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Friday, November 6, 2009

I didn't ask for a wrench.

Life sometimes gives you what IT thinks you need instead of what you know perfectly well you DO need. And what I needed was not a wrench in my schedule!

Here is sit under this laptop. It's 9:28 p.m. Have I ran. NO. Have I done P90x. NO. Color me NOT a HaPpY cAmPeR!! This in my world means I somehow???? will squash it all into tomorrow. I have alll day, right. Grrrr! I am not very flexible when it comes to what I have; planned and written down in time line fashion no less, to do.

The Reason.

Yeah, yeah. I hear it all from here.

'"He's so cute."
"That's a good reason to take a night off."

Okay, listen here.!

That's not what I want you to say. I come HERE for people who understand the obsessive need to run/workout. I can find LOTS of people who will agree that family comes first. Lots of people who will tell me it's okay to sit on my butt. I mean, look I have the cutest littlest ever, smiling his silly little I've-got-6-teeth smile at me with his arms reaching up to me, making his sweet little talking sounds wanting me to do nothing more than...Pick him up. Put him down. Pick him up. Put him down. Pick him up. Put him down. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Luckily for my littlest, I have all day tomorrow to complete today's list and tomorrow's list of runs and workouts. Or else he'd be in really big trouble. No. Not really. He is far too cute to get mad at.

Disclaimer: This post was a lighthearted attempt at some laughter to help me and maybe you through another evening if your day was challenging. Because of course, as a mom and a runner it's a delicate balancing act but my family and most importantly my kiddos come first.

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  1. Hehehe.. I did not work out all WEEK.. Umm??

    And tomorrow I am going to eat my weight in Pizza and Birthday cake for my 4 years olds Star Wars themed party.. Bet your booty I will be double time next week.

    he is CUTE!!!