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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Trail Attempt

On Sunday I finally got outside this weekend for my long run.  This is the run I was attempting.  I say attempting not because I make a habit of giving up on the runs I set out to do but because of what I found once I got out on the trails today.
I am posting this picture only to show you a bit of the elvations.  Notice all the RED?!  Little did I know what I was in store for.  It was just so exciting to finally be out there and about to hit the trails.

See how happy and unaware I am before starting my run!

Even seeing this didn't make me have second thoughts.  I just saw all those beautiful trees!

It wasn't until I was in about a mile and a half when I realized that my pace was steadily slowing due to the increased amount of ice ALL over the trail.  There was a thin coating of snow that only made the trail more slippery.  This fact I demonstrated when I fell HARD!  Hitting my right shin, left hand and left knee!  Hello teary eyes and stars.  Ice is hard and pointy!!
I get off the trail and walked around in the woods to determine if I should continue for go home and hit the roads or treadmill.  Only 1 1/2 miles in my new shoes!  Ugh.  I have to continue.  I decided I will be more careful by running in the woods.  Continuing on the trail is NOT an option. 
It was so amazingly hard to run in the woods.  I tried to stay on the snowpack but I kept breaking through.
I must admit once I gave up the idea of "making good time" and just enjoyed being out in the beautiful scenery I really had a great time!  I stopped to take pictures mid-run only to find the cold had a negative effect on my cell phone.  So sorry on mid-run pictures.
I made it to the fire tower.  You'll have to take my word for it.  No picture.  There were amazing views.  And you'll have to again take my word for it. 
At about 6 1/2 miles I encountered the one and only person I would see while I was out there.  A very elderly gentleman driving on the trails in his pickup truck.  Bless him.  He stopped.  He backed up.  Then rolled...yes, rolled down his window to ask if I was okay.  (I didn't know I looked that bad!) 
I enjoyed the run back from the fire tower much more than the trip out.  I followed my own tracks and knew where I could step without breaking my neck.  I also took a few side trails just to see where they'd take me.  It was great fun.  I know my legs will not like me play catch up again on miles this week.  But when I wake up, I know my legs will have that "worked out so good" feeling.  Well, except the giant bruises they might actually still hurt!

So I made it.  I only ended up with 12.5 miles but
I am happy given conditions and the exreme temperatures
with that many trail miles.

I can not wait for the next opportunity to visit again.

I will have a review of my new trial shoes soon.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Heather Miller

Heather Miller
An 11 year old angel.

We lost a dear sweet spirit today.

Think of her family.

Hug and Kiss yours.

Heather Miller F.R.O.G.
Fully Rely On God

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zzzzz, , Ekkk, Agggghhh, Ahhhhh, Oh, Great!, You have got to be kidding me

This all started last night.  I live in a very rural area so noises and smells from the surrounding farms are nothing new.  However, last night I was up late and couldn't figure out why I was having trouble falling asleep.  Finally it dawned on me.  I could hear traffic.  This is unheard of on my road.  Traffic consists of 3 cars and 1 truck taking locals to and from work each week day and 1 or 2 tractors ferrying feed, hay or cattle to and from their various fields through out the day.  So to be kept awake by the sounds of traffic at one o'clock in the morning is a reason to get up, go outside and take a look around.  (baseball bat in hand)

Once outside I see two large manure tankers going up and down the rows of fields that surround my house.  Kindly the one driver closest to my property was turning down their lights as the drove toward my house to keep the light from shining into the back windows.  (thoughtful? but not working)  At least the cold temperature was keeping the aroma at bay for now.

So started the next 8 hours.

After returning to my warm bed and watching the faint light travel across my bedroom wall several dozen times I fell asleep.  After an exhilarating 3 1/2 hours of shut eye I was awake again.  This time for no reason.  So I got up went to the bath room (I like to share) and then tried to fall back to sleep.  Which I did.  Through one alarm and then the next.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

"Mommy get up!", my wonderful middle one yells into my bedroom at 7 a.m.  The bus comes at 7:22.  Ekkk!  We rush around like crazy people.  Dressed, teeth brushed (who brushes hair anyway?), clothes on, backpack loaded....On no!  we didn't complete the social studies project that MIGHT be due today!  (I say might because I am not sure if my middle one wanted to make bracletes for her friends or had to make bracletes for a social studies project.  No papers came home explaining this assignment.)  As we discuss what can be done about this oversight, the bus comes.  Aggggghhhhhh!  

Our bus driver does not wait.  We run out the door.  Two bites of breakfast and a drink of milk and shoes half on but we made it!  Whew!  I think that was crazy.  I'll call the teacher and work out the assignment, if there was one.  No problem.

I go to get dressed for my much needed morning run.  The house seems a little cold.  This is the first time I notice since now I am not running around crazy.  Hummm, check the pellet stove.  Ahhhhhhhh.  The stove has turned off.  I just want to turn on the electric heat and go for my run.  Forget about it for a few miles but I don't.  I tell myself I should just fix it now and then tonight I will just get my miles in.

So I get littlest up.  He is happy to see me.  That brightens my morning.  I think things are going to turn around now.  He nurses.  Poor little guy my body is wanting to stop the breastfeeding.  I don't know if I should work to keep my milk or just let in end now.  I think about such things as we snuggle and rock in his room for a little while.  A brief reprieve from the chaos.

Downstairs to tackle the pellet stove.  20 minutes, a pound of inhaled dust, one bloody knuckle and loads of prayers later the furnace is working again.  Praise God! 

Now the dash to get myself cleaned up and out the door.  Littlest wobbles between the bathroom and the tv as I get a blazing fast shower.  Oh, he has gotten the cabinet door open under the sink.  No worries.  Nothing "chem-ick-ally" stored under there. 

Fast forward.  I am dressed, brushed my teeth, all but ready to scoop up littlest and head to work.  Score!  I will be early.  After all the pebbles in my way this morning, I am going to get to work early.  Great!

Then I see him.  Blue sparkly hands.  Blue sparkly mouth.  Blue sparkly nail polish.

You have got to be kidding me!

Could winning something even turn this day around??

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weirded Out

It's a word. 

Weirded Out. 

It's the past tense of "Oh my gosh there are three dozen people in the space that was enginnered to hold 10 people without 34 treadmills there too!"

Yes, I can multiply.  I was accounting for the stander-arounders.  It's another word.  Look it up. 

Webster:  Stander-arounders (from the Latin word Likespanexi Nolikeesweati) those individuals or groups who frequent health/fitness centers or events dressed as though they will participate but do not.

Okay now that we have the vernacular down back to the weirded out situation.
The scene:  The "city gym."
The cast:  The 3 dozen gym members
My family

The scene opens with a view of the cardio suite.  Row after row of occupied treadmills.  Squeezed into the space so efficently that each treadmill touches the one next to it.  On each treadmill is a runner/walker/"lets chat while standing on the siderails as the treadmill runs beneath me" occupant. 

So many issues.  So little space in this post! 
Let's stick with Weirded Out.

I found myself unable unwilling to wiggle my way to a treadmill (there where actually 2 unoccupied.  ) I felt completely out of my element.  This is so odd for me.  When I was a trainer/instructor I was known for approaching new faces in the gym and saying, "Hi I'm Shelly and why aren't you in my class?" 
(Hey.  It worked!) 
So I am not shy (even when wearing spandex.)  But at this gym I could not make myself workout.  The gym was nice, bright, clean, well equipped.  I don't know if it was the layout, the tight spaces or something about the clientele.  But I, Shelly crazy obessed always wants to run runner gave up a prefectly good opportunity to run. 
Has this ever happened to you?  Did you ever figure out why?  What ever the reasons you gave up an opportunity to run?
Me at work.   
My jacket is a New Balance pink ribbon version.  So cute and comfy. 
But the pink never shows up in my pictures.  This was a long running morning. 
No time to do anything to my crazy hair.  That's always a good look! 
And they trust me with money.  heeheehee

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How its going - Week 2

Tomorrow will be exactly 2 weeks since Army son started his journey called basic training.  I probably should capitalize that, Basic Training, to show it the level of respect it deserves.  I am eager to hear all the experinces that Army son is enduring creating while he is being beaten transforming himself.  Hopefully we will hear something very soon!

Week one was sheer "I'm going to show him I can do it" attitude.  I wanted to hit my training really hard to make him proud of how far I had come and the goals I had set for my self. 

Week Two has been harder.  The weather has not been cooperating.  Wind is my nemesis.  I can get out there in ANY kind of weather except wind.  I do have a treadmill.  Yeah.  Tell a 17 month old to entertain himself while you run 10 miles.  That goes something like this:

Dresses for workout - Check
Towels for sweat - Check
6 zillion toys for littlest - Check
Snacks for littlest - Check
Sippy cup for littlest - Check
Ask middle one to help out as she can - Check
Start treadmill - Check
Set incline - Check
Adjust speed - Check
"no littlest, don't unplug the treadmiiiiiiiiiiilll..."
get up off the floor - Check
Plug treadmill back in - Check
Decide that I'll try to run after the kids are in bed - Check

You see my point.

I have gotten in some runs this week.  My mileage is a little down from week one's 47 miles but I still have a few days and I have long runs on the training schedule for the weekend.  I am not sure where my mileage will end up falling.  I have only 38 days until my marathon or 50k but that's another post entirely.

So back to my stats for the week so far:

Sunday - January 24th was our travel day (and I wussed out at the "city" gym)

Monday - January 25th - 3.5 miles alone 24:43 (my speed work.  Felt great but wiped me out!)

Tuesday - January 26th - 3.5 miles 29:45 snow, ice and wind.  I had to stare at the ground to keep from slipping and falling on the ice. 

Wednesday - January 27th - 7 miles 56:06 a.m.
6.5 miles 56:22 p.m with littlest in the jogger

Littlest is such a champ! 
I wish you could see the latern behind him, the layers of blankets, heating pad and socks on his hands (they stay on better than his gloves).  He was so excited to go. When he saw that I had changed my clothes, he grabbed the jogger and started pulling it to the front door.

Yeah, I know.  I love my Nike DriFit Pink top. 
It has a little pocket on the side and a great hood with a high zipper to keep the wind off your neck and lower face when it is really cold. 
Keeps me so snuggly warm and it is so soft!
Eventually you will get to see some of that other running gear from Christmas.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to Vote

It is time to vote for the
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Vote for...

 "It's just one foot in front of the other....
or you fall down!"

Thanks for voting!  Running update coming soon....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving on Monday

Thanks to Casey for the great Virtual 10K.  How great everyone is getting a participation bracelets!  Way better than medals! 
Congratulations to everyone who got out there and did it! 

After a great run in the early morning, I did more running...around like a chicken with her head cut off!  Throwing everything together to head to VA for the remainder of the weekend.
It's not like I had 2 check lists hanging in the kitchen to help make sure I didn't forget anything!  But I did. 
I staged everything in the kitchen so we could get out the door as soon as I loaded the car.  Of course littlest decided to demonstrate his lastest skill; removal of the diaper within his sleeper right about pooing time.  Yuck!
I had to put him in the bathtub, wash out his sleeper and scrub the tub (sorry, I had to!  bleach, scrub, bleach, scrub).  Okay now we can be out the door and on the road. 
Forgot my purse.  Back to house.  Got it!
Now on the road to the start of our weekend.  We traveled with this view...

In case you can't tell.  That's ice on the trees.  Beautiful!!
Until we saw this...

I was worried about the driver at the front of this line.  Of course their day was much more in inconvenienced than mine.  (accident appeared to be ~ after a half hour wait ~ car versus deer equaled rear-ended by pickup truck.  Ouch. )

We passed the time with lovely road companions.

Finally there we met up with hubbs at our hotel.  He wanted to show us ....
(sorry.  no pictures.  But hubbs thinks that pictures would not do it justice anyway!)
After Wegman's we went to my favorite place to eat...
We met hubb's "foster family" there and had a great time! 
The next morning we headed to the gym.  The family swam in the pool.

My middle one wanted thrown and thrown....

After the pool we went to Luray Caverns
I chould have spent a day there (and then a week in Shenandoah National Park!!)

It was amazing!!

But the weekend is over so now I have to be moving on.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1...2...3 4 a 6.2

These were on my car this morning when I got out the door in the early morning hours to go toe to toe with the element (because no one else showed up).  I took my position in the first coral feeling confident that I would be holding a strong pace. 

As usual that nervous excitement was beginning to swell inside me as the gun was raised (I start my watch) and the runners (me) took off.  I knew I was starting out too fast as I quickly pulled away from the other runners (since there weren't any). 

Knowing that I had run this course a thousand times before I quickly relaxed and fell into the steady pace; listening to my footfalls on the pavement, watching the sky brighten as the sun began to rise over the mountain, feeling the refeshing morning air on my face.

It was like no other race (because it was a training run) that I had ever experinced.  Before I knew it I could see the finish line (the end of the driveway where I started) so I sprinted with everything I had (okay, not everything I have to drive 3 hours today with 2 kiddos). 

I crossed the line greeted by the cheers of the spectators
(my daugher playing race photog, early morning birds and a few cows).

And that was my 6.2 on 1.23.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mental Amazement

I know you are all just wondering how I am doing attempting to train with Hubbs working in another state and Army son; well in the Army.  So to ease your mind, I have been running really well this week since last I updated you.

Wednesday ~ I did a double day  a.m. 3.5 miles (27:09/7:45)
p.m. 6.5 miles (56:02/8:37) with the jogger

Thursday ~ Another double day a.m. 3.5 miles (27:41/7:55)
p.m. 6.5 miles (53:53/8:17) with jogger and biking sherpa

I must admit that my legs are feeling less than powerful but I know that I am getting stronger from simply pushing the jogger during my evening runs.  When I run without it I feel very light. 
Tonight I am struggling with hoping that the snow/sleet/freezing rain to continues and forces me to take a rest day.  Which I was planning for Sunday since we are going to be out of town and I can not work out a bloggie meet up with my VA friends (next time!!). 

I have 6 schedule for Friday and 12 for Saturday.  I love long runs.  They are so relaxing.  It's nice to have 12 miles to clear my mind, to create amazing works of literary genius, to present my solutions to the health care crisis to the House and Senate, to obtain a peace treaty with Al-Qaedia through eloquent dialogue and cross a dozen imaginary finish lines in first place!!

What do you mentally amaze yourself with while on your long runs?

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It's just one foot in front of the other...
or you fall down!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will They Love It Too?

Yesterday morning I woke up to this.
My littlest sleeping so soundly with his little feet sticking out and I couldn't help but think about those little feet.  I wondered if he would find a love for being outside hearing the rhymic sound of his feet as they hit the ground.  Will he see mommy doing this thing and want to be like mommy?  Will he want to see new places one foot fall at a time?  Will he want to challenge himself when others simply give up?

I can only hope that he might find the same kind of joy in the simple pleasure of running that I enjoy.  I hope that he might grow to use running as an outlet for stress and a time to reflect on things that matter to him.

While I run I will think about...

these little feet. 

Do you hope that your kiddos enjoy running too? 
Or do you focus more on just wanting them to be healthy and active?

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watch where you step!

After my 3.5 (28:02) run this morning I snapped this quick picture.  It was so mild out I wanted to record the start of using all my new Christmas running gear.  Top number 2.  
I walked over to my "little forest" to have a nice background.  Only to discover I had to be careful of where I stepped there was doggie stool everywhere.  Gee!  Another chore to add to my list. 

I am so excited. 

No.  Not about the doggie stool pickup that I am going to have to do.  I am excited about the awesome Aetrex Women's Sedona Trail Runner in Black / Cranberry that I am getting from CSN stores.  You remember the great giveaway at running just as fast as you can that I won.  This is the item I picked!  I just can't wait to hit some of my trail runs with them and give you a review. 

Remember Valentines Day will be here before you know it.  Check back for a great new give away in time for something shiny (no it's not another medal)!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Double Days...Do You Do'em?

I missed my long long run for Sunday.  I knew I should have switch my 20 miles to Saturday and my 10 to Sunday but I really wasn't watching the weather.  Duhhh!
I did get my 10 miles in and they were awesome.  I used Sunday as my rest day (I don't like resting on the weekend unless the family has planns).
So tonight I followed my earlier post and completed my 60 step process for getting out of the house after work and littlest and I went for another 10 miles.  I lost 30 seconds a mile without my biking sherpia to encourage me along.  So my pace was 8:30 I am still happy with that after a long day of work and considering I was pushing the jogger. 
Now for the rest of the week I will be trying to figure out how to get my long runs (another 10 & 12 miles) since we are going to Virginia this weekend.  (Anyone in the area want to get together and run Sunday morning?)
That brings me to another thought. 
As I was running tonight I did a lot of thinking.  I was thinking about how much time training can take away from other things in my life.  For me, I would be investing some of that time into running whether I continued to race or not.  I know that daily physical activity is a requirement for how I want to live my life and the example I want to set for my friends and family.
I do try to make adjustment in how I use the time I want to use on the running.  I will get up early while the rest of the family is still sleeping so that I can get my runs in and not take time away from whatever activity we may be planned.  When ever possible I 'sneak' my runs in when the rest of the family is doing something else, like when my daughter is at gymnastics I will go run until it is time to pick her up. 
My favorite thing to do is the
Double Day.
I will often run in the morning and then again in the evening.  Most of my runs are whatever miles and a half.  (did anyone ever notice that?)  I like to leave that half mile from the morning to encourage me to "finish it" at night.  I know.  I am strange.  I like the thought of having it to look forward to.  There are days when I do not double but most days I run a bit in the morning and then finish the number of miles I wanted to do that night. 
Do you ever do that?  If your training schedule says you need 12 miles would you ever consider running 6 in the morning and then the other 6 that night?  Do you think there are any connections between my double running and the fact that I have never been injured?  (I've been running for 16+ years)  Do you think you get the same benefit from a double run versus doing the run straight through? 

I realized I had to pee

  1. Pull in the driveway.

  2. Make sure littlest is sleeping.

  3. Leave the car running.

  4. Unload the car.

  5. Plug in the heating pad.

  6. Pick up the things my middle one droped on the way to the house.

  7. Race down the stairs to the basement.

  8. Let the dogs out.

  9. Clean up the mess from forgetting to let the dogs out this morning.

  10. Fill the pellet stove.

  11. Sweep up the pellets I dropped from rushing to fill the pellet stove.

  12. Grab my running gear from the laundry room.

  13. Race up the stairs.

  14. Check to make sure littlest is still napping.

  15. Get my middle one a snack.

  16. Uhh, mmm,  oh yeah to my middle one as she tells me about her day.

  17. Confirm with niece that she is watching middle while I run.

  18. Check the littlest is still napping.

  19. Run to the bathroom.

  20. Change half my clothes.

  21. Tell my middle one she can not come into the bathroom to ask me another question.

  22. Exit the bathroom.

  23. Listen to the question.

  24. Listen to another question.

  25. Listen to another question.

  26. Answer the questions.

  27. Finish putting on my top layers.

  28. Put on my shoes.

  29. Set up the jogger.

  30. Get lantern for littlest.

  31. Get snacks for littlest.

  32. Get diaper, just in case.

  33. Get busy toys, just in case.

  34. Race downstairs.

  35. Bring dogs back in.

  36. Feed dogs.

  37. Scold dogs for making a mess.

  38. Unplug heating pad.

  39. Put heating pad and blanket in jogger.

  40. Kiss middle one.

  41. Greet niece.

  42. Give instructions.

  43. Out door.

  44. Pull napping littlest out of car.

  45. Put littlest in jogger.

  46. Arrange heating pad.

  47. Turn on latern.

  48. Secure blanket.

  49. Turn off car.

  50. Remember I forgot my headlamp.

  51. Ask middle one to get it.

  52. Wait.

  53. Wait.

  54. Thank middle one for headlamp.

  55. Listen to another question.

  56. Answer question.

  57. Kiss middle one.

  58. Hug middle one.

  59. Walk down driveway.

  60. Realize I have to pee.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Day Turned Around

Has your day ever started out one way and then totally turned around? 

That's what happened to me today. 

From the way today began I thought I was going to spend the day trying to slip into a "funk."  That's what we call it in our family when someone doesn't have the motivation to do anything.  Not even change from my pj bottoms to regular clothes.  After getting up with littlest once through the night and then again at 5 a.m, I woke up at 8 a.m. with a major headache.  I didn't care that it was beautiful outside.  I didn't care that my training schedule said I needed 10 miles today.  I didn't care that my middle one was asking for breakfast.  I just felt like I could spend the day being depressed. 

I did get out of bed and make the kids breakfast.  I did take care of the dogs.  I did tend our pellet stove.  I did cleaned up around the house.  I did sit on the couch every moment I got in between these little tasks.  My middle one kept asking me if we could do this or could we do that.  Maybe.  Later.  We'll see.
Yes.  I was being one of those moms.  A mom that doesn't play.

I kept asking myself if I was really going to allow myself to waste an entire day.  Feeling sorry for myself that my little boy had grown up and headed off into his life.  Feeling sorry for myself that I don't have the running support I wish I had.  Feeling sorry for myself that I was just too tired to push the jogging stroller again.

Then my cell phone rang. 

It was niece; my biking sherpia.  Her plans had fallen through.  She wondered if I had gotten my run in for today, she wanted to get outside. 


That is all it took.  Twenty minutes later the jogger is packed with 15 pounds of just-in-case, one 20 pound baby and a heating pad and off we went.  We picked up biking sherpia after a half mile and decided we would see how we were feeling at the turn off on our route before deciding how far we'd go.

The conversation flowed.  My legs and upper body felt weak for the first 3 miles but as we neared the turn off I knew we were going to keep going.  Dispite the late start we didn't run out of daylight until we had left the "main" road so traffic was of little concern.  I had packed the headlights and latern but we didn't use them.  Littlest napped the entire time. 

We made plans for our long run tomorrow.  We talked about our weeks.  We traded stories about show we both watch.  The miles flew by.  I forgot all about being in my "funk".  I forgot all about being sad that my oldest is in basic training.  I forgot all about how I didn't have enough support and how I didn't want to push that jogging stroller. 

I thought what a great day this is.  I thought I am so lucky to be able to do what I am doing; my most favorite thing in the world, running with some of my family.  Seeing the sun set on a day that I almost wasted but then
my day turned around.

10 miles (1:20:59/8:06)

Friday, January 15, 2010

That Third Bite

Morgan at Caution: Redhead Running has a interesting post today.  She questioned how your second marathon training went in comparison to the first.

My question is, pace aside, how was your first marathon experience compared to your second, third...

I equate the experience to eating.  I ran my first 3 marathons within 6 weeks of each other. 
For me, the first was like that first bite of dessert.  I am so eager to have it that I barely tasted it. 

The second marathon was that second bite.  Again rushed and hurried, as if someone would take it away if I did not have it quickly.  

Then there were a few weeks between the second and the third marathon.  Those weeks remind me of how I try to eat those things I like but do not nutritionally need.  

That third bite. 

I take time to think about whether or not I actually want to have more or need to have more.  Then after some consideration I take that third bite.  I enjoy the taste of the treat I am savoring.  That was my third marathon.  A savored treat!  I enjoyed the first two.  There is nothing like the accomplishment of completing a marathon however, between the nerves and self doubt I was a wreck at the starting line.  It wasn't until the third marathon that I was able to look around instead of at my watch.  I was able to know that the finish line was coming and I would see it. 

I still get nervous at the starting line.  I still have moments of self doubt when it's been awhile between races or I try something new; like the Greenway Trail Marathon on 8 weeks of training.  But now the marathon distance and I are old friends who challenge each other from time to time.  I show him (yes, my marathon distance is a man) respect by getting my training miles ran come rain or snow or jogging stroller full of unhappy kiddos.  He shows me new levels of accomplishment within myself  when he throws in more hills or a completely flat course (ugh!).  

Was what was your second, third, fourth marathon experience like compared to your first?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Kicked Bootie

A great BIG THANK YOU to Amanda at Run to the Finish for hosting the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge that kept us all mindful of our diets and activity levels over the holidays! Who says you have to gain weight over Christmas and New Years? Thanks to Amanda a lot of us did not! Oh and did I mention that I won! Can you believe that?

I have to give the credit to Army son for all the extra support he gave me with the little kiddos for me to get in some great runs that I would have otherwise missed out on.  I can't wait to tell him that I won!

It's done.  I'm in with 8 weeks to go.  March 6th.  A little bit scary but with that great Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, I kept my mileage up over the holidays so I am only behind on my long runs a little.  I will hold off on the decision to run the B&A Trail Marathon  on March 7th, until I can email the race officials and see if dropping to the half is an option mid-race.  I have ran several marathons that offered that option so I know it could be a possiblity. 
I am still needing my hubbs blessing before I can register for the second race anyway.  He does think a day apart is pushing it as far as my sanity goes. 

There is always the Lower Potomac River Marathon on March 14th.  This race may be a bit close to Army son's graduation from basic training.  We don't have a firm date yet. 

 It's nice to have something to look forward to and focus on.  This is really helping keep me from getting depressed over my Army son's absence.  It's amazing what a little running can do for you. 

Speaking of running I haven't put up my totals for a while.  I'll catch you up for the week.  This is the first week without my running supporter so I am thrilled that I was able to use all of your encouraging words to keep me motivated.  I can not say it enough, thank you thank you thank you for all the comments and emails that help encourage me to not  just sit on the couch and eat potato chips crying about how my little baby boy has left me.  It is so wonderful to have a group of people who completely understand why I would spend days thinking about which race to run, what shoes to wear, how cold is too cold to run outside, fretting over only getting 7 miles when the schedule called for 10; here I am understood and encouraged and inspired by all of you.  Thank you!

January 10 ~ 6.5 (53:30/8:05) last outside run before Army son left (I had a good cry during)
January 12 ~ 3.5 (27:34/7:53) first a.m. run  Yeah I did it!

January 13 ~ 3.5 (27:23/7:49) a.m. run
January 13 ~ 3.5 (29:52/8:29) p.m. run first run with jogging stroller.  What a difference that makes!  I really need upper body work but I am so proud that I got out and did it!  Battery powered lantern and heating pad for the littlest.  It was great!

January 14 ~ 3.5 (27:47/7:56) a.m. run  Starting the day off right again!
January 14 ~ 6.5 (54:08/8:20) p.m. run  Double Day.  I am so proud of me for getting some miles in!  Another night of lanterns, heating pads and jogging strollers. 

My schedule has another 10 and my 20 miler for the weekend.  With kiddos it is a struggle to cover those really long runs and 20 of the treadmill is so yucky!  I am hoping that my mama will help with kiddos on Sunday.  I have my biking sherpia lined up since my 20 will be on trails in the Buchanan State Forest.  I am hoping to have some great pictures to share with you after the run.  So what is on your schedule for the weekend?  

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Morning Run Thinking about Spring Plans

This has been my morning view.  I like to think of it as refreshing.  This morning I got out for a short 3.5 mile run (27:32).  Sunday I got up to similar weather conditions and did my favorite 6.5 mile loop.  That run was the first time in a week I was able to run outside!  Sometimes when your attempting to distract your brain from one thing (like the mind numbing cold) you think about other things like what races I want to run in the Spring - when it's warm!

I have been logging a lot of miles on treadmill.  Thanks to Army son!  Now that he is at basic training, I will have to find a routine that will work for me to get in the number of miles I like to maintain. 
Once the weather moderates I will be able to take littlest with me and mileage won't be an issue...just having the energy to push the jogging stroller! 
How do you guys handle getting the miles in with kiddos?

I am looking at two marathons for this spring. 

Greenway Trail Marathon
B&A Trail Marathon

Yeah, I know I am not formally doing any offical training and I am looking at an early March race.  I never said I was the sharpest tack in the box!  I like both of these options.  Of course, there is a crazy person inside me who dreams that I could get hubbs to support the idea of me doing both
(note: that doing not racing).  If I run the 50 mile ultra this fall, these would be great for training runs.  At this point I plan on running a series of "teasers" through the spring and summer to prepare for the ultra.  Running those and a bunch of shorter (10 mile and under) races will be a lot of what I do to determine how I feel about the 50 mile ultra. 
Okay back to the spring plan.

Anyone with first hand information on either trail marathon?  Anyone running them?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the races and opinions on running two back to back with so little offical training.  So give me your racing wisdom!  Obviously I am in need of some for considering it! 

It's not cold.  It's refreshing I tell you!  Or maybe my brain is just frozen?

Just looking forward because in the dreariness of winter we
need things to look forward to!
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

One, Seven, and Thirteen point one

One more day.
Tomorrow will be our last day as a household of five.

  I will miss my eldest son, now to be known as Army son, simply being here.  I took comfort in his presence within our home.  Like many teenagers he spent the majority of his time in his room or behind his computer gaming not discussing politics or social views with his mother. 
I will notice the void created by him not being here. 
Why mention this personal issue on my running blog?  If you have been a reader long or even not a reader for very long you know that my Army son is my biggest running supporter!  He encourages me to get out the door when I'm tired or the weather is less than ideal.  He watched his little brother more times than I can count so that I didn't have to push the jogging stroller.  He was a cheerleader for me while I was trying to be an example for him.  I wonder who taught whom more?  I have been blessed to be his mom.

Seven Random things about Shelly

I was tagged by Heather Here to come up with seven random things.  So here goes

1.  I won a blue ribbon for square dancing at the State Farm Show.
2.  I have never put my hands inside a turkey and never will.
3.  When I was younger I lost the ability to walk.
4. I named my children to spell my father's name.
5.  I make up words all the time and use them as if they are real.
6.  I laugh dozens of time everyday.
7.  I was tackled during a highschool football game.

Thirteen point One

Today I was in need of some mood elevation; I decided that (after reading about everyone who is going Goofy at the Disney Marathon today and tomorrow) I was going to run a half marathon today to be there virtually with those lucky enough to be able to be running.  Since life rarely allows me to participate in destination races, I will have to settle for doing them in spirit.  That is what I did. 
I imagined all the characters cheering me on as I ran!  I was holding a great pace because I was WAY out in front of all the other runners.  At least in my mind that's how it was going. 
To all those who ran the half Congratulations and Run Strong tomorrow.  I won't be running that with you but I will be thinking of you and eager to read all the great race reports! 
We will be taking Army son to Harrisburg for his processing and signing on Monday.

Welcome to all the new journey joiners!  I will make a better effort this week to make it around to say Hi!  Thanks for sharing in my little path.  Hopefully you will find some inspiration or at least a few laughs to help you along your journey.  Thanks so much for all your comments.  They really help me stay motivated!