Daily Chatter

Friday, May 27, 2011

To My Daughter ~ Final Fourth Grade Morning

S'ghetti girl, we shared our last morning of the fourth grade bus routine today.  It made me think how it didn't seem that long ago that we were sharing the very first fourth grade morning.  I always enjoy the morning time that only you and I get to share.  When everyone else is still asleep and it's just us girls getting to talk.  And yes, sometimes bicker.  But we hug and kiss before that bus takes you away for another day.

First Day of Fourth Grade

This morning you were a much more mature S'ghetti.  You are helpful and eager for your day.  You are happy to pose for all the silly mommy pictures that we take every time these days roll around.  I am just so proud of the young lady you are much too quickly becoming.  I don't need to see a report card to know that you are so amazingly smart and inquisitive.  You make me so proud of you in the wonderful way you are with your friends and family.  Your willingness to work hard to get those amazing grades and never miss a day of school.  Of course, your outspokenness make us butt heads at times but I wouldn't want you any other way. 

Final Day of Fourth Grade

Soon we will be celebrating your 10th birthday.  I can only imagine how much more wonderful and fulfilling the next ten years of being your mommy with be. 
You make me so happy to say,
that's my daughter!
I love you, S'ghetti. 


  1. This post brought a glisten to my eye! Very sweet.

    I hope your not-so-little girl has a great last day of fourth grade!

  2. What a sweet post to a lovely young lady!

  3. Oh now I'm crying. They've shot up so much this year haven't they? Thing 1 has her last day of 4th grade in just over a week. Time flies. Here's to the next 10...may they be just as sweet as the first!

  4. What a way to start my day! Ohh....they grow up so fast!

  5. They grow up so fast! Enjoy having a 5th grader in the house.

  6. Awe!!!!!! We blink and they grow up!

  7. They do grow fast... hugs and kisses for her everyday!

  8. So sweet - and congrats to Spaghetti girl!