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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

It's hard to believe that I am inside right now typing under this laptop! The temperatures are in the mid-60s today! Yeah, southwestern PA in November. It is awesome! I already did my 6.5 mile run this morning and then took my littlest in the jogger for an hour because I just couldn't make myself come inside!!

Later today, I have a P90x Kenpo workout to fit in but that shouldn't be a problem. I am excited to given that workout a try.

After Friday night's FAIL on all things workout-wise, I got back on track Saturday with a glorious early morning run before my oldest had to head off to work. It was nice and still and cool outside. I found myself in the zone immediately and was cruising along in no time. I found myself completely lost in my thoughts.

And then I realized I had stepped off the road and onto the soft shoulder. No problem. I often run on the softer ground just off the roadbed. Then it happened. My foot wanted to go one direction and my ankle disagreed.


Okay. I did say a couple words I am glad there was no one around to hear me say but I walked in circles deciding if I had done any REAL damage.

No. All is well. I continue on. No pain. No soreness. Fall right back into the wonderful runner's zone and in no time I am done with 3.5 miles. Yipee.

The rest of Saturday I cleaned the house and prepared for my middle one's play date with her friend. (when did they become play dates? does anyone just play anymore without all the fuss??) A washed out refrigerator, scrub bathroom, washed/folded laundry, cleaned kitchen later, the friend is here ready to play the day away.

I had planned another run during the afternoon with my niece and pacer extraordinaire. I was hoping for my favorite 6.5 mile loop with hills. As the afternoon progressed on and the girls played together so nicely I sat with my littlest to attempt to get him down for a nap while I baked cookies for the girls snack.

Littlest went down rather easily. Yeah! I got him to laid down in his crib and tip-toed out of his room and went into the kitchen to start baking.

Ouch! I must have stepped funny because my ankle hurt. (of course, I had forgotten all about twisting my ankle during the morning run!) I mixed and baked yummy chocolate chip cookies - I only ate one, promise. I went to call the girls in if they wanted to have warm cookies and again my ankle gave a holler.

The cookies were devoured and the littlest was awake again. I found myself sitting on the floor playing with him. Ouch! And this time, I couldn't ignore it. By this time I had remembered the early twistage and was wondered that I had actually injured myself. Ekkk!

After some frantic praying, icing and then warm up and gentle stretching the pain was gone but so was the entire afternoon and early evening. I counted myself lucky and chalked it up to a lesson learned. How quickly my plans could be changed!

I did get a second run with my niece however, we shortened it to 3.5 miles and then I did my P90x - Legs, Back and Abs. It has been a very good weekend after a difficult start on Friday evening.

So much for resting this weekend and getting a little extra sleep, but I think there is a hammock in the woods out back that is calling my name right now and as long as my littlest will let me, that is where I'll be.


  1. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! Glad you had an awesome weekend too..those cookies sound so good:)

  2. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend! Take care of that ankle though--ouch!

  3. I'm tired just reading all of that!

    Hope the ankle doesn't give you any more trouble.

  4. Hope your ankle is better!! Cookies yum.. I wish I had a pacer, sounds fab.. Play dates...LOL

    OK being told that my Blog has lifted your mood is the best compliment in the world...you made my day :)

    RANDOM...the word verification for this comment is "Cankal" Thought it fit your post with the Ankle and all

  5. Productive weekends feel so good...along with a hammock rest the next day :). Take care of that ankle!!

  6. I can't believe you can do the P90X AND run! My brother is doing P90X and he said it kicks his ass!