Daily Chatter

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

16 Days Later

I have ran for 16 days straight. 
Go ahead let the scolding begin.

Let me just say I didn't intend to not take a break, it just kind of happened.
At first I thought I should run since Hubbs was home to watch the kids a little more.  Then I thought I had a terrible day at work, I really need to pound out some stress.  That led to thinking things like, the weather will be really bad tomorrow I should run today.

In my defense I have taken what I consider to be breaks.  That is any time period beyond 12 hours in which I do not run.  Example; May 21st I ran in the early morning then I didn't run again until the 22nd in the evening.  That was practically like taking an entire day off.

Okay.  I am a runaholic. 

The upside is I am trying to slow down.  Maybe I slowed a little too much on this mornings run which was evident in how ackward and challenging the entire run felt.  I was working way too hard for that pace. 
I do think I need to slow down my runs and stop beating up my body.  The goal for me longer term - and my biggest running goal - is to be running when I am 80 years old.  With that in mind, I have to remember that when I am not training for a "speed" event I do not have to be running so fast all the time.
Since focusing on trail events the race day pressure for pace just isn't there and I am so happy for that.  Sure I'd like to see a sub 3:30 marathon but it's really not in the fore front of my mind this year.

My goals now are to work towards the potential 50 mile trail race this October.  I have a 21k Xduro challenge in June and another 50k Trail race in July.

I know some of you believe in the running slower to run faster theory, any one care to offer their opinion or advice?

My body will thank you! 

After 3.5 miles in 32:54, soaking wet, looking spent and feeling like my body was in knots from my screwy stride.
Maybe too much of a change too quickly for me?
Free advice accepted graciously. 

Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run is hosting a CEP Compression Sock Giveaway.  After my disaster of a morning run attempting to go slow to go fast I could REALLY use these socks.  I know you all want to win them so get over to Mel's and tell her I sent you.


  1. See, that's why I can't ever catch you ... you don't take days off! I really believe in the run slower to run faster thing. But you probably didn't need go as slow as you did. Think 1.5-2 mins per mile slower than you would race that distance. So for a 3.5 mile run, if you race at a 7 min pace ... you are looking at 8:30-9 mins for an easy run.

    I don't know if I can do xterra yet. I might be able to swing the 10K that day, if the 21K doesn't work. If not, do you want to meet for dinner the night before or lunch afterwards?

  2. And I just added that up ... 131 miles in 16 days?!?! Holy cow ... that's 3 less that I have run this month!

  3. Holy buckets! You are a fanatic, girl!

  4. WOW - I am so impressed - you are hooked on running. ;-)

  5. May as well keep going - only 84 more days to go!

  6. wow! u r very impressive!!!! congrats. keep on running, but be careful. listen to your body!!!! but you already know that!

  7. WOW! Very impressive woman :) No advice to give...you seem to know what you're doing!

  8. Runaholic is an understatement. :) You amaze me! I wish I had your drive!

  9. OK, I feel like a total slacker now. I'm so impressed that you work full time and have kids and still put in that kind of mileage.

    I agree with Tonia - you may have gone too slow for you. That's almost slow enough for me. ;o)

  10. I'm so impressed with your mileage but I do worry that you're running too much. Be careful, please.

  11. I don't know how you do it. My family would eat me alive if I ran that much. My house would be a pit and no one would ever eat! Kudos to you!

  12. wow!! U r a crazy running Girl!!LOL but so am I.I have to break in between or I just am too tired for the next run!You Rock!!!

  13. holy smoke lady! how are you still walking around? You are simply amazing!

  14. I believe in running slower for the majority of your runs. However, you also need the quality work in there as well. Make sure you are alternating the hard/easy efforts. You are an animal!