Daily Chatter

Friday, July 26, 2013

Wonderful Fair Week

The weather has been nearly perfect this week for my local home town fair.  We are usually guaranteed a week of rain during the fair but this week only one night had any rain at all.   
We indulgenced in not so Whole30 fair treats. 

I volunteered in the Senior Arts department

We made memories with great friends


We rode and rode and rode...

We got to see some beautiful animals.
The week has been very full, tiring and family focused and that is what has made it such a great week.  It will be hard to see it end and our thoughts go back to preparing for school and a return to racing but just like that summer seems to be slipping away.  I'm so glad for crazy busy weeks like this one when we have made such wonderful memories.
Tell me about your hometown  fair.  Do you take your kids now? 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

CFEs, Rural Life and a Perfect Moment

It started as an off run.  You know that feeling when you legs and your mind just don't seem to speak each other's language.  My back was sore, my hamstrings tight and my mind just wasn't into it.  But there are many days when my runs are a struggle to get started and end up being blissfully sweet in the end.  So I pushed on feeling like a slug.
 As I pushed up the first long steep hill it started.  A feeling most every runner has felt, often at the most inopportune times.  We try to ignore it but sooner or later we are all reduced by that stomach sickening feeling of needing to find a bathroom...now.
My run continued up that hill and the next and the next but finally at the end of a long decline I made a sharp right turn into the corn field to cop a squat.  A corn field emergency.  They may not be very glamorous but growing up a farm kid they just a part of the way we lived.  Outside.
It was much easier to duck among the corn stalks than run into the house when we were in the midst of the hours spent outside playing anything and everything with nothing.  I want that simple life mentality for my kids too.  They have been getting big doses of that these past weeks.  Playing in the corn fields, spending our days outside, visiting with family that includes other beyond the family we created and giving out time to help our community.  It makes me giddy to see my children enjoying the same things I enjoyed as a child.  This is the life I wish we could live every single day. 
 As I sit outside in my backyard watching LBM run barefoot between excitedly watching the farmer teet the hay and running through the rows of corn, I'm afraid to move.  As if some how I will disturb the perfection in this moment.  So for now I'll sit here in my still sweaty running clothes watching my children live a perfect childhood day.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Finally Changed My Shirt

If you follow me on FaceBook, Twitter and instagram - and why wouldn't you - you have probably wondered why did the past week and a half I have only been seen in one pink stripped tank top.  I did try running in a cotton tank one day and I still have the chafe marks to prove it.

Well I'm here today much to those around me when I run to say I finally changed my shirt.
It was finally cool enough to wear my Virginia Happy Trail Runners Club blue shirt.  Thanks goodness because those were the only two running shirts I packed. 
Lesson learned:  Don't try to under pack when it comes to running clothes!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Hot Topic

Since deciding to sign up for The Ring, I've been running during the hottest part of the day.  Because I'm just that stupid. 

It seemed like a great idea when I first started but then the temps rose and didn't stop.  Yesterday was the hottest run I've done in ages.  90+ degrees with no air movement and little shade kept my miles in the single digits. 

The plan does seem to be working.  I'm not dying during my runs.  I'm only losing a pound or two on my hour runs which is quickly replaced.  Next week will bring a return to double days but the temps are to moderate a bit by then.

Until then I'll remember to carry water and a phone, put on sun screen and make sure someone knows where I'll be.  Then after my run a cool bath or swim in the pool and rehydrating are a MUST!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Speaking of Teeth...

If you popped by for yesterday's post, you know I was talking about teeth.  Dogs teeth.  And my desire to keep them off of my legs, arms, face, what have you.  Well, now I've got a new thing to worry about biting me and it's called
I just shouldn't be left alone.  While the super secret spy is off saving the world I decided to live vicariously through my running friends.  During the summer I usually don't race much since we try to fill our available time with family adventures and kid activities.  I usually feel really good about it since the family has supported me the other 3/4 of the year while I am training and racing.  But something happened last week and I found myself really missing serious trail running.  I was doping myself with little fixes of race reports and running club pages when it happened.  My MMT pacer, D commented about a great training run she had.  I asked her if she and signed up for the Ring which is a pretty big deal since she has another big race shortly after the Ring. 
One brief chat later and
I'm in.
Go ahead and check it out.  The Ring has everything that challenges me, no race markings, rocky technical trails, 71 miles, limited support.  There are times when I wonder, "who do I think I am?"  And then there are days when I try and find out.  August 31st will be one of those kind of days. 
What have you jumped into lately?

Monday, July 15, 2013

It Has Teeth

There I was running in my favorite place, powering up one of my favorite hills when I saw him. 
A new dog on my route.
Luckily I saw someone in the yard mowing as the muscular creature trots toward me.  The owner hears fido barking at me and yells no.  To this command fido appeared deaf and continued to leave his yard to rip my leg off get a closer look at me.  I see what I think is a shock collar and ask the owner if the dog has one, aka asking if they turned the dumb thing on.  Not that the shock collar was going to stop this particular creature given it's size.  The owner replied to my question with my favorite thing owners say, "No don't worry.  He doesn't bite."
As rover's warning beeps sounded he was in the middle of the road one quick lunge away from ending my running streak.  Being the smart ass that I am I asked the owner if her dog had teeth.  Because if he did, he could bite.  And he clearly was not obeying her or his shock collar.  The owner was not amused by my statement and continued to explain that rover would lick me to death but would not bite. 

Okay.  I figured I am not giving up my favorite route just because of one new dog.  I'm running in Heaven so nothing bad could happen, right?!  Plus fido was wearing a shock collar and the owner was right there so I would just see how friendly he was.  If he did bite me I would be rethinking that smart ass comment with my life hanging in the hands reaction time.  So as the owner continued to reassure me, I took two steps closer to the creature whose head was as big as my pelvis.  Fido took one sniff of me and began to bark vigorously.  It's not the dog's breed that gave me extra concern, it was fido's build.  He was a solid, huge headed, massively jawed biting machine.  So maybe this particular canine hasn't used the qualities he was breed to have, that doesn't mean they aren't there.
I had enough information to know that I will be very aware when I run by this house from now on.  Situational awareness.  That's all.  A little recon to make it safer when Biking Sherpa is with me since she has a fear of dogs and bikes seem to bring out the chase -  run down and maim -  instinct in canines.   
I doubt I made a new friend in this pit bull's owner.  Yeah fido is a pit bull.  A big one.  But his breed really doesn't have anything to do with my concern.  It's simply his teeth.   
What's your favorite dog owner saying?
How do you handle new dogs on your routes?
Who wants to bet Biking Sherpa is up for a long route that doesn't involve passing the new dog?

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Week In a Runner's Life...at the Beach

Every day started with an early morning beach run.

Beautiful flowers brightened the beach.

Dinner out was much needed after miles of beach running.

Every tidbit was a treasure.

Each morning our beach looked slightly different.

More evidence that there is something greater than ourselves.

Dinner out with the beach gang.


Vibrant flowers.
Momarazzi did double duty all week attempting to get simultaneous smiles from less than cooperative kids.

Early morning runs provided glimpses of life from the sea.

Barefoot beach running is so glamorous when your blisters fill with sand.
Did I say, Glamorous?  I meant painful.

Finding mermaid purses was a great opportunity of a quick science lesson.

Momarazzi is not always welcome when the kids were playing.

Without even looking, we found love every day on the beach.

A dinner in after a day on the sand.

Cousin bonding time.

A hazy day collecting treasures.

A peaceful afternoon.

Movies on the beach.

A LBM classic smile with a wink.

Sibling love all week long.  It was amazing!

More life from the sea.

Having the beach alone to run was priceless.

Celebrated Independence Day.

Happy 4th of July!

Glow sticks make every night an adventure.

Posing in the surf with S'ghetti Girl.

This little guy loves the sand...all over his body.

In the bounce house a rare still moment.

Another day begun with a sandy run.

The sea was sharing lots of shells.

Another great OC trip.

S'ghetti girl growing up too fast.

A vacant beach makes running easy.

Watching for dolphins.

Waiting for everyone to wake.

A marooned skate that I put back in the ocean.

This crab was eager for a photo shoot.

Another day started in a positive way.

S'ghetti girl helping the littles build a sand castle.
LBM playing in the sand.

Even at the beach little critters find me.

A beach vacation fueled by chocolate milk.

Who eats when there are bounce houses?

Ready for the boardwalk.

Guess who got a new pet?!

Finally dolphins!

Wide awake early and ready to see what the sea would share.

Every run better than the last.

It was hard to leave the beach to do anything else.

But ice skating awaited.

The kids were pros!

I was better at lounge chairs.

A pirate ship was the prefect way to burn off some energy.

The beach waited for us to return.

No that is not Whole30 compliant.

A final morning's walk to the beach.

A horseshoe crab...

and this little aggressive guy greeted me on my last beach run.

It was a week of wonderful moments.

I may have brought home a few shells to remember this wonderful trip.

I'm still dreaming of having my feet in the sand.