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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 things thursday ~ The Bad, The Good, The Both Edition

This morning I was excited to try McDonald's New frozen Strawberry Lemonade.
With summer and the heat fast approaching it would have been a nice refreshing addition to my summer indulgences. 
Not so much.
It's terrible.  Even for just 25 cents to try it today.  It's terrible.
First they present it with strawberry syrup at the bottom.  Perhaps for the visual effect?!  But be warned don't sample it that way, sweetness overload.  It takes forever to stir the drink together which you would want to do to off set the sickeningly sweet strawberry with the unbelievably bitter lemon.
I love sour and thought that this would be a tangy cool treat.  As a avid stockholder, I am disappointed in such a terrible product making it to McDonald's counters.
Thumbs way down.
Do Not Buy.

After my evening run the kids and I went to my older sister's to visit while they were working outside.  My younger sister was also visiting so our two little boys played on the trampoline supervised by their mush older cousins.  They were having a great time until Debbie Downer aka Me showed up on the scene.  Those two boys were bouncing each other so high, I just knew that one of them might flop off!  And I started freaking out that they had to stop.  Yeah, I was the bad thing that ended their good time. 
Sorry boys.  Safety first.

Today is Day # 368
More 365 Days of Running posts to come soon

Biking Sherpa has made her return to fitness for the season.  She is such a wonderful help to my training efforts.  While she thinks I push her to be motivated, I know she encourages me to keep my training at a harder level than I would without her.
Take our last outing.  We went our most frequent loop on which I had discovered a new and very large dog.  After my first encounter with Dinosaur Dog (because he is HUGE) the day earlier I knew that I would have to keep his presence a secret from Biking Sherpa due to her insane fear of dogs.  So after not sending a persuasive text that read, "I'm Persistent.  Not Pathetic.  This is your running invitation for the week." 
because I often invite her multiple times before I can get her off her butt to accept.
but instead pressing send on a more encouraging sounding text nicely requesting her company, she accepted.
And as soon as she laced up her kicks, we were off.  We were both feeling stronger than usual at the start which was nice to have us both on the same effort level given the immediate and constant hills we encounter.
We biked/ran along chatting up a storm and setting a strong pace all the while I was planning when would be a good time to spring the Dino Dog news on her.  I knew if I told her too early she would want to turn around a cut our run short.
That's a No Go for Shelly.
I sprinted to keep along side her each time she would drift away on the down hills.  With the day's heat, I was sure I was going to fall over from dehydration.  Yeah, no water...duh.
As we neared Dino Dog, Biking Sherpa was cruising down a steep down hill but I tried to sprint and chat so that she would stay with me.  It worked just as we finished the downhill and crested our next grade I jumped along side her bike putting myself between her and Dino Dog's property.  I explained it all to her.  Luckily two things happened; Dino Dog was in his kennel behind the house and Biking Sherpa laughed. 
So glad she thought it was all funny!
We shave about 3 minutes off our time, that's always good.

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  1. That lemonade thingie from McDs looks really aweful, thanks for the tip. Why can't these places realize that we don't want corn syrup!!

    Looks like Dino might be a little help with the tempo runs, eh? :)

  2. I really like the name "Dino Dog". I might have to steal that for our next (big) dog.

    I'm glad you gave an honest review on those strawberry lemonades, that's totally something I would have tried and probably thrown away!

  3. That's too bad about the lemonade. At least you didn't pay full price!

    Woohoo, welcome back to the biking sherpa!

  4. Bummer on the lemonade. It looked so good on the commercial.
    Oh to be a fearless kiddo again!

  5. I was also looking forward to trying the strawberry lemonade. Bummed that it isn't good, thanks for the warning! Good to see you are still kicking butt out there!

  6. I rarely ever eat McDonalds but that commercial had me wanting to try that strawberry lemonade. glad you warned me!

  7. bummer about that lemonade. maybe if i get motivated enough i'll make some of my own...

    yay for the return of biking sherpa. it's awesome that you have a training partner like that.

  8. Good to know about the strawberry lemonade.

    Our local supermarket, Publix, has great lemonade. Delish! Of course, right now it gives me instant heartburn, but soon, that shouldn't be an issue for me anymore.

  9. That lemonade looked kinda scary. :S

  10. That run turned out perfectly. Good company, a good pace and no dog. What more could you ask for?

  11. dang. that lemonade did look so amazing too. Way to go on a dino dog being locked up and you two getting in a great workout!!

  12. I'm the no-fun safety mom too, if it makes you feel better. Modern Family just did a great episode on that very subject.

    glad you've got your company back. Makes the miles that much nicer!

  13. thanks for the mickey d's warning.

    such a sweet Mom. I bike with the hubby sometimes and he protects me from the dogs. Sweet!

  14. I've wondered about that lemonade. Glad to know before I try. Sorry you had to find out for us though.

    Yay for Biking Sherpa! Love the Dino Dog sotry =)

    And I'm voting for you every day!!!

  15. 1) The strawberry lemonade stinks badly!
    2) I too am a "country" runner and have been bitten 3x, yes, that was 3x, not a typo, by random dogs between Thanksgiving and March. STINKS. So I now have to carry pepper spray when I run, which STINKS cuz I like to run not carry "stuff" with me and who even knows if a vicious dog is going to care about some 5 year old pepper spray or if I can get it out in time to save myself another scar?!?! So when I started this post on Dino Dog....it honestly raised my hackles. Glad it worked out for you! Keep running, love this blog and yes, I'm voting for you!

  16. Ugh, major lamesauce on the lemonade! McDonalds needs to fix this!