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Monday, May 31, 2010

Falling short, Keeping on, Wraping up

If I were going through this life all on my own it wouldn't be nearly as rich and fulfilling.  But families do have a way of putting your goals on the back burner every once in a while.
I knew Friday evening I was going to fall sadly short of my  20 10 mile runs.  But we were traveling and I just couldn't get out of work any earlier.  So I fell 5 runs short.
And as the last day of the month comes to a close, I left 24.5 miles short of a 250 month. 

Sunday evening, notice the outfit...

But since I am not one to let a little difficulty stand in my way you knew that, right? I have been keeping on with running every day.  I at day 22 of running.  It started after Mother's Day.  What a nice gift to give myself.
While in VA we were pressed for time so I squeezed in a 2 mile 'check out the area run'.  I am still not comfortable taking LBM in the jogger yet but I am getting closer.
Once we returned to PA I got out Sunday evening for my 6.5 loop (49:44) I wanted to make it 10 but told myself to LET IT GO ALREADY!  It was nice to have Hubbs home to get out solo.

Sunday morning...same outfit.  I know, eeeuuuuuu!  You can come do my laundry.  Any takers?

Then came this morning.  Ouch!  It was hot out early.  I have planned to do my half loop with Biking Sherpa but she did not respond which usually means she is not up for it.  I headed out knowing the heat was going to be too much for me to run that distance all at once and by myself.  I still enjoyed getting a great run in before the rest of the family got going in the moring.  (6.5 / 50:01)

Like many of you, soon we are off to picnic with family.  We will take time to remember all those we've lost through one kind of service or another.  It is nice to remember how so many people have helped to shape our lives.  Let's give thanks and remember the sacrifice that is made so that we can live in a country - for better or worse - where we are free to think and believe and speak and live however we choose.

To all those who service, thank you.  To all those who remember loved ones gone, we are not alone.

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. No picnics here in the POURING rain.. I am having a hard time getting my lunch runs in, thankful for the weekend long runs

  2. I have totally worn the same shirts!!! Who cares, right!!!

  3. A 250 mile month is quite impressive! I'd be pleased if I could do that in two.

  4. That is a WAY impressive month!!!

  5. I love the picture of the blue ridge mountains in the backround...we were also in VA this weekend! It was a hot one! You are beyond impressive

  6. Sometimes life just gets in the way and it's important to realize that. Glad you were able to continue the running streak! Still some impressive mileage for May.

    Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

  7. You totally rocked it this month! Keep that running streak going. It helps me justify my running addiction!

  8. Way to keep on running and running and running.

    You are awesome!!!

  9. What a great month! And you're smart not to beat yourself up, start a new streak!
    And...I totally wear the same outfit two days in a row...shoot me! I hate doing laundry!