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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weirded Out

It's a word. 

Weirded Out. 

It's the past tense of "Oh my gosh there are three dozen people in the space that was enginnered to hold 10 people without 34 treadmills there too!"

Yes, I can multiply.  I was accounting for the stander-arounders.  It's another word.  Look it up. 

Webster:  Stander-arounders (from the Latin word Likespanexi Nolikeesweati) those individuals or groups who frequent health/fitness centers or events dressed as though they will participate but do not.

Okay now that we have the vernacular down back to the weirded out situation.
The scene:  The "city gym."
The cast:  The 3 dozen gym members
My family

The scene opens with a view of the cardio suite.  Row after row of occupied treadmills.  Squeezed into the space so efficently that each treadmill touches the one next to it.  On each treadmill is a runner/walker/"lets chat while standing on the siderails as the treadmill runs beneath me" occupant. 

So many issues.  So little space in this post! 
Let's stick with Weirded Out.

I found myself unable unwilling to wiggle my way to a treadmill (there where actually 2 unoccupied.  ) I felt completely out of my element.  This is so odd for me.  When I was a trainer/instructor I was known for approaching new faces in the gym and saying, "Hi I'm Shelly and why aren't you in my class?" 
(Hey.  It worked!) 
So I am not shy (even when wearing spandex.)  But at this gym I could not make myself workout.  The gym was nice, bright, clean, well equipped.  I don't know if it was the layout, the tight spaces or something about the clientele.  But I, Shelly crazy obessed always wants to run runner gave up a prefectly good opportunity to run. 
Has this ever happened to you?  Did you ever figure out why?  What ever the reasons you gave up an opportunity to run?
Me at work.   
My jacket is a New Balance pink ribbon version.  So cute and comfy. 
But the pink never shows up in my pictures.  This was a long running morning. 
No time to do anything to my crazy hair.  That's always a good look! 
And they trust me with money.  heeheehee

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  1. I know what you mean... even if it's unexplainable. I'm pretty sensitive to environment. If the lighting is uncomfortable, if the acoustics are bad, if there is a strange "vibe" (for lack of a better word), I feel it. Maybe that was what was going on for you??? Plus, it sounds like it was very crowded... aren't you used to running in nature? Just a thought...

    Can't wait to check out your giveaway!

  2. And that right there is the number one reason I bought my own treadmill ... awkward gym interactions!

  3. i just don't even try to run on a treadmill at the gym anymore...

  4. Your jacket sounds so cute!!

  5. That does not sound like a good environment for working out. I get really uncomfortable when the gym is busy.

    Thanks for the link to my giveaway. Looking forward to finding out what you have coming up! :)

  6. I made the mistake of going to the gym at 6:30 pm on tuesday. Nightmare. I tuned out the other stuff with my ipod, but I felt a bit off kilter with all the people. Way to go getting out there and getting in all the miles - one missed workout is just fine.

  7. I don't really go to the gym anymore, our gym here is crappy but I hate standarounders, so annoying!

  8. Oh, I could really go on and on and on and on about the morons at my gym! But I wouldn't sound like the nice person I am pretending to be...so I will let it go (for now). But, why does the gym bring out the worst in people and make them sooooo stupid? I just don't get it.
    Have a great day!

  9. Ahh...yes, the standarounder. Though they may vary in type (the Frightened, the Forced, the Moral Support, the Pickup Artist,etc.) they all have on thing in common: they are GETTING IN THE WAY! Great post.

  10. Love your definitions! I don't like crowds, especially at the gym, I mainly use the gym for swimming and do the rest at home. I get my fill of socializing at work :-)

  11. I am guessing you narrowly escaped a floor collapsing incident. I say go with your gut, if you dont bad things happen.. I get WEIRD feelings and always always follow them..

    Cute pic. Giveaway?? YIPPERS

  12. Love your definition of "stander arounders"!

    I don't belong to a gym for some of the exct reasons that kept you off the treadmill. Crowdedness does not feel conducive to running.

  13. Great post! Not a member of a gym, I think it would drive me nuts too. I am definitely funny about the atmosphere too.

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  15. I have been using the weather as an excuse to not run . . . I have to break out of it . . . sometimes I go - go - go and just need to stop and give in to "being lazy". ;-)