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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On the Serious Side

Kayte at Long legs on the loose is hosting a Sweaty Bands giveaway but that is not the only great thing happening on Kayte's blog.  Always doing charitable work, Kayte is hosting a Virtual Finish Chelsea's Run.

I know when I step out my front door and place my feet on the road, I rarely ever think that I need to worry about being safe.  My thoughts usually run along the lines of; 'if anything happens to me my neighbors know my schedule and would look out for me.'  I think this simply because I have lived in my very rural area my entire life and so have pretty much everyone else.
Oh, but who was in that white van that just passed me?  I simply waved because I wave at everyone who passes me.  Did they pass me yesterday too?  Gee I think I saw that unfamiliar van last week too.  Humm, I guess I should vary my routine a bit. 
But I don't. 
I assume that I am safe because I always have been.  And there in lays my problem.  I assume that no one in my quiet area would ever want to do any one harm, let alone harm me!  I assume that my neighbors would notice if I didn't run by their house on the return trip for my out-and-back in the morning.
In reality, they wouldn't.
Nor should I rely on them to keep me safe.
We all need to remember that it is up to each of us to keep ourselves safe because even in our most comfortable moments bad things can happen.

Let's finish what Chelsea started, a wonderful training run in a place she probably felt safe and comfortable.  One foot in front of the other just taking in the day.
Come run with us as we symoblize that we will not allow this tragidy to take away our ability to enjoy this sport, our stress release, our healthy habit of running.


  1. What a wonderful cause (but a sad story). I too often take safety for granted. Thanks for this.

  2. I totally understand!! I sometimes get too comfortable too and my husband gets on me about that with my safety!

  3. I live in a fairly big city, I cannot take my safety for gratned. Stories lke Chelsea's and others that have sprouted out lately keep me vigilant. Do you have a RoadID? And, I think you're moving soon...a wise investment for a very important person :)

  4. You said it well. In fact my first 8 miler was because some strange dude was yelling after me so I refused to come back the way I went out. Be safe out there!

  5. ya, i understand, but i am never worried. i hope that people think that i am a runner and can out run them! hhahhaha. which isnt true, but i hope i look fast

  6. Thank you for posting this.

  7. so so true, in KC I never thought twice about my safety. I have to admit now in Miami I am much more aware

  8. I'm guilty of feeling too safe and taking it for granted. I often run by myself and in dark places but I've never really felt threatened. It's sad that we can't take things like this for granted.

  9. I am going over now to enter. I have been saying I will later but I am going to go do it now.

  10. One thing we running moms have to consider is that when we are running with our kiddos, we are alone in terms of safety. We are there to protect them but can they protect us?
    Fortunately, they do make us more visible but, sometimes, I wonder "what if?"