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Sunday, May 23, 2010

RYSO Race Report

When I picked up my race packet and saw that I was given number 5, I knew it was a sign that it was going to be a great race.  The race director Tonia had just celebrated her daughter's 5th birthday. 

With the flexiblity to run the race over three days I knew I would be able to get the miles in.
Our family's Saturday packed so I ran 6.5 miles (50:57/ 7:50) of the Rock Your Socks Off Half Marathon virtual race in the early morning and hoped to pick up the remainder that evening.  My bossy hardheaded daughter wanting to make sure I was up to Races With Babes standards.  Something she reminds me daily that I fall short of.  So with her help, I decided to rock a sock skirt in honor of the stylist race director but it was so hot and humid and I ended up stripping clothes not all of them mid run. 
I wasn't able to finish my miles so I planned to squeeze them in on Sunday...somehow.

Sunday came and my thoughts were hopeful to squeeze in my half marathon loop it wouldn't quite work that way and just use it as my race time but the day would not go that way. 
I had a tight time frame to get my miles in before Hubbs had to head off to VA.  Biking Sherpa was joining me but running late so I started with a 3.5 mile (25:12/ 7:12) out and back and then picked Biking Sherpa up.
She thought I would have LBM and the stroller to put her things in but I was running solo so she left most everything at the house.  Including water.

We were enjoying the fact that I was already 'warmed up' from my 3.5 miles and we could talk more easily.  We talked about running, blogging, work, her family issues, Biking Sherpas BF.  We talked about God and Biking Sherpa's desire to learn more and help her BF strengthen his faith.  It was a great conversation!  I need take for granted the blessings I have been given to share such time with my neice.  I know I am fortunate that she allows me to be part of her life and seeks my opinion and advice.
We ran hard even with the conversations.  The heat and humidity was terrible.  We often joke about how much I sweat and how little Biking Sherpa sweats.  She doesn't.at.all.  It's weird.  So as I am dieing and hearing all of your 'voices' telling me how I need to carry water on long runs, I am wiping sweat off my arms and face.
That wouldn't be a problem for long.
Neither would the lack of water to drink.

It rained.  It poured.  It was wonderful!
It was just what we needed when we needed it!
At least Biking Sherpa finally looks like she got sweaty.

We have always loved running in the rain.  It is something that feels so freeing and joyful to both of us.  I hope she continues to allow herself to 'play' in the rain as she makes her own life.

We finished the last 6.5 miles (46:02 /7:05) and felt great as we dripped from head to toe. 
And for this runner that is now I rock my socks off!


  1. awesome race report!! I love the sock skirt :)
    I think its wonderful that you share so much with your niece.
    The photo of you drinking from the roof water is fantastic!

  2. I agree - there is something so wonderful about running in the rain - especially when it is hot! Love it!

    I ran first thing this morning- it was humid - but cooler temp's - and boy did I sweat.

  3. Love that picture of you guys all wet - you look so pretty and happy!

  4. Great race report! Love the "sock skirt". I'm always impressed at how you manage to fit miles in.

  5. haha cute tribute with the sock skirt!

  6. What a great relationship you have with your niece. She's lucky to have you as a mentor and friend.

  7. Love the number and sock skirt. Great ideas! Mine wasn't at all creative.
    Cute post-run pictures.

  8. Great job... love the pics.

  9. That is soooo awesome, Shelly!! That sock shirt just cracked me up, I was like: how the heck is she going to run in that?? Haha. You are blessed to have such a special friend...but you know that :). You totally look soooo cute, I still just love your hair so much, too. I hope you have an excellent week!!! HUGS!

  10. So cute with the sock skirt! You should win for most creative use for sure! Nice work on all the runs! You and BS are so cute.

  11. I love this report! You are too funny and sucking up doesn't hurt either! The sock skirt is the best! I love it!

  12. Nice run(s)! You're fast...and cute (love the socks), great photos!

  13. I would have welcomed a warm rain while I ran yesterday too :D

  14. I love your flexability! That is very inspiring!
    What? NO WATER? In that humidity? You are crazy! You need to work on that, summer is almost here!
    Love the pics...congrats on a great race :)

  15. Awesome report!! Darling pic :)

  16. Great race report! Sounds like a great time. I love running in the rain too. And I love the sock skirt!