miles in May but thanks to some promises kept I will be looking forward to all those miles to come.
What is your craziness promise when you were running playing Let's Make a Deal?


  1. I love your approach to life and races. Your outlook is infectious. I am super glad you were able to listen to you, and that you are feeling a bit more like yourself.

    As an aside, thanks for chronicling all your trail adventures here. You've been on my mind this month as I've been dabbling in "real" trail runs, and hanging out with the 50kers last weekend made me really see the love of the ultra. Such a different experience than a road race. I'm loving it. :)

  2. you make me laugh, easy runs daily after a 50 miler :) true grit

  3. It's so important that we take care of ourselves. I never seem to manage it. Glad to hear you did this week.

  4. It's usually quite simple: If you make it to that tree, you can stop for a minute.


  5. Love this post! During my last long run before my 50K - the longest trail run I have ever done - I caught myself starting to say, "God, if I can just...." I don't even remember what I was going to promise, because I stopped myself and wouldn't let myself even think the words. I knew that I wouldn't keep any promise I made at that point and I was afraid that making a promise I KNEW I wasn't going to keep might just invite bad luck or something. lol

    Anyway, I want to say again for all your posts. I have my first ultra coming up in two weeks, and I am super excited and nervous and happy to try the challenge. You have really been an inspiration to me to get out there and enjoy the experience, whatever it may hold for me. :)

  6. That, is...want to say THANKS again for all your posts....