Daily Chatter

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I got out last night with Jr. Biking Sherpa and LBM for our usual hilly 6.5 mile loop.  I was glad for the company since the humidity was up and my energy was down.

S'ghetti girl eager for school...only because it's one day closer to OVER!

LBM got to try out his new trike.  He LOVED it!  He wants to go fast and keep up with his sissy and Jr. Biking Sherpa.  Of course he doesn't have on any shoes, he wants to be a barefoot runner, remember?
Speaking of barefoot...

I am sure you have been following Angie.  She is the running rock star who recently went on a little long run of 23, yes that is TWENTY THREE miles folks. 
And she did it barefoot.
No big deal.
That is just how she runs.
So I know I NEED to have these socks because if Angie says they are awesome after a run like that, my measly joggin stroller runs will feel like a walk in the park with those socks.
Hurry up now, get on over there.  And tell Angie I sent you!


  1. LBM is so cute on his little trike! Love the barefoot style!

    Good luck with the socks!!

  2. Your kids are adorable! Love the visor and pigtails look. :)

  3. what a cute bike pic! Love bare piggy toes:)

  4. Thanks for the bloggie love!!
    Cute photos of everyone!!

  5. You have THREE kids? Kudos to you girl. I only had the courage to have one. LOL

  6. Love the pictures.. FYI CEP on Tall Mom Soon :)

  7. Your daughter, especially the smile, looks exactly like you . . . too cute.

  8. You always have such awesome pictures! Glad you had company on the run!