Daily Chatter

Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 27th - Friday

After my long run Thursday I took Friday off and got some things done around the house. Finally. We have a pellet stove so hubbs and my brother-in-law picked up 2 ton of pellets for over this winter which I know will eventually arrive. Hubbs had to head back to work in the afternoon. He wasn't home nearly long enough!

After hubbs left I realized that our cat, Perc hadn't come to eat that evening. Our cat never leaves the house. She is naive to the wild outside world. She sits and terrorizes the birds outside our windows knowing that she is really a terrifying predator, if only she could get out. I search the house. No kitty. I search outside. No kitty. I panic. The weather is to really get cold over night. I send out an email and post on Facebook. I call my neighbors to be on the look out. I sit out her food to try and tempt her. No sign of her all night.

November 28th - Saturday

We planned to go see a movie in the afternoon so I go out for my favorite run early in the day. 6.5 miles 52:11/8:02 It was not an enjoyable run. It was cold and windy. Have I ever mentioned. I.do.not.like.wind.

Middle daughter, littlest and I go see A Christmas Carol. I will clarify. My middle one saw the movie. Littlest and I saw the previews, the hall way, the bathrooms, the vending machines, the movie, the hallway, the other movie theaters, the hallway, the movie, the vending machines...you get the idea. It was still an enjoyable evening.

November 29th - Sunday

Today I was eager to enjoy what turned out to be an amazing weather day. 60 degrees!! Okay there was w.i.n.d. but not as strong as on Saturday. So I ran 13 miles. 1:40:41/7:45 I so wish I could run the race (Nittany Valley Half Marathon) this coming weekend at the pace. I hold no delusions regarding the difficulty of the course so I will temper my goals based in reality. 1:40 would be great but won't be my first tier goal.

I got a package in the mail. After I open the lovely plastic wrapper I found this nicely tied package inside.

I ordered from a website, www.onemoremile.net I ordered2 tees and a visor (no photo of my visor, sorry - it's white and reads 'Running is cheaper than therapy') The shirts are super comfy. This time of year I am usually running with an Under Armor base layer and a shirt over so these will be great. I like making a statement with my shirts. In a race it's usually good for an extra photo or two.

What a great long weekend. Ugh! I have to go to work tomorrow a.m. Glad to have a job but it's hard to go back after the long weekend. Tomorrow morning is the first day of deer season so I may not be able to go for a run safely. I will have to wait and see what the morning holds. Maybe the treadmill. Hopefully a short extra early run.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday - November 25th

With no school this morning I thought I would get out early for my run and start my day off on a high note - FAIL. I will blame that one on all the extra activities yesterday. I did however keep the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge in mind and got in my 7 servings of fruits and veggies (easy for me I can live on veggies and fruit!!). After picking the kiddos up I got out for my run, in the darkish.

I was super great. Slightly moonlit and I LOVE that! I did my favorite 6.5 loop and could have done it twice if I would have had the time. 49:38/7:38

Thursday - November 26th Thanksgiving Day

Hubbs got home for the holiday. It is our first Thanksgiving together in 3 years. So I lingered in bed instead of hitting the road early. After a formal breakfast for the family, I got out for my long run to prepare for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon next Sunday. I had my nephew riding his bike with me so the mile passed rather quickly. 13miles 1:38:/7:34 I am happy with my pace but I realize that my route is not as challenging as the Nittany Half will be. I am still hopeful for one more long run on my trail half that does have similar grades as the race course will have. Either way, I know that I will finish the half and that is what I am looking for in this race. First time on the course I'll set realistic goals.

After the run, I did some cooking for our evening Thanksgiving meal at my sister's home. We were joined with about 25 extended family members. After an extra filling meal and, of course multiple desserts we played some board games, Clue and Blokus. So fun! We all get a bit competitive.

It was a wonderful day. I hope everyone was enjoying their Thanksgiving with friends and family close.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Great day, new glasses, naturalist running and shoes to fill

Today was just a great day! So I am grateful for today. I am not sure what made it so wonderful, maybe just getting through it all was great.

After the early a.m. bus routine with my middle one, I quickly got out the door for my morning run of 6.5 (50:31/7:46) which always starts my day out great. It was a nice run too. Cool and foggy. I love to run in the fog. It's just so peaceful.

Following the run, I was able to get cleaned up, tend to the littlest and get us both where we needed to be for the day relatively on time. Which was a good thing considering I would be leaving work early for dentist appointments for the middle one and myself.

Another great thing for the day was the great checkups at the dentist! No cavities! Yipee! We were both in and out in less than an hour. That even included chatting with my little sister who works at the dentist office. AND chatting with a friend who also loves running, Lisa. She was bringing her daughter to a dentist appointment. It was fate. I had wanted to find someone to run the Nittany Valley Half Marathon with me since I am some what intimadated by the grades in the race and would love not allowing myself to get caught up in the pace/speed issues that I struggle with focusing on during races. So I ask her is she'd consider it. Yes! She has to double check with her hubbs but she is pretty sure she a Go for the half! Yipee. It's a great day. THEN I just blurt out that I was thinking this fall I would like to attempt the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 mile Ultra, would she be interested in doing it with me? (She runs Ultras - she's done a 100miler twice) She is smiling as she says she thinks she might be interested in that too! Score! Could my day get any better. I think NOT!! I am on cloud 9..no cloud 10!

Middle one and I go pick up the littlest and grab a bite to eat since the next appointment isn't for a hour. It was nice to not have to rush (very much). After eating (including another serving of fruit and a vegetable for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! Thanks to Amanda at http://runtothefinish.blogspot.com/2009/11/kc-vegas-miami.html ) I took middle one to her gymnastics class while littlest and I went to my eye doctor appointment. It's been 7 years since I had contacts and if you've been following for very long you might remember the "getting lost during the 5k because I had given someone my glasses and couldn't see" incident. I also have three sets of frames that I'd just love your opinions on. My middle one took the pictures so they are not the greatest.

# 1 the hardly see #2 the sorta notice
them glasses them glasses

#3 only notice
them glasses

I am notoriously bad a picking glasses (odd because I have wore them for the majority of my life!!) So chime in with your vote!!

After the eye appointment littlest and I go the gym to get the middle one. We run a quick errand, chat with hubbs on the phone (yeah, I know I shouldn't talk on the phone while driving but it was hands-free) and finally arrive back at home!

As I said earlier, could my day get any better? Yes. I checked my e-mail and our own wonderful bloggie friend Mel http://tallmomontherun.blogspot.com/ has sent me a link to another site that has the hand-held she reviewed that was sold out and I wanted to try to the half!!! SCORE!!! Thanks Mel! Soon I will join the ranks of runners with STUFF. Formerly I was just running around naked. I mean fuel belt, no. Gu, no. Water bottle, no. Body glide, no. Garmin,no...okay I had one briefly but it was too much bother. I have been missing out on all this good stuff. No more my friends. I am going to try it all. Well, I still think I will end up being a bit of the naturalist and will like keeping my running as simple as possible but anything that will make it possible to run farther and stronger is worth a try, right?

And as if that were not enough. I had a pile of mail on the kitchen table (courtesy of the oldest son). There was a package from Kelly. http://www.runfastmommy.com/ It was the awesome t-shirt she sent me to wear when I ran for her sister Cathy. Check it out. Sweet! I will have to wear it in another race since I couldn't get it in time for my last 5k. Thanks Kelly!!

So you can see I had just the greatest day! Tomorrow has some really big shoes to fill that's all I've got to say. But I think the tomorrow is up for the challenge and Thanksgiving is looking amazing if this keeps up!

I am grateful for days like this one.
I am grateful for new glasses.
I am grateful for foggy mornings.
I am grateful for packages in the mail.
I am grateful for new things to try.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Opinions Wanted

I am seriously thinking that I want another longer race before the weather really gets wintry here in PA. This is the race I am looking at:


It is the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon. This course is part of the 50 mile Ultra that I looked into doing before I got pregnant with my littlest and got long distance side-tracked.

I am interested in your thoughts concerning the grades in this half. You can see them if you click the above link and scroll down. Some of what is said about this race is a bit intimidating. With only 2 weeks to "get ready" I don't know how much training I would get in aside from a long run on the up coming weekend. Of course, if I do this race I would have to go into it knowing that I would NOT be looking at a great pace or PR. It would have to be more about finishing and seeing how I felt about the course and looking forward to the possiblity of doing the Tussey mOUnTaiN BACK 50 mile ultra marathon.

So, thoughts?

On my running front, I only got 6.5 in today. My middle one had two friends sleep over. Ugh! That was a hand full. My run was a a super pace tonight with my nephew on his bike. 44:57/6:55. He had bike trouble at first...flat tires!! But we stopped at a friends house and got them pumped up and they held. After that problem was solved, I think he was worried that he had held me up in the beginning and he really pushed me to move it!! It was a busy but great day. Where does the weekend go???

Congrats to all those race finishers this past weekend! So many of you did such amazing things!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

5k Run for Heather and Cathy

The 5K Run for Heather & Cathy started at the unusually late hour of 10 a.m. Now it was nice to get to sleep in a bit after getting up with my littlest at 5 a.m. I laid back in my snugly bed deciding if yesterday's 13 miles were going to hurt my performance at the race today.

I got up and started through my usual pre-race issues...bathroom, breakfast, dressing, loading the car. I had toast with peanut butter and raspberries and OJ to drink (still needing to boast the immune system).

It was a quick 25 minute drive to the start at Shawnee State Park. It was rather overcast and cloudy and with the race so close to the water, it felt rather cold. I wore my not-so-tight full length tights and my Under Armor compression top under my wicking long sleeve shirt with my ear bands to keep the cold air off my ears. It seems like a lot for 10 a.m. but I think I am still feeling cold after being sick. (Later in the race I will realize that I had too much on!)

I met up with some friends and get out race packets. This being a benefit race, our packets really are only our bibs and t-shirts. This is a really low, scratch that, no budget event. I snap this quick picture with my new video camera my hubbs got me for my birthday. I am still figuring it out but it seems really convenient.

At the start I am disappointed to see that so few have shown up for the event. Recently we held a "Heathers Cup" foot ball game and it was standing room only. Heather (the local young lady we were benefiting) has made a friendship with some of the Pittsburgh Steelers players.


I actually had concerns that too many people would show up and we'd have problems with the trail being too narrow. That was not the case, with only about 110 finishers there was plenty of room for runners. Maybe the midnight showings of New Moon keep a lot of younger runners in their beds and less than energetic. Still money was raised to help some very deserving families.

As for the actual race, I started close to the front knowing I would hold a pretty fast pace even with my long run last night. I had about 10 girls ahead of me at the start and quickly started ca-chicking them off. At about a half mile I had 4 young ladies, high school track girls, who couldn't figure out what, "passing on your left" meant. Grrrr. As they continued to run four abreast on a narrow trail. I did finally pass them after actually having to touch one of them on the shoulder to get them to move over. Just after the two mile I had taken the lead and really didn't think I had to push to keep it. Little did I know.

The course ended up being a bit long, almost a tenth of a mile! That wasn't enough distance for me because with only about a half mile to go a woman passes me. This is the only section on hard road. She puts a little bit a distance between us and it ends up being just more than I can push. 4 seconds more. We finish 4 seconds apart. I would argue that it was even closer given there was no overhead clock, only a handheld but in reality the difference was probably those 13 miles I just HAD to get in last night. Oh well. With the extra distance I finished 23:31 about 7:22 a mile. Second female and first in my age group. Another little medal for my collection and a great speed workout for my day!

I hope everyone running those BIG races tomorrow has speedy strong feet. Looking forward to reading all those wonderful race reports!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Returning to running

Wed - Nov 18

After getting the middle one off to school I ran my fav 6.5 loop (50:12/ 7:43) and felt pretty good. I ran my 3.5 out and back twice (53:15/ 7:36) that evening to avoid the hills on the longer loop. That run really took it out of me.

Thur - Nov 19

Again after the morning bus routine, I went for a run but only got in 3.5 (28:47/ 8:13) in the rain before feeling like I was pushing way too much too soon. So I called it a day.

Friday - Nov 20

I ran 6.5 (53:10/8:10) this morning. I felt like I was running in sand. I thought after eating better yesterday (I lost about 5ish pounds being sick) I would be better fueled for my run but my legs still feel a bit heavy. I want to run again tonight even though I have a short race on Saturday. I know that is not how most runners perform their best but I often do better on slightly "warmed" legs than legs that have rested too much. I will wait and see how the evening goes.

I am eager for the 5k on Saturday. It is a benefit race for a local young lady who is battling cancer. She is really having a difficult time. You can read about her here: http://www.occnews.net/heathermillerstory.htm

This reminds me everyday that my family is very blessed. I hope we all take time this holiday season to do something for someone else who is not as fortunate as we are.

I am also running for Kelly's sister Cathy. Read about her here http://www.runfastmommy.com/

To all the runners this weekend. Enjoy those races!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Between Light Pole 4 and 5

Hi there! Yeah, it's me again. I know it's been a while. You may want to get a cup of coffee or some hit tea and get comfortable. I think we will be here for a little while.

Aaaahhhh! Nice and comfy? Good. So let me bring you up to date since last we chatted. It's been some time. Like a WEEK! You know right before my big bir...birth...you know that event when my mother had me all cute and pink and little. No. I did not lose it over turning...26 again. But the rest of my family sure made it challenging.

On my actual birthday, last Thursday, I had to take my littlest to the doctor...again. So after a wonderful a.m. 6.5 loop - which is how every runner should celebrate their birthday!!! I took littlest to the doctor where we are asked to wait outside. Outside. Yep. Oh riddity-then. So we are waiting...and waiting...remember outside,...waiting. Entertaining a sick 15 month-old little guy there. Hurry up, I am thinking. Finally, they call us in.

After weighing and measuring to make sure we are not losing weight again, the doctor gives littlest the once over. Quick. Dr. acts a bit nervous about touching littlest. Dr washes his hands for quite a while even though he had on gloves. Huh??? "So, doc? Do we have the flu?" I ask. "Well, we aren't testing for the flu any more."


"excuse me." I said even though I heard him perfectly clearly the first time.

"well, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck. As they say, it's a duck." He tells me.

"ummm huh." is about the sound that I made to that.

"All you can really do is manage his temperature, keep him hydrated and wait it out." the dr instructs me.

"Oh. Not trip to the hospital. What about daycare? What about other kids?" I ask

"Well, has he been at the sitter this week?"

"yes." I tell him.

"Then they have already been exposed." so ends the dr.

yeah. You may recall the trips to the hospital on our previous illness with littlest. The overt concern due to his small size. I guess I should have been relieved that there wasn't going to be more to endue....little did I know.

The remainder of the day was fulled with updating the sitter, making sure littlest would be comfortable and tackling work until 5.

I picked up littlest and middle sister then headed home for round 2 of my birthday running courtesy of my oldest idea a the BEST birthday gift EVER!!! I know it may seem bad to double run when littlest just went to the doctor and then to the sitter but in my defense, littlest napped the entire time I was running and didn't even know I was gone. I ran another wonderful round of my favorite 6.5 loop in the dark. It was GREAT!

Friday - November 13th. Gee...and I didn't see this coming, huh??? The night went like most of my nights. Littlest is up and down one or two times. Normal. I get middle daughter off to school and go for a run. Normal.

That's where is got me. Friday the 13th was so normal. I took littlest to the sitter. He is still medicated to keep his fever down and napping a lot but otherwise doing okay. I go to work. Normal. I run again...yeah another double...after work. Normal. And then Saturday.

Hubbs is to be home Saturday. I am so excited. I have planned my 1/2 for Sunday to catch the best weather and have my niece available for bike support. The weekend is looking great! I go out for a run Saturday morning while littlest is napping and my oldest is in charge. I am eager to soak up some of the amazing weather but my legs feel like lead. Odd. I wanted to do my 9+ loop since I haven't been able to run it in a looong while but I realize that I just don't have it in me. I think maybe it's better to save it for the 1/2 on Sunday. "Ok.", I think. I just do old favorite 6.5 loop and go back to the house. I shower. Wow. I think that run really took it out of me.

The day progresses. Hubbs gets home. I make lunch. Play with kids. Tend to littlest. Wipe his nose. Change his diaper. Wipe his nose. Repeat.

Since we were celebrating my birthday, hubbs and I were going out on a date. WITH OUT THE CHILDREN!!! It is nearly unprecedented. We are excited to go to a new restaurant in the area. We go out to eat at 6:45 late enough to allow the eldest to go on an early dinner date myself with a friend.

Our dinner goes great. I over eat. Of course. It is yummy. We have a great time. We even go for a short walk after we eat before heading home and that is where it happened.

Somewhere between the fourth and the fifth pole light the flu found me! I didn't even know it had been looking for me. But there it was.

The rest of my weekend and my "I never take a day off sick until my hubbs forced me to" Monday were spent between the bathroom and my bed. Trying to help take care of littlest while trying to sleep away the flu.

I wish I had something more exciting to explain my absence. A good alien abduction, maybe. Or I had won the lottery and ran off to Dubai!! But all I really have is a big pile of tissues and an empty box a cough drops.

I loved reading all those great race reports while trying to recover. More uplifting tales of running in rural PA coming soon. I'm glad to be back!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

26...14 times

I know many of you many think I am talking about marathons and miles. I have done 26.2 10 times but that's not what I mean today and given that this is usually a running blog I can understand why you would think that but tomorrow will be my birthday.

I'm not big on numbers because I feel that everyone should look at aging as the opportunity to say, "okay I've had fill in the blank years to get this good. If I'm not happy I haven't used my time well enough."

It is a funny observation that when I turned 26 I stopped counting up. That was a year that I liked. Nothing in particular. I just enjoyed being 26. Oddly enough, later in life that number would mean more to me because of the evolution of my running.

And so tomorrow, I will have another crack at 26...the 14th crack at it. :-)

Enough of my own birthday well wishing. Looking forward this is what I'd like to do for my birthday indulgence this weekend. Check out the elevations. I doubt with those climbs I will be looking at any PRs but I will get a great workout. Any thoughts on the feasibility of this trail 1/2 marathon training run? I have run portions of this route before but not all. I am hoping to get my niece aka pacer extraordinaire to bike support me just in case we run into a problem with the trails. The maps are not always up to date and I know there is a section on personal property...I am hoping to travel through unnoticed.

So that is what I'd like for my birthday. One really awesome trail 1/2 marathon to make me feel powerful once I conquer it!!!

I will have a P90x update soon. Sorry for the delay...littlest has the flu.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

It's hard to believe that I am inside right now typing under this laptop! The temperatures are in the mid-60s today! Yeah, southwestern PA in November. It is awesome! I already did my 6.5 mile run this morning and then took my littlest in the jogger for an hour because I just couldn't make myself come inside!!

Later today, I have a P90x Kenpo workout to fit in but that shouldn't be a problem. I am excited to given that workout a try.

After Friday night's FAIL on all things workout-wise, I got back on track Saturday with a glorious early morning run before my oldest had to head off to work. It was nice and still and cool outside. I found myself in the zone immediately and was cruising along in no time. I found myself completely lost in my thoughts.

And then I realized I had stepped off the road and onto the soft shoulder. No problem. I often run on the softer ground just off the roadbed. Then it happened. My foot wanted to go one direction and my ankle disagreed.


Okay. I did say a couple words I am glad there was no one around to hear me say but I walked in circles deciding if I had done any REAL damage.

No. All is well. I continue on. No pain. No soreness. Fall right back into the wonderful runner's zone and in no time I am done with 3.5 miles. Yipee.

The rest of Saturday I cleaned the house and prepared for my middle one's play date with her friend. (when did they become play dates? does anyone just play anymore without all the fuss??) A washed out refrigerator, scrub bathroom, washed/folded laundry, cleaned kitchen later, the friend is here ready to play the day away.

I had planned another run during the afternoon with my niece and pacer extraordinaire. I was hoping for my favorite 6.5 mile loop with hills. As the afternoon progressed on and the girls played together so nicely I sat with my littlest to attempt to get him down for a nap while I baked cookies for the girls snack.

Littlest went down rather easily. Yeah! I got him to laid down in his crib and tip-toed out of his room and went into the kitchen to start baking.

Ouch! I must have stepped funny because my ankle hurt. (of course, I had forgotten all about twisting my ankle during the morning run!) I mixed and baked yummy chocolate chip cookies - I only ate one, promise. I went to call the girls in if they wanted to have warm cookies and again my ankle gave a holler.

The cookies were devoured and the littlest was awake again. I found myself sitting on the floor playing with him. Ouch! And this time, I couldn't ignore it. By this time I had remembered the early twistage and was wondered that I had actually injured myself. Ekkk!

After some frantic praying, icing and then warm up and gentle stretching the pain was gone but so was the entire afternoon and early evening. I counted myself lucky and chalked it up to a lesson learned. How quickly my plans could be changed!

I did get a second run with my niece however, we shortened it to 3.5 miles and then I did my P90x - Legs, Back and Abs. It has been a very good weekend after a difficult start on Friday evening.

So much for resting this weekend and getting a little extra sleep, but I think there is a hammock in the woods out back that is calling my name right now and as long as my littlest will let me, that is where I'll be.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I didn't ask for a wrench.

Life sometimes gives you what IT thinks you need instead of what you know perfectly well you DO need. And what I needed was not a wrench in my schedule!

Here is sit under this laptop. It's 9:28 p.m. Have I ran. NO. Have I done P90x. NO. Color me NOT a HaPpY cAmPeR!! This in my world means I somehow???? will squash it all into tomorrow. I have alll day, right. Grrrr! I am not very flexible when it comes to what I have; planned and written down in time line fashion no less, to do.

The Reason.

Yeah, yeah. I hear it all from here.

'"He's so cute."
"That's a good reason to take a night off."

Okay, listen here.!

That's not what I want you to say. I come HERE for people who understand the obsessive need to run/workout. I can find LOTS of people who will agree that family comes first. Lots of people who will tell me it's okay to sit on my butt. I mean, look I have the cutest littlest ever, smiling his silly little I've-got-6-teeth smile at me with his arms reaching up to me, making his sweet little talking sounds wanting me to do nothing more than...Pick him up. Put him down. Pick him up. Put him down. Pick him up. Put him down. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Luckily for my littlest, I have all day tomorrow to complete today's list and tomorrow's list of runs and workouts. Or else he'd be in really big trouble. No. Not really. He is far too cute to get mad at.

Disclaimer: This post was a lighthearted attempt at some laughter to help me and maybe you through another evening if your day was challenging. Because of course, as a mom and a runner it's a delicate balancing act but my family and most importantly my kiddos come first.

Muscles, why are you yelling at me?

Okay now I am into P90x for 5 workouts. I have been running along with my typically one hour to one and a half hour long cross training workouts. To be honest, I went into this realizing I am NOT super girl so I tried to dial back my running expectations a bit. Going from 13 miles a day to hoping for 7 to 10 miles a day.

I thought that would keep me happy because I really don't like to miss a day of running. Running is my release from all the stresses in my life. And I am obsessed with running, use it as my control point in life, attach a whole lot of self-worth in whether or not I am successful in accomplishing what I set out to do via running. BUT. Today after two days of 3.5 short runs (yesterday my littlest was not cooperating in a.m. so I had to shorten my run) and last night's hour and a half of yoga courtesy P90x, I am beginning to see that I am going to be forced to...darn I say it...limit my running.

Deep breaths. Remain calm, Shelly.

I am attempting to comfort myself with thoughts of longer runs on the weekends and the possibility of a long run through the week when energy allows. I know that I WILL be a stronger better runner by completing this cross training. I know I will be healthier overall. The difficulty stems from letting go of my need to miles. And adding up those miles and keeping track of those miles and meeting a certain number of miles for each month....

With the rural region I live in racing opportunities dry up as the weather gets colder. So all the running will soon be only for me and the upcoming spring season. All these words to try and convince myself that I am doing the right thing with cross training. B.E.C.A.U.S.E., let me tell you running is easier!

Anyone out there who thinks an hour and a half of yoga is a night off has never done this program. I was thinking, 'great, yoga. I love yoga. OOOAAAAAMMMMMM.' Yeah, right. Trying going in and out of plank for 30 minutes and then realize you still have another HOUR!! Oh My GreatGoodness! I was shaking so much I thought I was on one of those old exercise machine that were supposed to wiggle the fat off!!!! Thank goodness no one saw me. And I thought I was fit.

I thought that. Not any more.

So. That is where life is at. Tonight is a hopeful 3.5 miles with littlest in jogger and then a hour of legs and back and then 339 sit ups.

Run strong to all those getting to race this weekend.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Evening Run and Day Three

I just got done complaining about the time change and now I am pleasantly reminded of why I really don't mind the darker evening after all. I had another surreal run tonight. Only 3.5 miles but every single foot fall was perfect. There is just something great about not being able to see where it is your headed that allows you to run just a little bit faster. It's almost as if you can run without the concern of how far you have yet to go.

Tonight I didn't have the wonderful moon. Boo bad clouds, boo on you! I had my handy-dandy head lamp. It has several settings. Tonight I had it set really low to just give me a tiny bit of illumination aimed at the road just a few feet in front of me. AWESOME! Just enough light to be able to run safely. I love the feeling of being the only person outside. When I run by the few homes I pass on this out-and-back, I enjoy seeing people going about the evening within their lit windows. Tonight it reminded me of the holiday season I have to look forward to with the Christmas lights decorating the houses that allow me to go on my favorite 6.5 mile loop with or without the benefit of moon light. There are always things about each season that keep the joy in my running year round.

After my p.m. run my wonderful oldest son kept the two littles somewhat occupied so I could reap the benefits of Day Three of P90x. The joys of Shoulders, Bis & Tris and another round of 339 sit up variations. At first I thought, 'Gee, I need heavier weights.' but after about 20 minutes I was happy that I hadn't tried to be a macho-chic. Talk about burn! And my legs were great, totally into the run but as the shoulder/bi/tri workout started to use my quads in some squats while doing curls and presses, those same legs started whispering about being really really tired! Tonight it was one of those tired in a good way kind of feelings. I hope that is still how I feel in the morning. I have my favorite 6.5 loop on tap in the a.m. and then an hour and a half of yoga courtesy P90x in my p.m. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Sampling of Days to Come

The amazing view from my run
in the moonlight
Now that the wonderful time change has set in, I have the opportunity to run by moon light. Which is AWESOME!!! I ran an a.m. 3.5 mile and a p.m. 3.5 mile run on Monday since I wouldn't be able to get a long run in with my work schedule. Only to realize that we had a full moon! Even though it really got chilly once the sun went down I didn't let that stop me from getting my second run completed.
Don't get me wrong. I love to run in every season but there is just something about being wrapped up in your self-created envelope of warmth, feeling like you are the only one alive, seeing the world so quiet and still. IT IS THE BEST! The only way to make it better is to add a light snow fall - which I know will happen this winter.
I ran Monday's p.m. run knowing that with my oldest soon to be off to Basic Training (he has been doing his running & PT. Yeah!), I will have few opportunities to indulge in my love of solo running in the dark-ish. When my hubbs is home from work he tries to support my running need but doesn't always agree with how much or how often I run. He believes less is more. This probably stems from his understanding of fitness via weight training only, i.e. if he can push up a bar with twice his body weight on it then he feels he is fit. (okay, maybe a slight over statement but hubbs is not in love with running. He is more of an acquaintance of running.) I don't hold it against him. Not everyone can understand the drive to run long distances or lots and lots of miles...just for fun.
I digress.
So my weeks will feature more shorter runs done in a.m./p.m. doubles to attempt to keep me happy and my miles up for spring marathon racing season (looking at March & April).
Then there is P90x. I started it on Sunday. Just for those who might be interested in a report of progress, I COULD use my arms on Monday morning but I was aware of muscles that usually don't talk very often. I was very happy with how I felt given how hard the workout was...and that was Day One (Back & Chest & Abs)! Day Two was all Plyo! Sweat, sweat, sweat! Jump, jump some more and then jump some more HIGHER!! That would be a good title for Day Two. I thought my legs were very strong until I was 40 minute into the Plyo workout. I am hoping for a 6.5 mile run tomorrow morning. That may be the real test. Day Three is more upper body work and abs. Oh, I didn't tell you about the 339 sit ups. ouch. They were awesome! ouch. Really.
Overall, (3 days) I think P90x is going to kick me butt! I am going to keep plugging away at it. And yes, there are before pictures. But they will have to wait until I have 30 day pictures to put up and compare them to. Oh boy! I am sure you are excited to see those.
It's only Tuesday and it's been a busy week already. Gee, I hope my energy holds up! Thursday and Friday the littlest goes to work with me. It's been a month since he has gone to work with me. I am sure there will be pictures of his antics to look forward to.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh what have I done!

Today was a much better day for me than yesterday. I got up with a plan for the day and stuck to it! Even with the time change, I got up early and got the kids ready for Sunday School and church. Which has been something we have struggled to accomplish lately. So, yipee for me.

After church my oldest watched the two little kiddos so I could run a solo 6.5 mile loop (48:51). When I got back oldest was sitting behind his gaming computer with littlest asleep in his lap. Noise and all, littlest slept. I had to take a picture.

My oldest has joined the Army and will be leaving January 11th. (a.k.a. sad day for mom!) He is hoping to pass the Army PT to complete the work he has been doing (tests and finishing his associates degree) to elevate his rank and pay grade once he starts. I told you all that to explain why after the 6.5 loop and waiting for the littlest to finish his nap on big brother I ran another 2 miles with my oldest while pushing the littlest in the jogger.

He has to complete 2 miles in a minimum of 15:54 to pass the 2 mile. He does(unlike me, where does he get this?) NOT like running. We ran in a little slow. He was about 15 seconds off passing. Littlest and I were 16:21.

So for me I had a good run day. Not the 10 I wanted by close enough. When I push that jogger I always feel like I should be able to count each mile as a mile and a half!

After all the running the kiddos all joined in for the rest of the PT test. Push ups and sit ups. Yippee! To pass my son has to do about 45 of each in 2 minutes. He has a long way to go on push ups and is on track to pass the sit ups.

The rest of the day was productive and busy. Getting things done, preparing to head back into the work and school week. Just like always trying to fit way too much into a day.

As it started to get dark outside super early (yuck), I realized that today would be the perfect day to start my P90X workout program. I wanted to use it over the winter after my oldest leaves for the Army and I lose my daily support for running without any littles with me. But I thought why not?

What have I done? I doubt that I will have use of my arms tomorrow. Which really won't matter because I fairly certain that my stomach won't allow me to stand up completely after all the ab and core work I just did!

And to think I am supposed to do more tomorrow.

Maybe I'll just run, instead.