Daily Chatter

Monday, May 31, 2010

Falling short, Keeping on, Wraping up

If I were going through this life all on my own it wouldn't be nearly as rich and fulfilling.  But families do have a way of putting your goals on the back burner every once in a while.
I knew Friday evening I was going to fall sadly short of my  20 10 mile runs.  But we were traveling and I just couldn't get out of work any earlier.  So I fell 5 runs short.
And as the last day of the month comes to a close, I left 24.5 miles short of a 250 month. 

Sunday evening, notice the outfit...

But since I am not one to let a little difficulty stand in my way you knew that, right? I have been keeping on with running every day.  I at day 22 of running.  It started after Mother's Day.  What a nice gift to give myself.
While in VA we were pressed for time so I squeezed in a 2 mile 'check out the area run'.  I am still not comfortable taking LBM in the jogger yet but I am getting closer.
Once we returned to PA I got out Sunday evening for my 6.5 loop (49:44) I wanted to make it 10 but told myself to LET IT GO ALREADY!  It was nice to have Hubbs home to get out solo.

Sunday morning...same outfit.  I know, eeeuuuuuu!  You can come do my laundry.  Any takers?

Then came this morning.  Ouch!  It was hot out early.  I have planned to do my half loop with Biking Sherpa but she did not respond which usually means she is not up for it.  I headed out knowing the heat was going to be too much for me to run that distance all at once and by myself.  I still enjoyed getting a great run in before the rest of the family got going in the moring.  (6.5 / 50:01)

Like many of you, soon we are off to picnic with family.  We will take time to remember all those we've lost through one kind of service or another.  It is nice to remember how so many people have helped to shape our lives.  Let's give thanks and remember the sacrifice that is made so that we can live in a country - for better or worse - where we are free to think and believe and speak and live however we choose.

To all those who service, thank you.  To all those who remember loved ones gone, we are not alone.

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Running on ice cream to overcome stress

I completed day 19 (16th day of 10 miles) with the 6.5 (52: 09) miles left in my 10 mile day.  I have said it everyday for how long now, it was beyond HOT!  When I finished my run I could hear across the field, my sister and her family in their pool.  I wish I could have taken the kids and jumped right in but nooooo.  I had to pack them up, pick up my mom and head into town to retrieve my car from the garage.
Do you remember that we just bought house and Hubbs just lost his job?  So of course, my car would need repairs!  Isn't that how things usually work?!  Good thing I have running to keep the stress at bay.

We did bribe thank grammy for going with us with ice cream!  Sadly I must admit that it made up the majority of my dinner but it was delicious and day 19 of running deserved to be celebrated.
Who can pass up seeing their kids sugar-laden-dairy-product semi-covered?

Day 20 started at 1 a.m. when I finally got to bed after cleaning the house (parts of it) and packing for our time in VA.  A mere 4 hours and 12 mintues later LBM said it was morning.  Ugh!  I wish I could say that I was out the door super early and got a long run in but instead LBM and I snuggled.  We got sissy up and ready and off to school before heading out the door for 3.5 (29:02).  By 7 a.m. it was already hot again.  Although I think I am getting alittle used to the heat and I am usually remembering to take fluids and actually drink them. 
But really, who needed fuel this morning? 
Not me!  Remember?
I had a hot fudge sundae last night!

Stacie @ Impossible is Nothing is hosting a Bondi Band Giveaway!  Come on now you've seen dozen of photos of my frizz-curl-mess of hair.  Add a little heat and humidity and it's everywhere.  So I can always us more Bondi Bands to keep it under control and to give you something new to look at when I post those after run photos!  Go over and check it out.  Tell Stacie that Shelly sent you.  Thanks.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Turtle-topia

Any one who was crazy enough to run last night knows that the pictures of that run just weren't pretty.  So I won't bore you with another photo of my sweaty pig-tailed face.
But LBM and I got out to finish another 10 mile day. 
(6.5 miles 53:45)
I just realized last night that if I run 10 miles each day for 4 more days I will have ran 20 10 mile runs in one month. 
20-10  I thought that was interesting. 
And of course now I am trying to figure out how I can make that happen since the weekend is a holiday and we will be traveling.

This morning's run was another nice 3.5 (28:54).
You won't believe what we saw. 
Another turtle! 
I like that we see snakes and frogs and turtles along the creek. 
That is typically an indication that the creek is healthy and clean.  Which it is rated a clean water stream.
Unlike yesterday's one-eyed turtle, this little fellow had a huge chuck out of his shell. 
Probably a run in with a haybine.

Luckily he seems to be healed and surviving. 
LBM wanted to of course keep the turtle and share his crackers with him.
Go figure, he won't share his crackers with his sister but a turtle on the road is his new best friend.

We've all established that I am a mileage junkie right now.  Another 200+ mile month is nearly complete, a crazy run for 30 days idea and ice the cake with a 20 10 mile runs in one month goal. 
All just to see if I can.  Silly, I know.  But also fun to have little goals to keep me running when the heat would encourage me to quit.  I mean last evening's run was so sweaty the only way I knew I wasn't swimming was the fact that I had running shoes on!

What things do you use to keep going when the conditions are less than comfy?

Candice, you know the running Barbie is hosting a Gone For a RUN giveaway.
They have a creative product, among many other cool things, a bib porfolio. 
Finally a way to store all those bibs that I just can't throw away!
Go check it out and tell Candice I sent you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last night I just could not sleep. 
The excitement over the Biggest Loser finale may have been part of it. 
But mostly, the moon was so full and bright it kept calling me out to the porch tempting me to run.  But with no Hubbs home, I was forced to evantually go in and try to get some sleep.

Which I got from 1 a.m. until 2:12 a.m.  At 2:12 LBM decided he had slept long enough.
Talk about an early morning!

So even though I am beginning to feel like another mom who some may think should stop,

The Duggars before they reached 19 and Counting

I went for a run (3.5 miles / 28:07) with LBM early this morning. 
The run felt so much better than yesterday's run. 
The pace was a little fast for the "run slow to go fast" but I am getting closer.

At least it wasn't quite a hot and humid this morning and we saw this awesome snapping turtle.
Poor guy didn't see us at first.  He was missing an eye! 

So I made sure I got his good side too.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

16 Days Later

I have ran for 16 days straight. 
Go ahead let the scolding begin.

Let me just say I didn't intend to not take a break, it just kind of happened.
At first I thought I should run since Hubbs was home to watch the kids a little more.  Then I thought I had a terrible day at work, I really need to pound out some stress.  That led to thinking things like, the weather will be really bad tomorrow I should run today.

In my defense I have taken what I consider to be breaks.  That is any time period beyond 12 hours in which I do not run.  Example; May 21st I ran in the early morning then I didn't run again until the 22nd in the evening.  That was practically like taking an entire day off.

Okay.  I am a runaholic. 

The upside is I am trying to slow down.  Maybe I slowed a little too much on this mornings run which was evident in how ackward and challenging the entire run felt.  I was working way too hard for that pace. 
I do think I need to slow down my runs and stop beating up my body.  The goal for me longer term - and my biggest running goal - is to be running when I am 80 years old.  With that in mind, I have to remember that when I am not training for a "speed" event I do not have to be running so fast all the time.
Since focusing on trail events the race day pressure for pace just isn't there and I am so happy for that.  Sure I'd like to see a sub 3:30 marathon but it's really not in the fore front of my mind this year.

My goals now are to work towards the potential 50 mile trail race this October.  I have a 21k Xduro challenge in June and another 50k Trail race in July.

I know some of you believe in the running slower to run faster theory, any one care to offer their opinion or advice?

My body will thank you! 

After 3.5 miles in 32:54, soaking wet, looking spent and feeling like my body was in knots from my screwy stride.
Maybe too much of a change too quickly for me?
Free advice accepted graciously. 

Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run is hosting a CEP Compression Sock Giveaway.  After my disaster of a morning run attempting to go slow to go fast I could REALLY use these socks.  I know you all want to win them so get over to Mel's and tell her I sent you.

Monday, May 24, 2010

File this under....

...kids say the darnedest things.
After a long busy day at work I was eager to get home and pound out some frustration through my feet.
My daughter was her usual chatter box-self.

"Mom, I can tell what natural animal every person has inside." she tells me.

"Oh really."  I say
"I am a kitty, brother is a turtle and you are a dog." she says.
"I'm a dog?!  What makes you think I am a dog." I ask.
"Your short hair cut."
I ask, "What about my hair cut makes you think I am look like a dog?"
 After a pause,  (considering whether or not to be honest ?)  "Your hair makes you like you have puppy ears." she finally says.

She could have a good point!

After that confidence boosting exchange I feed her brussel sprouts for supper and headed out for my run with LBM.  I enjoyed his baby jibberish the entire run.  But wondered if he was agreeing with his sister about my haircut.
It was so hot and humid and I DID take water!  See I can learn.  My shirt is completely soaked and I was exhausted when I finally got to stop.  6.5 miles of sweat (51:32)

After my run it was LBM's turn to rack up the miles.  He decided to do some speed work with Mom chasing him. 
How great it would be to have him running beside me in the years to come.   S'ghetti girl would not join us for a run.  She was hiding inside enjoy an entire evening with NO homework! 

LBM says, "Mom you don't look at all like a dog.  Now let me win!"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

RYSO Race Report

When I picked up my race packet and saw that I was given number 5, I knew it was a sign that it was going to be a great race.  The race director Tonia had just celebrated her daughter's 5th birthday. 

With the flexiblity to run the race over three days I knew I would be able to get the miles in.
Our family's Saturday packed so I ran 6.5 miles (50:57/ 7:50) of the Rock Your Socks Off Half Marathon virtual race in the early morning and hoped to pick up the remainder that evening.  My bossy hardheaded daughter wanting to make sure I was up to Races With Babes standards.  Something she reminds me daily that I fall short of.  So with her help, I decided to rock a sock skirt in honor of the stylist race director but it was so hot and humid and I ended up stripping clothes not all of them mid run. 
I wasn't able to finish my miles so I planned to squeeze them in on Sunday...somehow.

Sunday came and my thoughts were hopeful to squeeze in my half marathon loop it wouldn't quite work that way and just use it as my race time but the day would not go that way. 
I had a tight time frame to get my miles in before Hubbs had to head off to VA.  Biking Sherpa was joining me but running late so I started with a 3.5 mile (25:12/ 7:12) out and back and then picked Biking Sherpa up.
She thought I would have LBM and the stroller to put her things in but I was running solo so she left most everything at the house.  Including water.

We were enjoying the fact that I was already 'warmed up' from my 3.5 miles and we could talk more easily.  We talked about running, blogging, work, her family issues, Biking Sherpas BF.  We talked about God and Biking Sherpa's desire to learn more and help her BF strengthen his faith.  It was a great conversation!  I need take for granted the blessings I have been given to share such time with my neice.  I know I am fortunate that she allows me to be part of her life and seeks my opinion and advice.
We ran hard even with the conversations.  The heat and humidity was terrible.  We often joke about how much I sweat and how little Biking Sherpa sweats.  She doesn't.at.all.  It's weird.  So as I am dieing and hearing all of your 'voices' telling me how I need to carry water on long runs, I am wiping sweat off my arms and face.
That wouldn't be a problem for long.
Neither would the lack of water to drink.

It rained.  It poured.  It was wonderful!
It was just what we needed when we needed it!
At least Biking Sherpa finally looks like she got sweaty.

We have always loved running in the rain.  It is something that feels so freeing and joyful to both of us.  I hope she continues to allow herself to 'play' in the rain as she makes her own life.

We finished the last 6.5 miles (46:02 /7:05) and felt great as we dripped from head to toe. 
And for this runner that is now I rock my socks off!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Animal Inspiration

If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.

This snake IS crawling along a vertical wall.

If you find yourself feeling like you've hit the wall and just having no where else to go, remember there is always a way to overcome any obstacle. 

Today was a busy day.  My day started a 5 a.m. with LBM getting up at at the crack of dawn, I had a virtual race to run, a daughter to pick up from her very first sleep over, an early soccer game to get to, a new cell phone to take back because it was on the fritz, a movie to watch with "first sleep over" daughter to celebrate her overcoming her fear, time to spend with Hubbs; all while doing a few chores around the house and tending to LBM and exchanging a few text messages with Army son. 
I wondered how I was going to pull it all off.

But it has been a great day!

I was able to get LBM to lay back down with Daddy so I could go run for Tonia's Rock Your Socks Off virtual race.  After I got back at the house and showered, I made the family breakfast, picked up s'ghetti girl and headed off to the soccer game.  The great weather I enjoyed on my run (race report to come tomorrow) quickly disappeared and it started to rain.  Both teams played well despite the rain however we lost 5 - 8. 
We didn't let that dampen our day.  S'ghetti girl played hard and did her best, we congratulated her and her teammates and headed off to take care of the cell phone and see a movie.

Boy we are all glad to be home again.  Finally Hubbs and I can spend a little time together relaxing. 
A rainy evening spent with the family after action packed day.
Life is Good.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't Run with Cows

While running this morning, I was reminded of a lesson I learned while I was a young girl. 
Growing up on a farm in rural PA daily life was full of lessons.  Some lessons were the kind that would only reveal themselves later in life.  Like all the times my father would tell me how doing the job well once would save me work in the long run.  Now I have come to realize that lesson applied to EVERYTHING about being a parent and a spouse.  Taking the time to do the task at my best the first time helps avoid allowing things to pile up and become overwhelming.  

 But some lessons were the kind that hit you right in the face.
Those were the lessons you had to learn the hard way.  The lesson I learned the hard way and was reminded of today was:

As a little girl we often helped with chores around the farm, my pappy and my daddy would remind me that while I was in the pasture or barn yard with the cows I was not to run.  The cows would think I was part of the herd and begin to chase me.
I heard them tell me this...over and over.  See, I never ran with the cows near so I never fully understood why I shouldn't.  And more interestly, I often wondered what would really happen if I did.

That brings me to the lesson.

My father was taking my older sister on a 3-wheeler ride (yes, before there were 4-wheelers/quads, there were 3-wheelers)  and I had wanted to go too.  But being that I was probably the last one sitting at the dinner table being forced to eat something gross (gross as in red meat, NOT gross as in my mom was a bad cook) and having a slow time of feeding it to my dog.  So they were already ripping off across the pasture as I ran down the yard and hopped the fence to chase after them.

Cows being herd animals fell in behind me running along getting more and more excited as they caught up to me and began to surround my little 50 pound string bean body.  My dad hears me yelling after him to stop.  When he looks back he sees me in the herd of cows and yells for me to stop running!  I just know that I'll be trampled if I stop so I keep running and running and running.  (maybe that's were my love of endurance was born?)

Eventually, I run back to a fence row and stop, not being able to crawl under or over it quickly enough.  I turn around only to see that all the cows have stopped too. 
They stand there looking at me.  Almost as if saying, "Okay, you win!"

While on the surface that lesson is actually DO NOT RUN WITH COWS, it is also something else to me.  I learned that I would much rather be in the front leading others, setting an example, helping to show the way.  And one final lesson, it's a good thing to know when to stop.

How does my DO NOT RUN WITH COWS lesson apply to your life?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I got out last night with Jr. Biking Sherpa and LBM for our usual hilly 6.5 mile loop.  I was glad for the company since the humidity was up and my energy was down.

S'ghetti girl eager for school...only because it's one day closer to OVER!

LBM got to try out his new trike.  He LOVED it!  He wants to go fast and keep up with his sissy and Jr. Biking Sherpa.  Of course he doesn't have on any shoes, he wants to be a barefoot runner, remember?
Speaking of barefoot...

I am sure you have been following Angie.  She is the running rock star who recently went on a little long run of 23, yes that is TWENTY THREE miles folks. 
And she did it barefoot.
No big deal.
That is just how she runs.
So I know I NEED to have these socks because if Angie says they are awesome after a run like that, my measly joggin stroller runs will feel like a walk in the park with those socks.
Hurry up now, get on over there.  And tell Angie I sent you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On the Serious Side

Kayte at Long legs on the loose is hosting a Sweaty Bands giveaway but that is not the only great thing happening on Kayte's blog.  Always doing charitable work, Kayte is hosting a Virtual Finish Chelsea's Run.

I know when I step out my front door and place my feet on the road, I rarely ever think that I need to worry about being safe.  My thoughts usually run along the lines of; 'if anything happens to me my neighbors know my schedule and would look out for me.'  I think this simply because I have lived in my very rural area my entire life and so have pretty much everyone else.
Oh, but who was in that white van that just passed me?  I simply waved because I wave at everyone who passes me.  Did they pass me yesterday too?  Gee I think I saw that unfamiliar van last week too.  Humm, I guess I should vary my routine a bit. 
But I don't. 
I assume that I am safe because I always have been.  And there in lays my problem.  I assume that no one in my quiet area would ever want to do any one harm, let alone harm me!  I assume that my neighbors would notice if I didn't run by their house on the return trip for my out-and-back in the morning.
In reality, they wouldn't.
Nor should I rely on them to keep me safe.
We all need to remember that it is up to each of us to keep ourselves safe because even in our most comfortable moments bad things can happen.

Let's finish what Chelsea started, a wonderful training run in a place she probably felt safe and comfortable.  One foot in front of the other just taking in the day.
Come run with us as we symoblize that we will not allow this tragidy to take away our ability to enjoy this sport, our stress release, our healthy habit of running.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Continuing the topic...

Tonia at Racing with babes had a great post today about fitness and health being a choice.  You should read it.  She often inspires me to change the way I look at things.
But it got me thinking and as I left a comment I really got to wondering.  This is what I said,...

It is a choice. You said it well but I wonder what we can do as examples (well we try, don't we?) to create that moment we those around us feel compelled to change the way they are living? Because that is what we are talking about here. Changing the way people choose to live. Taking away reaching for the potato chips and replacing that habit with going for a walk. Taking your kids on a packed picnic lunch instead of through the drive through.

We all know these are the 'right' choses but how can we create the catalyst to help others make what is a difficult change?
Do you ever feel responsible to help those in your life make changes to improve their health or fitness?  I know we feel that responsiblity to our children to provide them with the tools and example that will put them on a path to a healthier lifestyle, but the burden I am talking about is the people you see along you way each day.  Do you ever wonder if you should or could be doing something that would radically help that co-worker who you see slipping out for a smoke break as you lace up your shoes at lunch time.  Or the woman 3 rows in front of you at church who keeps tugging at her skirt because it has gotten a bit too snug.  Have you ever wished you could simply say the right thing and help them see that with a little effort each day they could live their lives more fully? 
I do.
What are some ways you try and influence, educate, motivate, inspire, bribe, coerce those around you to make positive changes in their lives?

Two reasons I want to influence "others"...because "others" influence them!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Revisiting a dark squeaky stranger

I am not one to let a little rain stop me from getting my miles in however, when my 8 year old daughter gives my a speech about my questionable sanity and the health consequence of taking her 20 month old little brother out in "the pouring down rain!" that's when I have to remind myself that I have a treadmill.
So last night found myself on the treadmill.  You remember that squeaky old thing squashed back in the corner of our workout room.  He's still there.  He barely remembered me.  Oh, I know it was just his way of playing coy because he was hurt that I had stayed away so long.
We reacquainted ourselves quickly by running a couple set of sprints (7.5 miles running with half mile jogs to rest between).  Sweat-ville. 

Luckily for me the Recovery Socks I won from Erica arrived today.
Here are my 8 year old's attempts at a picture to show my socks. 
God bless her for trying when she was already volunteering to play with LBM while I ran on the treadmill.  She was just wanting me to get started so she could start bossing playing with her bother.
Thanks Erica!

Yes another new shirt - in pink.  And yes I pulled up my pig tails before I started my actual run.

Monday RunDay

So who was there with me watching Survivor last night?
Great show!  Always makes me want to go do an adventure race and get muddy!
The reason I bring Survivor up is not to increase the hits my blog will get from people googling the word Survivor althought it actually will bring loads of people who think they are going to read something cool about Survivor only to find my sometimes interesting often routine daily musing about running through my life but to ask if anyone else noticed something in the preview of next season?
It looked like one of the female contestants was wearing a running skirt!
no super cute knee high socks though
How cool is that? 

Feeling all Survivor-ish I didn't let a little or a lot of rain stop me this morning.  So with weather shield in place LBM and I hit the road to a pre-rinse while we ran.
3.5 miles/29:11
I was suprised to see Morton the Muskrat while running along the creek.  So suprised that I missed getting s picture of him.  In fact he is probably right behind my head in this shot.  When I turned around to look at the creek there he was swimming along.  Darn new Palm!  I wasn't able to get the picture fast enough.  Under the water he went.  Maybe tonight he'll make a repeat visit.
I am off to the big girl job and sending my official registration for the XTERRA Xduro in VA June 19th.
It's going to be a GREAT day!  Enjoy yours.

Jamie @ Running Diva Mom is hosting a giveaway. 
Some very creative custom pendants!  You have got to check it out.
(so you'll know what I'll be wearing after I win.  ;-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Our family enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing day.  After a great breakfast together, Hubbs took the kids for runs (this is just how much running is in my brain!) rides on the four-wheeler while I got all my housework done before 11:00.  WooHoo!

 (Don't worry.  I washed this outfit from yesterday!  No bird poop)

I got some much done so early I was able to get in a 6.5 mile run (47:22).  Even though I thought my legs would be tired I couldn't pass up the amazing weather and my legs suprised me by having more push in them than they have had for a few days!   

With so many of you running races this weekend I am off to hopefully read race reports.  I just know there are loads of you setting new PRs, winning age groups and amazing yourselves! 
Congratulations to all the racers!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

30 in 3 and 50 in 5 and a little.

Please notice:  I listen to the birds.  New fresh workout gear!

I am done.
For the week anyway.
I got my last run in this afternoon to hit my 50 miles.
Oh, I would work up a bit more enthusiasm but I am just beat.
I did my last 6.5 miles fast 47:36.  Remember I have been working on endurance this week.
I felt I was going to barf at the top of the second hill but I didn't.
Probably because I had so little in me to come up but I did it.

I also got my 30 miles in 3 days in.
Each day I ran 3.5 miles in the morning and finished with my 6.5 mile loop in the evening.
My times were interesting to me.  I wonder if fatigue plays a factor or if conditions and mental toughness are what really affect me.
Tuesday morning - 3.5 26:00 - no stroller, rain/fog
Tuesday evening - 6.5 51:46 - stroller, rain/fog
Wednesday morning - 3.5 28:50, stroller, rain/fog
Wednesday evening - 6.5 52:34 stroller, rain/fog
Thursday morning - 3.5 29:29, stroller, dizzle/fog
Thursday evening - 6.5 51:42, stroller, drizzle/fog (after school activity and with biking sherpa)

My morning runs got slower but my evening runs didn't.  The week as a whole is all over the place for pace.  I often think my pace has more to do with how much I want it versus how fast I can run.

Have you ever thought the same of yourself? 

Biking sherpa thought my pig tails in the wind and my crazy sweat marks were soooo funny I had to share them.  The price of a biking sherpa to encourage me when I am tired.

Oh well, here is me with crazy sweaty pig tails running at night, in the rain and wind with the jogging stroller and biking sherpa to keep me moving.
Thanks biking sherpa! 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Twice in One Day

What I wore this morning

You are probably thinking this is another post where I am going to wax on about running twice a day.  Then after reading it you may think some version of;
"There is no way that girl is doing all the running." or
"Is she TRYING to make me feel like I don't runn enough?" or
"Bring on the Shelly bragfest again." 

Okay maybe you don't think those things but come on, I talk about double days A LOT!

But today is not about running twice a day. 
It's about what other thing happend twice today.  Twice this morning in fact.

A bird pooped on me. 
I know Beth at Shut up and Run will be proud I have poop in my post today.
A bird pooped on me once early in my run.
And then....
A bird pooped on me a second time late in my run!

If you google a bird pooped on me, aside from eventually finding this post you will find a thousand different site to education you about a bird pooping on some one - not all of which I reccommend you actually click on, there are some strange people out there!  But you may find that if you are Italian it is believed to be good luck and since I do have Italian ancestors, I say bring on the good luck.

However, I got to thinking after reading Amanda's post (@ Run to the finish) about rewearing clothes and I began to wonder if maybe those birds were trying to tell me something. 

What do you think??

What I wore last night

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Case of Havetaraceitis

Second consecutive 10 mile day - check.
16 miles to reach my 50 miles for the week - check.
A case of the havetaraceitis - check.

I am pretty pleased that I have not let the less than stellar weather keep me from getting out and running.

This morning this little guy was hanging on for dear life.  I wonder if he spent the entire night hanging there upside down?  Talk about head rush!
The morning was great.  Foggy run with LBM (3.5 miles/28:34), s'ghetti was eager to head off to school and Hubbs surgery went better than expected.  No crutches after today!  Looking forward to a complete and rapid recovery!
Then off to the big girl job.

(insert 8 hours of utter yuck-ness not apporopriate for my life-is-mostly-rosey-running blog)

After big girl job and kiddos retrieval, LBM and I were off for the second half of our 10 miles today (6.5miles/52:45)  I love running in the fog and drizzle.  With LBM falling asleep quickly during our run, it made it feel like I was the only person around.  The heavy fog has a way of making everything so exteremly quiet.  I can get lost in it and forget that I am not the only person as demonstrated tonight when I got lost in my thoughts and began thinking out loud!  Yep.  There I was running down the foggy road chatting away to myself and the gentleman who happened to be out on his porch chuckling at my lively conversation with myself.  Oy vey! 


On tap is another 10 for tomorrow.  The challenge will be Family Fun night at s'ghetti's school after work.  I have to figure out how to fit it all in.  Then Saturday will be 6ish miles to finish my 50 for the week.
It all should be very do-able.
With all this refocus on my mileage/schedule, I am coming down with a case of the have-ta-race-itis.  So.....

I am toying with the idea of doing this Xterra Trail Series 21k trail race on June 19th near Richmond, VA.
 Anyone interested in giving it a go with me?