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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

26...14 times

I know many of you many think I am talking about marathons and miles. I have done 26.2 10 times but that's not what I mean today and given that this is usually a running blog I can understand why you would think that but tomorrow will be my birthday.

I'm not big on numbers because I feel that everyone should look at aging as the opportunity to say, "okay I've had fill in the blank years to get this good. If I'm not happy I haven't used my time well enough."

It is a funny observation that when I turned 26 I stopped counting up. That was a year that I liked. Nothing in particular. I just enjoyed being 26. Oddly enough, later in life that number would mean more to me because of the evolution of my running.

And so tomorrow, I will have another crack at 26...the 14th crack at it. :-)

Enough of my own birthday well wishing. Looking forward this is what I'd like to do for my birthday indulgence this weekend. Check out the elevations. I doubt with those climbs I will be looking at any PRs but I will get a great workout. Any thoughts on the feasibility of this trail 1/2 marathon training run? I have run portions of this route before but not all. I am hoping to get my niece aka pacer extraordinaire to bike support me just in case we run into a problem with the trails. The maps are not always up to date and I know there is a section on personal property...I am hoping to travel through unnoticed.

So that is what I'd like for my birthday. One really awesome trail 1/2 marathon to make me feel powerful once I conquer it!!!

I will have a P90x update soon. Sorry for the delay...littlest has the flu.


  1. 26 14 times... I love it.


  2. Many birthday wishes sent virtually your way!!!!! Happy birthday!

    (sorry about your littlest one and the flu. blah!!!)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY! Have a fantastic weekend- that half sounds like fun :)

  4. TEN!!!! Wow you are officially awesome :)

    Thank you for stopping by and all your kind words!

  5. Happy birthday to you. I hope all your running wishes (and others) come true.

  6. No updates?? Are you OK?? Do you still have a 5K this weekend??