Daily Chatter

Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 27th - Friday

After my long run Thursday I took Friday off and got some things done around the house. Finally. We have a pellet stove so hubbs and my brother-in-law picked up 2 ton of pellets for over this winter which I know will eventually arrive. Hubbs had to head back to work in the afternoon. He wasn't home nearly long enough!

After hubbs left I realized that our cat, Perc hadn't come to eat that evening. Our cat never leaves the house. She is naive to the wild outside world. She sits and terrorizes the birds outside our windows knowing that she is really a terrifying predator, if only she could get out. I search the house. No kitty. I search outside. No kitty. I panic. The weather is to really get cold over night. I send out an email and post on Facebook. I call my neighbors to be on the look out. I sit out her food to try and tempt her. No sign of her all night.

November 28th - Saturday

We planned to go see a movie in the afternoon so I go out for my favorite run early in the day. 6.5 miles 52:11/8:02 It was not an enjoyable run. It was cold and windy. Have I ever mentioned. I.do.not.like.wind.

Middle daughter, littlest and I go see A Christmas Carol. I will clarify. My middle one saw the movie. Littlest and I saw the previews, the hall way, the bathrooms, the vending machines, the movie, the hallway, the other movie theaters, the hallway, the movie, the vending machines...you get the idea. It was still an enjoyable evening.

November 29th - Sunday

Today I was eager to enjoy what turned out to be an amazing weather day. 60 degrees!! Okay there was w.i.n.d. but not as strong as on Saturday. So I ran 13 miles. 1:40:41/7:45 I so wish I could run the race (Nittany Valley Half Marathon) this coming weekend at the pace. I hold no delusions regarding the difficulty of the course so I will temper my goals based in reality. 1:40 would be great but won't be my first tier goal.

I got a package in the mail. After I open the lovely plastic wrapper I found this nicely tied package inside.

I ordered from a website, www.onemoremile.net I ordered2 tees and a visor (no photo of my visor, sorry - it's white and reads 'Running is cheaper than therapy') The shirts are super comfy. This time of year I am usually running with an Under Armor base layer and a shirt over so these will be great. I like making a statement with my shirts. In a race it's usually good for an extra photo or two.

What a great long weekend. Ugh! I have to go to work tomorrow a.m. Glad to have a job but it's hard to go back after the long weekend. Tomorrow morning is the first day of deer season so I may not be able to go for a run safely. I will have to wait and see what the morning holds. Maybe the treadmill. Hopefully a short extra early run.


  1. Oh no! I hope your kitty got/gets home OK. We have coyotes here and we lost a cat recently. We hope a nice family found him. It's tough to keep a kitty in the house!

    I ordered some stuff from One More Mile. Don't you love how they make the extra effort to wrap your purchase up in ribbon and tissue paper? I like the shirts you ordered! I'm thinking of getting the one that says, "Dear God, please let there be someone behind me to read this." So funny! :)

  2. Great Blog!
    thanx for coming and visiting mine.
    I love new running clothes. it makes me wanna run home from the store.
    and One More Mile is a great website. will for sure buy something from there one day.
    Check out www.liftyoursole.com. its a great website for running accessories and jewelry.

    have a great week and ill be stopping by here to read more!!

  3. LOL! I love the shirts! Glad you had a great holiday!

  4. Where did all the spaces at the end of the Blog come from?? Maybe there is a picture or something missing??

    I hope your kitty is OK..

    You are FAST!!

    Love the shirts, too cute..

    Email me your address..atleast you will get a Christmas card from me :) I am not sure how many people like to give their addresses out..

  5. Aw, I hope little Perc comes home safe!!

    Nice job on the miles this weekend and I love your new shirts!

  6. I have the butt shirt! I love it!!!

  7. Oooh, I hope your kitty is okay. We lost one recently (I won't tell you the story); it's heartbreaking!

    Love your shirts, how fun are those!!!

    Could you give me a little of your speed for my little race-y in two weeks? You're awesome!!1

  8. Haha, I LOVE those funny running t-shirts!

  9. wait did you find kitty?! I would be freaking out!! I have thought my cats got out before and ripped the house apart.

    love the shirts! You must be a kenyan for all the HBBC points you are rackin up