Daily Chatter

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Week In a Runner's Life...at the Beach

Every day started with an early morning beach run.

Beautiful flowers brightened the beach.

Dinner out was much needed after miles of beach running.

Every tidbit was a treasure.

Each morning our beach looked slightly different.

More evidence that there is something greater than ourselves.

Dinner out with the beach gang.


Vibrant flowers.
Momarazzi did double duty all week attempting to get simultaneous smiles from less than cooperative kids.

Early morning runs provided glimpses of life from the sea.

Barefoot beach running is so glamorous when your blisters fill with sand.
Did I say, Glamorous?  I meant painful.

Finding mermaid purses was a great opportunity of a quick science lesson.

Momarazzi is not always welcome when the kids were playing.

Without even looking, we found love every day on the beach.

A dinner in after a day on the sand.

Cousin bonding time.

A hazy day collecting treasures.

A peaceful afternoon.

Movies on the beach.

A LBM classic smile with a wink.

Sibling love all week long.  It was amazing!

More life from the sea.

Having the beach alone to run was priceless.

Celebrated Independence Day.

Happy 4th of July!

Glow sticks make every night an adventure.

Posing in the surf with S'ghetti Girl.

This little guy loves the sand...all over his body.

In the bounce house a rare still moment.

Another day begun with a sandy run.

The sea was sharing lots of shells.

Another great OC trip.

S'ghetti girl growing up too fast.

A vacant beach makes running easy.

Watching for dolphins.

Waiting for everyone to wake.

A marooned skate that I put back in the ocean.

This crab was eager for a photo shoot.

Another day started in a positive way.

S'ghetti girl helping the littles build a sand castle.
LBM playing in the sand.

Even at the beach little critters find me.

A beach vacation fueled by chocolate milk.

Who eats when there are bounce houses?

Ready for the boardwalk.

Guess who got a new pet?!

Finally dolphins!

Wide awake early and ready to see what the sea would share.

Every run better than the last.

It was hard to leave the beach to do anything else.

But ice skating awaited.

The kids were pros!

I was better at lounge chairs.

A pirate ship was the prefect way to burn off some energy.

The beach waited for us to return.

No that is not Whole30 compliant.

A final morning's walk to the beach.

A horseshoe crab...

and this little aggressive guy greeted me on my last beach run.

It was a week of wonderful moments.

I may have brought home a few shells to remember this wonderful trip.

I'm still dreaming of having my feet in the sand.