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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of Course I Ran

Of course I ran every day over my wonderfully long weekend.  I could show you 28 5 different self portraits from every run but today I thought you might allow me a little mom braggin' enjoy a half dozen few photos of the ever adorable Little Bug Man.

This weekend he "graduated" from pre-pre school.
He shares his days while I am at work with a small group of children all close in age that attend a small private family childcare/preschool group.
Ms. M does a wonderul job teaching the children and modeling behavior that we as a family support.
This is he gradutation ceremony.

LBM helped his girl friend, KC.

Z His cousin, KC and LBM ready to go.

The kids did a great job with their songs. 
KC added some extra excitement with a few flashes of her skirt.

LBM was all cheers to have his name called.

His graduation book filled with photos of his days at school.

LBM telling his big sister he is "grad-um-a-eated".

Yeah for LBM!

After the program, Woodman of the World did ID card for all the kids.
The afternoon was a wonderful addition to all the fun activites over our Memorial Day weekend.
It was full of memories both new and old making our weekend a big
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

When nature speaks

I'm not alone in the fact that I often run the same routes.  Most weeks will find me running 2 regular routes, one of which is a looped route that I will run in different directions to switch up the amount of inclines/declines.
So with a limited number of daily routes I get pretty good at knowing my pace based on my effort or how I'm feeling.
This morning's run I just wasn't sure how it would go.  I didn't really need another speed session but wanted a solid effort due to what will probably turn out to be a holiday weekend of over indulgence.
I got up early while everyone else was asleep and hit the road. My effort level felt pretty high but the humidity was taking a toll too.
As the sweat poured off of me, I soon realized that I was being TOLD how my run was going to go this morning.  In 6.5 miles, I saw 6 of these. 
Some days just finishing is what it is all about.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

To My Daughter ~ Final Fourth Grade Morning

S'ghetti girl, we shared our last morning of the fourth grade bus routine today.  It made me think how it didn't seem that long ago that we were sharing the very first fourth grade morning.  I always enjoy the morning time that only you and I get to share.  When everyone else is still asleep and it's just us girls getting to talk.  And yes, sometimes bicker.  But we hug and kiss before that bus takes you away for another day.

First Day of Fourth Grade

This morning you were a much more mature S'ghetti.  You are helpful and eager for your day.  You are happy to pose for all the silly mommy pictures that we take every time these days roll around.  I am just so proud of the young lady you are much too quickly becoming.  I don't need to see a report card to know that you are so amazingly smart and inquisitive.  You make me so proud of you in the wonderful way you are with your friends and family.  Your willingness to work hard to get those amazing grades and never miss a day of school.  Of course, your outspokenness make us butt heads at times but I wouldn't want you any other way. 

Final Day of Fourth Grade

Soon we will be celebrating your 10th birthday.  I can only imagine how much more wonderful and fulfilling the next ten years of being your mommy with be. 
You make me so happy to say,
that's my daughter!
I love you, S'ghetti. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What do you think?

TBL Spoiler if you haven't seen the final show!
Stop reading.

Olivia Ward lost nearly 50% of her body weight to win Season 11 of The Biggest Loser, starting at 261 lbs. and dropping 129 of them. Olivia earned her $250,000 prize by showing viewers that true transformation is about life balance and prioritizing health. She and sibling Hannah Curlee, who dropped 120 lbs. to become the runner-up, were the first sister team to make it to the finals together. Cheers to them for their successes and for using the show to change their lives. Plus, they made us laugh, which is always a bonus!NBC/Trae Patton - Wednesday, May, 25, 2011, 5:25 AM

I just love this photo of Olivia, this season's winner of
The Biggest Loser.
Aside from the amazing transformation of Olivia's physical form this photo also shows something that I think might just be a key component to weight loss.
Do you see it?
Look closely.
On Olivia's left arm.
Proof that she worn her Body Bug all the time.
What's Body Bug?

What they say:
Now you can know how many calories you’re burning with the revolutionary bodybugg calorie management system. Combined with a user-friendly web based program*, the bodybugg system makes it easy to manage the calories you consume and burn so that you can stay in control of your weight.
And now, with the bodybuggSP™ system, you can see your results in real-time with your smartphone† (Android™ and iPhone).
For those without smartphones, you can get real-time results using the optional Digital Display device (only compatible with the bodybugg system version 3).
No matter which bodybugg device you choose, you’ll receive a free phone coaching session. Working with a personal coach helps you get the most out of the bodybugg system and reach your fitness goals faster and easier.

While preparing for my 50 mile race, I began to gain weight.  At first I thought it was due to too many calories going in and the stress I felt as the race day approached.  I assumed that the problem would quickly be remedied after the race.
It was not.
Now I am working to find a cause to the weight gain and a safe permanent way to lose the extra weight.  I have seen my doctor and have several tests to be completed to rule out an medical issues.  In the meantime I have started again tracking my calories consumed and calories burned.
Funny thing.
I thought I knew roughly how many calories I was eating in a day.
I did not.
I typically was completely off on my totals. 
There have been days when I under estimated and days when I over estimated. 
Either of those are good.

So I ask you, what do you think?

Is a device like a Body Bugg a needed component to accurately track calories and thus achieve weight loss?  Or do you think it's a luxury for those who are dishonest with themselves or too lazy to keep track?

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Online shoes is giving one lucky winner a pair of ...wait for it...wait for it...
Sauconys!  Have you seen my shoes?  Loyal Saucony Girl here!
If you try them you will be too.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 things thursday ~ The Bad, The Good, The Both Edition

This morning I was excited to try McDonald's New frozen Strawberry Lemonade.
With summer and the heat fast approaching it would have been a nice refreshing addition to my summer indulgences. 
Not so much.
It's terrible.  Even for just 25 cents to try it today.  It's terrible.
First they present it with strawberry syrup at the bottom.  Perhaps for the visual effect?!  But be warned don't sample it that way, sweetness overload.  It takes forever to stir the drink together which you would want to do to off set the sickeningly sweet strawberry with the unbelievably bitter lemon.
I love sour and thought that this would be a tangy cool treat.  As a avid stockholder, I am disappointed in such a terrible product making it to McDonald's counters.
Thumbs way down.
Do Not Buy.

After my evening run the kids and I went to my older sister's to visit while they were working outside.  My younger sister was also visiting so our two little boys played on the trampoline supervised by their mush older cousins.  They were having a great time until Debbie Downer aka Me showed up on the scene.  Those two boys were bouncing each other so high, I just knew that one of them might flop off!  And I started freaking out that they had to stop.  Yeah, I was the bad thing that ended their good time. 
Sorry boys.  Safety first.

Today is Day # 368
More 365 Days of Running posts to come soon

Biking Sherpa has made her return to fitness for the season.  She is such a wonderful help to my training efforts.  While she thinks I push her to be motivated, I know she encourages me to keep my training at a harder level than I would without her.
Take our last outing.  We went our most frequent loop on which I had discovered a new and very large dog.  After my first encounter with Dinosaur Dog (because he is HUGE) the day earlier I knew that I would have to keep his presence a secret from Biking Sherpa due to her insane fear of dogs.  So after not sending a persuasive text that read, "I'm Persistent.  Not Pathetic.  This is your running invitation for the week." 
because I often invite her multiple times before I can get her off her butt to accept.
but instead pressing send on a more encouraging sounding text nicely requesting her company, she accepted.
And as soon as she laced up her kicks, we were off.  We were both feeling stronger than usual at the start which was nice to have us both on the same effort level given the immediate and constant hills we encounter.
We biked/ran along chatting up a storm and setting a strong pace all the while I was planning when would be a good time to spring the Dino Dog news on her.  I knew if I told her too early she would want to turn around a cut our run short.
That's a No Go for Shelly.
I sprinted to keep along side her each time she would drift away on the down hills.  With the day's heat, I was sure I was going to fall over from dehydration.  Yeah, no water...duh.
As we neared Dino Dog, Biking Sherpa was cruising down a steep down hill but I tried to sprint and chat so that she would stay with me.  It worked just as we finished the downhill and crested our next grade I jumped along side her bike putting myself between her and Dino Dog's property.  I explained it all to her.  Luckily two things happened; Dino Dog was in his kennel behind the house and Biking Sherpa laughed. 
So glad she thought it was all funny!
We shave about 3 minutes off our time, that's always good.

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Wordless (I can't really be completely) Wednesday: 9th Wonder?

Day # 381 ~ Obviously not the 9th Wonder

My morning scene:
red light
green light
red light
green light
red light
green light
red light
green light...

My thoughts:
I could have ran a mile and a half in the time I just wasted sitting here.

I think running relates to everything in my life.
Even bad drivers!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something to Share

Day # 379 was a killer running day considering I didn't get in my morning miles, I worked all day and had much less than the needed 8 hours of sleep.  It was a killer running day because I got in not one but two great workouts and Biking Sherpa joined me for one.  And I only asked her once!
After my text message invitation was accepted, I hit the treadmill for a fast 3.5 while I waited for Biking Sherpa to get home and change.  Little did I know she had been getting her hair done.
and would completely put me to shame in the style department on our run
With two stylists in our immediate family we are on the cutting edge of IN
even though you'd never know it to look at me workout dominate style.
Biking Sherpa was rocking her feathers don't know what I'm talking about?  click here while beating me to a pulp on our 6.5 loop.

We chatted the miles away sharing everything that had happened since we were last able to get together.  After our run was done we even took a rather lengthy walk to share some more. 
It is such a blessing to be able to share so much with my niece.  Who is really like my friend more than just a niece. 
We were surprised by our speedy pace with all the talking we did! 
Sometimes it's in the sharing that the routine and daily grind is made special.
Last evening's run was a great example of that.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Offset Factor

My work life has been crazy stressful lately.
Who am I kidding?  Big girl work life is always stressful.
It just been super-size stressful. 
This has left me grouchy.
I know it's a shocker for those who real-life know me.
But it's true.  I have been grouchy.
With no concrete racing plan at the current moment I am free to run basically whatever mileage and workout I feel inclined to run each day.
If you also follow me on Daily Mile you know that this week my mileage is uncharacteristically low.

and why wouldn't you?  click here
No wonder I am grouchy!
As of Thursday evening I have only run 34.5 miles.
For the stress I am producing that is way under the Stress Offset Factor for me.
But after my 6.5 mile run last evening, which was 20 seconds faster than the 6.5 mile tempo run I had done the night before, I was feeling too tired to finish out my planned 10 miles.
I was happy for the strong run but concerned that my lack of mileage would begin to mentally bring me down.
So when I walked into the house and saw this:
Today is Day # 376
My concerns were immediately gone and my heart was filled!
My two boys were sitting together on the couch both 'working on their computers.'
Stress off-set factor achieved!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday was a great day!
Don't you just love it when you end a day feeling as though you accomplished what you set out to get done and didn't go crazy in the process?!
After a very busy day at work I picked up the kids for a few doctor appointments which would have normally wrecked my evening routine however, Army Son was waiting at the door when we got home
maybe because I brought him supper from Panera Bread
to help get unloaded and offered to entertain the little kiddos while I squeezed in a run amoungst the threatening thunder storms rain drops.  I jumped at the chance to get outside even though it would have to be a shorter run and was out the door in less than five minutes. 
Right from the start I was sailing along effortlessly.  No kidding!  I felt like my form was spot on.  At barely 30 miles through Wednesday evening, I assume that the step back week was working it's magic.  It was nice to clear my head after a hectic stressfull day and reflect on life.

This morning I didn't go for my a.m. run instead I chose to spend a little extra time with my kiddos before work and be able to get ready without rushing around.  I must say that I look great today.  Maybe it was that amazing run last night and the hopes of another just like it tonight.  Maybe it was the extra time getting ready.  Or maybe it the new accessories I'm sporting today.
That's a letter C under that bandage. 
This time it only has three other friends, A, B, and D. 
They are accessories I could have done without.

Did you remember your sun screen today?
I'm off to put on mine.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reverse Psychology

As a mom I am very familiar with the concept of reverse psychology because it is one of the tools I use every day in dealing with educating my children.  I am sure you are familiar with the scenerio.  As soon as you act as though you don't want your children to do something they are immediately interested in doing it.
Take for example the exchange between S'ghetti girl and I when I wanted her to participate in a summer camp at the local college.
About to throw papers from school in the trash S'ghetti girl says, "This is just junk about a summer camp.  I don't want to do it."
I take the application and it read.  I said, "Oh.  That's good!"
"Why?" S'ghetti asks.
"Because it is 9 to 12 each day.  That's really hard to working moms to coordinate.  Humm.  That explorer day looked interesting."  I said
"Well, I did think that there were three days that looked fun.  Do you think I could go?"  suddenly she seems interested.
We go over the topic for each day and S'ghetti girl now finds each day interesting and even thinks she can teach the teacher on the computer related day.
"I'll call Gram B and see if she could pick you up each day.  Maybe we could work it out."
"Goody goody goody!" she cheers.

Yesterday after my 13 mile run posted on FaceBook I was asked where I find the energy to run so much.  I thought that the same reverse psychology applies to myself.  At the end of my work day or after a less than full night of sleep I often have to remind myself that I have much more energy after my run than I thought I had before it.  It seems that by using energy allows me to create more energy for everything else I need to accomplish.  It is this simple understanding that helps me get started every day and take those first few steps. 
Well it's that and the fact that I want to eat ice cream for dessert!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two and a Tidbit For Tuesday ~ Support Edition

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LBM is trying to win his very own Comfy Sack!
just for being so darn cute

Hubbs and I started our day early with his PT test.  This is something the men in my life have always done and I have never taken part in.  Sunday morning however, I was able to tag along and see what my father, my husband, my uncles and my son have all been doing to prove they were maintaining Army level physical fitness.  I was a great opportunity to support Hubbs in something that he takes a lot of pride and believes in. 
He did better than he has in several years (thanks to my presence) and bettered his run time significantly.  Although his 2 mile run is not a race the competitive nature he and I share believe otherwise.  
He came in a close third, of course allowing two out ranking officers beat him for diplomacy's sake

After such a great start to our day we didn't let the frequent downpours get in the way of providing some exercise for the kids...all three of them.
Army Son whimped out due to being glued to his XBox but I'm still cutting him a bit of slack. 

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three Hundred and Sixty Five in Words

How do I summarize a journey that has taken me 365 days and carried me 3026.5 miles?
The simple idea that I thought I could devote some time from every day for me.  That thought started as 100 runs and quickly became 100 days.  As a full time working often solo-parenting mom I allowed my own lack of priorities in myself to give me the mind set that I couldn't even envision making it 100 days.
Until I did.
Those first 100 days showed me that I was setting the wrong example.  I was showing my family that I had to squeeze myself in around all my other responsibilities.  That is not what I wanted to teach my children. That is not what I want to be showing my husband.
I know that I am made better in all my other roles by giving a portion of my day, everyday, to myself. 
I needed to "pay myself first." 

I set my eyes on a place that I couldn't quite see but I knew was out there.  365 days.  A place where I had a priority in my own life.  Not that I was more important than my children, my husband, my work, my faith but that I was at least equally important.  I simply took this new attitude one day at a time.  Now 365 days later I see my time differently and so does my family.  Instead of feeling like I am taking from my responsibilities I feel as though I am creating a better me to handle them.  When I woke on day # 366 it wasn't a question of whether there would be time in my day for me, I knew that before I could give to others I first had to give to me. 

Paying Yourself First doesn't have to mean running or even exercising every day, although I believe we each need to do that, it means giving yourself time, everyday.  Time to pray, to read, to study, to sleep, to sew, to craft, to paint, to sit on a swing and not push anyone.  Time to grow and recharge the person you are so that you have more to give to those who depend on you. 

I have much more to share about my experience over these days but for now I'll leave you with this question,

Are you ready to commit to Paying Yourself First? 

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Friday, May 6, 2011

love at first sight

It's happened to me three times in my lifetime.  Each time it happened I didn't look my best.  They didn't look their best and yet we were transfixed by each other.  Unaware of the chaos that had transpired only moments ago. 

Yes for me it was love at first sight
when each of my children were born.

Thank you kids (S., A., & M.) for blessing me with the opportunity to be your mother.
Enjoy your family this weekend as you celebrate being a mother and having one!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Times a Marathon

After the CMFYC 10 miler I was talking to an ultra running friend, R.  Who is probably the biggest pusher focusing factor in my running life in that he has helped mentor and guide me in reaching and achieving my 50 mile goal.  After our conversation I now know he had some goals of his own for me to the tune of getting me to 100 miles.  I'm not saying I didn't wonder if I could do a 100 too, I'm just saying R's timeline and mine were radically different.  So of course after listening to his crack-like exciting Ultra runner banter talking with him I am seriously eyeing this: 

There are two options for me. 
The I know I can option of 50k.
And the next step to 100 option of 77 miles.

Yeah, that's about 3 times a marathon

When 2011 started I had a few goals. 

I wanted to hit my 365 days of running. ~  Day # 361 today.
I wanted to make the leap to a trail 50 miler. ~ Done April 9th
I wanted to improve my overall fitness by cross training regularly. ~ Still working on that one.

I knew the racing year would hold a bunch of 50ks and an assortment of other shorter races but I didn't realize I would hit my A goal so early in the year.  This leaves me wondering if I simply "coast" for the rest of the year in running and focus on the remaining goals or do I take the next step towards a goal that I didn't think I would realize until 2012 or 2013?

While I love all the easy supportive words of encouragement, I'd love to hear your thoughts on making another leap for myself this year considering my other goals, my time restraints and my family.

Because we are talking about three times a marathon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wondering, Wandering and (hopefully) Winning on Wednesday

I caught this photo when S'ghetti girl was having her professional soccer photos done. 
I asked the photog for permission first
I wonder if S'ghetti girl's league allows headers?

The other day I had a visitor wander onto the property at work.  This snapping turtle roamed the property and sun bathed.  He even tolerated my photo attacks on him.  It takes so very little to highlight my day.

Today is Day # 360 on my running streak.  I don't know a better way to cross that year mark than with some winning!  Hopefully I'll do just that because Miss Zippy is hosting one of my favorite giveaways:  Compression!  I am so excited for the opportunity to try another brand of compression;  Play Harder.  But everyone should know the wonders of compression so hop over and visit Miss Zippy.  You'll get real world advice from an experienced mom and runner.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How'd April Go?

Monthly Miles Ran: 272.6 (Year total: 1095.8)

Rest Days Taken: 0
The Streak: April 30th was Day # 356 of the streak ~ 2947.0 miles,

487 Runs ~ ave. 8.3 miles per day/ 58 miles per week

Highest Mileage Week: 4/04 - 4/10 (DM Weeks) 85 miles

First 50 miler! 

Retained my Master's title, fifth female, new course/distance PR by 2 minutes

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:
Pine nut Hummus

Non-food Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:

 Choosing to run on the treadmill when I could get outside too often in the mornings because I am watching a movie and too lazy to run the hills.

Which Outfit did I Wear the Most:

I seem to live in this OMM shirt. 
It might have to go to the bottom of the drawer for a while just so the others all get a turn.

What We Are Watching:
With the Kiddos: Coraline

My Viewing:  Buried
This movie is not for everyone but after having my husband in AFG it gave me new appreciation for the risk he and many others are actually taking.  I thank God everyday he is home and pray for those who are not.

Funniest Kid Quote:

(We are working on potty training.)
Scene:  bathroom
I had just taken off LBM's diaper and he instantly started to pee, a lot.  I cupped my hand to try and catch it while putting him on the toilet.  He soaked.  I'm soaked.  The floor and side of the toilet will be getting disinfected.

LBM says, "I did it Mommy!  I peed in the potty!"
I guess success is all in your perceptive.

Current Triumph:

Completing my first 50 trail miler and feeling great doing it!

Current Goals

To stop making excuses.
To keep on my budget.


To cross train 3 days a week to improve my overall fitness.
To lose 20 pounds.
Current Blessing:

This day and all the ones that God gave me before it.

Current Excitement:

Family:  Having Army Son home.

Running:  I'm still pretty high from finishing my 50 miler and retaining my Master's title in my 10 miler.

Current Concern: 
Family:  Balancing Army Son's need for independance and my ability to allow him to make dumb his own choices.

Running:  What comes next?  maybe a little 77 mile run, maybe.

How did your April days add up?

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Catch Me If You Can Trail 10 miler ~ Race Report

This was the gorgeous setting of the second annual Catch Me If You Can Trail run held in Rocky Gap State Park on Saturday.  Knowing I had this view to look forward to made getting up on time easy.  After the normal race morning routine, I went over last minute instructions with Army Son who would be in charge of making sure that S'ghetti girl and LBM got to the soccer field on time.  With no doubt that he would handle everything I headed out the door for my drive to the state park.

Unlike last year's event (2010 Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC))I made it there with plenty of time to spare.  The morning was cool but I knew with a 9 a.m. start time the day would quickly warm up.  I wore my brand new One More Mile "I may not pass you but I will outlast you" shirt that I won from http://www.superfoodsuperfood.wordpress.com/ and my black running skirt.  I almost changed after picking up my race packet because this year's skirt was a two-tone yellow running skirt.  It would have went nicely with my shirt but I didn't want to risk a skirt malfunction during the race.
Photos from 2010 CMIYC no photos this year

The course was your choice of one (5 miler) or two laps (10 miler) around Lake Habeeb to benefit the Allegany County Habitat for Humanity.  With all the recent rain there was several areas of mud to deal with but that only added to the fun of the race. 

The ladies lined up and started 4 minutes before the men.  During my first lap I had trouble getting into a groove and finding an effort level that felt right.  In hindsight I feel I ran this first lap much too conservatively for only a 10 mile race.  Another runner, orange skirt girl, fell into running behind me, she chatted some.  She would pass me when I slowed to grab water at an aid station.  Since I knew she was only running the 5 miler I used her to help encourage me to push a bit harder throughout the last part of the first lap. 

The second lap I felt much better.  Those miles concreted for me that I am an endurance runner.  I no longer love running fast.  I would rather run all day long then run at puke pace for a 5k.  I did check my watch during the first lap but simply ran the second lap off of my effort only being aware of staying ahead of the female runners who might challenge me.  While I saw a male runner fall during each lap (at the same spot) the course was very runnable even with the roots, rocks and mud.

As I came up the final grade toward the finish line I could see the finish clock and saw my 1:30 wasn't going to be but I continued my sprint across the line knowing that I had run a strong race and feeling very confident that many of my goals had been meet.

CMIYC Trail 10 miler ~ 1:32

I successfully defended my Master's title again this year and came in as the fifth female setting a new distance and course PR by 2 minutes.  As always a successful day of racing can not be without the work of many wonderful people.  My thanks go to our RD, many volunteers, Kevin Spradlin for the awesome video, DNR, and all my fellow racers, everyone played a part in creating another wonderful racing experience.