Daily Chatter

Friday, November 6, 2009

Muscles, why are you yelling at me?

Okay now I am into P90x for 5 workouts. I have been running along with my typically one hour to one and a half hour long cross training workouts. To be honest, I went into this realizing I am NOT super girl so I tried to dial back my running expectations a bit. Going from 13 miles a day to hoping for 7 to 10 miles a day.

I thought that would keep me happy because I really don't like to miss a day of running. Running is my release from all the stresses in my life. And I am obsessed with running, use it as my control point in life, attach a whole lot of self-worth in whether or not I am successful in accomplishing what I set out to do via running. BUT. Today after two days of 3.5 short runs (yesterday my littlest was not cooperating in a.m. so I had to shorten my run) and last night's hour and a half of yoga courtesy P90x, I am beginning to see that I am going to be forced to...darn I say it...limit my running.

Deep breaths. Remain calm, Shelly.

I am attempting to comfort myself with thoughts of longer runs on the weekends and the possibility of a long run through the week when energy allows. I know that I WILL be a stronger better runner by completing this cross training. I know I will be healthier overall. The difficulty stems from letting go of my need to miles. And adding up those miles and keeping track of those miles and meeting a certain number of miles for each month....

With the rural region I live in racing opportunities dry up as the weather gets colder. So all the running will soon be only for me and the upcoming spring season. All these words to try and convince myself that I am doing the right thing with cross training. B.E.C.A.U.S.E., let me tell you running is easier!

Anyone out there who thinks an hour and a half of yoga is a night off has never done this program. I was thinking, 'great, yoga. I love yoga. OOOAAAAAMMMMMM.' Yeah, right. Trying going in and out of plank for 30 minutes and then realize you still have another HOUR!! Oh My GreatGoodness! I was shaking so much I thought I was on one of those old exercise machine that were supposed to wiggle the fat off!!!! Thank goodness no one saw me. And I thought I was fit.

I thought that. Not any more.

So. That is where life is at. Tonight is a hopeful 3.5 miles with littlest in jogger and then a hour of legs and back and then 339 sit ups.

Run strong to all those getting to race this weekend.


  1. What's with the raqndom 339 number? Just curious. :)

    As you know, I'm in the same place right now... although I do NOT run daily. You are doing a good thing for your body.

    Keep it up and give yourself a break in the running. The cross-training is making up for it FOR SURE!

  2. Marlene - 339 is the number of sit ups in Ab Ripper X that for weeks 1, 2, & 3 is done 3 times a week. The creator likes odd numbers. I just think it's a lot of sit ups with a 15 month old trying to crawl all over you!