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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday - November 25th

With no school this morning I thought I would get out early for my run and start my day off on a high note - FAIL. I will blame that one on all the extra activities yesterday. I did however keep the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge in mind and got in my 7 servings of fruits and veggies (easy for me I can live on veggies and fruit!!). After picking the kiddos up I got out for my run, in the darkish.

I was super great. Slightly moonlit and I LOVE that! I did my favorite 6.5 loop and could have done it twice if I would have had the time. 49:38/7:38

Thursday - November 26th Thanksgiving Day

Hubbs got home for the holiday. It is our first Thanksgiving together in 3 years. So I lingered in bed instead of hitting the road early. After a formal breakfast for the family, I got out for my long run to prepare for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon next Sunday. I had my nephew riding his bike with me so the mile passed rather quickly. 13miles 1:38:/7:34 I am happy with my pace but I realize that my route is not as challenging as the Nittany Half will be. I am still hopeful for one more long run on my trail half that does have similar grades as the race course will have. Either way, I know that I will finish the half and that is what I am looking for in this race. First time on the course I'll set realistic goals.

After the run, I did some cooking for our evening Thanksgiving meal at my sister's home. We were joined with about 25 extended family members. After an extra filling meal and, of course multiple desserts we played some board games, Clue and Blokus. So fun! We all get a bit competitive.

It was a wonderful day. I hope everyone was enjoying their Thanksgiving with friends and family close.


  1. I love Blokus - so fun, but frustrating! Sounds like a great holiday and awesome that hubby was home!

    How many times to you suppose you have run your 6.5 mile loop? :)

  2. Since January 2005, I've ran that loop 869 times. I would have thought more. ;-) That loop and my 9+ are my most frequent runs.

  3. Glad you got to spend Thanksgiving with the hubs. Sounds like a great day!

  4. Sooo glad your husband was able to join you this year- how special! Nice job on the run, too, wow...you are speedy! The race is going to go very well!!!

  5. You are really tallying the points in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. I am one of your partners. Good luck in your half marathon tomorrow. Great work so far.

  6. Thanks for stopping and following by my blog!!! don't worry, I wont hold being an East Coater against you! :)

    Mel is the greatest, isn't she!?


  7. YOu are so FAST! Amazing...I need you to be nearby as a pacer.. Good luck next weekend.. So glad your hubby could be with you.

    Loved your comment on Amanda's blog..you make me smile too you know :)

  8. I am one of your partners for the Booty Buster Challenge. Damn...you're fast! I'm quite slow with the running. (and the biking and the swimming) but I enjoy it nonetheless. Keep up the good work!