Daily Chatter

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Great day, new glasses, naturalist running and shoes to fill

Today was just a great day! So I am grateful for today. I am not sure what made it so wonderful, maybe just getting through it all was great.

After the early a.m. bus routine with my middle one, I quickly got out the door for my morning run of 6.5 (50:31/7:46) which always starts my day out great. It was a nice run too. Cool and foggy. I love to run in the fog. It's just so peaceful.

Following the run, I was able to get cleaned up, tend to the littlest and get us both where we needed to be for the day relatively on time. Which was a good thing considering I would be leaving work early for dentist appointments for the middle one and myself.

Another great thing for the day was the great checkups at the dentist! No cavities! Yipee! We were both in and out in less than an hour. That even included chatting with my little sister who works at the dentist office. AND chatting with a friend who also loves running, Lisa. She was bringing her daughter to a dentist appointment. It was fate. I had wanted to find someone to run the Nittany Valley Half Marathon with me since I am some what intimadated by the grades in the race and would love not allowing myself to get caught up in the pace/speed issues that I struggle with focusing on during races. So I ask her is she'd consider it. Yes! She has to double check with her hubbs but she is pretty sure she a Go for the half! Yipee. It's a great day. THEN I just blurt out that I was thinking this fall I would like to attempt the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 mile Ultra, would she be interested in doing it with me? (She runs Ultras - she's done a 100miler twice) She is smiling as she says she thinks she might be interested in that too! Score! Could my day get any better. I think NOT!! I am on cloud 9..no cloud 10!

Middle one and I go pick up the littlest and grab a bite to eat since the next appointment isn't for a hour. It was nice to not have to rush (very much). After eating (including another serving of fruit and a vegetable for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge! Thanks to Amanda at http://runtothefinish.blogspot.com/2009/11/kc-vegas-miami.html ) I took middle one to her gymnastics class while littlest and I went to my eye doctor appointment. It's been 7 years since I had contacts and if you've been following for very long you might remember the "getting lost during the 5k because I had given someone my glasses and couldn't see" incident. I also have three sets of frames that I'd just love your opinions on. My middle one took the pictures so they are not the greatest.

# 1 the hardly see #2 the sorta notice
them glasses them glasses

#3 only notice
them glasses

I am notoriously bad a picking glasses (odd because I have wore them for the majority of my life!!) So chime in with your vote!!

After the eye appointment littlest and I go the gym to get the middle one. We run a quick errand, chat with hubbs on the phone (yeah, I know I shouldn't talk on the phone while driving but it was hands-free) and finally arrive back at home!

As I said earlier, could my day get any better? Yes. I checked my e-mail and our own wonderful bloggie friend Mel http://tallmomontherun.blogspot.com/ has sent me a link to another site that has the hand-held she reviewed that was sold out and I wanted to try to the half!!! SCORE!!! Thanks Mel! Soon I will join the ranks of runners with STUFF. Formerly I was just running around naked. I mean fuel belt, no. Gu, no. Water bottle, no. Body glide, no. Garmin,no...okay I had one briefly but it was too much bother. I have been missing out on all this good stuff. No more my friends. I am going to try it all. Well, I still think I will end up being a bit of the naturalist and will like keeping my running as simple as possible but anything that will make it possible to run farther and stronger is worth a try, right?

And as if that were not enough. I had a pile of mail on the kitchen table (courtesy of the oldest son). There was a package from Kelly. http://www.runfastmommy.com/ It was the awesome t-shirt she sent me to wear when I ran for her sister Cathy. Check it out. Sweet! I will have to wear it in another race since I couldn't get it in time for my last 5k. Thanks Kelly!!

So you can see I had just the greatest day! Tomorrow has some really big shoes to fill that's all I've got to say. But I think the tomorrow is up for the challenge and Thanksgiving is looking amazing if this keeps up!

I am grateful for days like this one.
I am grateful for new glasses.
I am grateful for foggy mornings.
I am grateful for packages in the mail.
I am grateful for new things to try.


  1. Lots of exciting stuff! What a great day!

    I vote for # 2 glasses.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What a lovely post :)

    I am also bag at picking glasses even though I have had them since second grade!

  3. WHat a fab day!!!

    I like glasses #2!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday girl!!!

  4. Glad you had such an awesome day!

  5. Here's to great days! I vote #2 glasses. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Oh I like #3...but I am a thick framed sort of gal. Sounds like a GREAT GREAT day. I love it when fate takes a little hand in our daily lives, the dentist of all places. I am in awe of people with no cavities, I have BAD TEETH.

    No Garmin? How do you know your pace and mileage.. Wow!!

    Hugs to a great weekend. And very cool shirt

  7. Glasses #2 too! Oh my gosh, you should TOTALLY do the ultra! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving :)