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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Weekend in Rewind

Sunday afternoon we celebrated LBM's second birthday.  The kids were having so much fun I couldn't even get them to stop for cake!  So I had to take it to them.  Of course when it came time to open presents EVERYTHING stopped and paper flew!

Sadly Saturday came and went without a single photo being taken.  Can you believe it?
I know!  And I went on TWO runs.  One of them with Hubbs and NO photo. 
I am slipping.
The runs were great.  I got one 3.5 loop in solo (pause as the chorus of angels sings) while Hubbs took the kiddos on an four-wheeler ride.  The second 3.5 loop was with Hubbs and LBM.  It was Hubb's first run over 20 minutes that he didn't walk since his surgeries.  (you may remember he ran in the Race From Your Cubicle 5k, well he walked some of that).
I was so happy that he 1) allowed me to encourage him and 2) he didn't give up when he got tired.


Friday I had to take an day off of work due to some sitter complications so I was able to greet S'ghetti girl off the school bus.  She was so excited.  Can't you tell?
She had a "bad day."  She told me a new friend had stolen her favorite pencil and then lied about it.
Can you remember when the BIG dramas in life revolved around what pencil you used? 
Or what your did or didn't "borrow" from you?
We chatted on the porch to leave that "bad day" outside and not bring it home with her.  She came to a plan of how to handle this new "friend" and the situation on Monday. 

I was so productive with my day "off" that I got in my two runs long before I had to be ready for the after school bus.  Although I had forgotten how hot it gets running in the middle of the day.
LBM used the "long" run as his nap time in the jogger.  Score!

I started my Friday with my wake up 3.5 loop and then did my lunges around the cemetary.  It was a beautiful start to the day.

Thursday evening started the "weekend" for me this week since I would be off on Friday.  Biking Sherpa, LBM and I finished our run at the church with lunges.  Yeah, I was the only one DOING the lunges but we had a visitor doing CIRCLES!
It is NOT a good sign when a groundhog is:

1.  Out in a public place during the day.
2.  Unafraid of you.
3.  Walking drunken circles.

Of course NONE of those obvious signs kept me back from the animal.  Biking Sherpa and LBM stayed a safe distance as I got closer to see if he might have been "rolled" by a car.  Not the case.  He was a definate rabies candidate.  I will spare you the details.  But with the close proximity of the church to my house the necessary precautions were taken.  (sorry)

To start my weekend off right, I gathered up Biking Sherpa and LBM to head out for what would turn out to be an eventful evening run. 
You just gotta love the weekend!

There you go.  I'm all caught up to where I fell behind.  Whew!
Remember you still have time to enter the Three Giveaways but only until
7 a.m. September 1st!  Jump back and enter now. 
You have a great chance at winning.

Thanks for checking in with me!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rewind the Weekend

How can the days be getting shorter already?
It takes some getting used to this time of year.
Remembering that if we don't get out the door by a certain time we will need a headlamp and lantern or flashlight long before we get home.

Sunday was a very busy day.  In fact I wasn't sure there would be a run at all but I thought about what day it was Day # 113 for those who are counting and I knew I just couldn't end on that number so late as it was LBM and I hit the road.  S'ghetti girl had just gotten back from spending the day at a friend's house and she was getting her hair done for school the next day.
Just enough time for a quick trip around the 6.5 loop.
The setting sun didn't even cross my mind.
It was sunny and H.O.T when we left but as we ran the sun quickly fell behind the mountain tops.

Luckily when I approached this little fella there was still enough light that I could see him before stepping on him.  He was not happy when I approached him to pull him off the road.  So I backed off to see if he would leave on his own.  I held my breath as two cars passed safely over him.  As I approached him a second time a third car came and...
they were busy looking at me.
I felt terrible! 
The driver realizing that he had hit the snake stopped, checked the snake (which was only a large black snake) and apologized for hitting it.  As if it were my snake!  It was nice of them to stop.
As we ran on, LBM in his limited language asks about the snake.

LBM, "Ssssssssssss?"
Me, "Yeah, honey the snake went with his daddy and mommy."
LBM, "No!"
Me, "Yeah.  He's with his family."
LBM, "No. thump (insert LMB-isum for the sound of the car hitting the snake!)"

Even in the semi-dark, I couldn't pull one over on him.

This is only the beginning of the animal tales from the weekend in rewind.  Stay tuned for the next installment.

Congratulaton to those who took up the 10 Day Streak Challenge!
Here is a list of those I believe were going to attempt it.
Drop by their blogs and congratulate them.
If I missed you, let me know.
Send me an update on how you did, how do you feel, what are your thoughts towards streaking and what was your 10 day mileage total?  Give me all the details!
Thanks for streaking with me.  I am so proud of everyone who used me as a little motivation to get out there on those days when motivation is a little lacking.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Happy Birthday Erika
MCM Mama Goes Masters Race

Wednesday pm run ~ Day # 108

I ran my miles for MCM Mama Goes Masters virtual race
8.25 miles ~ 1:10:29
A rather unimpressive run as I have been struggling with tired legs
(Gee, you think? Day # 109 today)
but I am happy to say that I enjoyed my miles and the thoughts of Erika entering a new age group in her racing career.
Happy Birthday Erika!

When will this streak end?
Another opportunity to get an additional entry into my trio of giveaways
But anyone can submit their guess.
This crazy streak will come to an end.  The only question is, when?
So I thought it might be fun to make a bit of a game out of it.
If you want to submit your guess and have it count toward whatever prize I can come up with, send me an email to shellyrm at yahoo dot com
with the subject My Guess
and include 1) how many days you think I'll last - I am at #109 today
and 2) how many miles you think I'll have run - I am at 793.20
I will accept guesses until midnight Friday August 27th
The emails will not be opened until the streak ends
(so don't include anything you want me to read before then)
The winner will be the person or persons who comes the closest (but not over) on both numbers!

For those who question why/how I would/could run for so many days.
A demonstration that these are not just words but facts.

Isaiah 40:28-31 (NIV)
 they will walk and not be faint.
28 Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The LORD is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
and his understanding no one can fathom.
29 He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
31 but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The funny things that buy me time

Day # 107 ~ 6.5
LBM is pulling my shorts off wanting to go for his run.

Last evening I was struggling with the new routine for school and my disappointment in myself for missing my morning run so getting out that evening should have been easy instead it was a reminder of how easy it is to just "skip it."

Knowing that all my faithful followers would be so disappointed in me if I sat on my tush, I hit the road.  I don't think my delay in getting started helped me because within less than two miles LBM had me stop twice.  He was a constant babble of less than coherent sounds although I do recongize Twinkle Twinkle Little Star everytime he breaks out in song which is an improvement over the Mommy Goed Mommy Pooed song.

After offering him everything under the sun, except for shortening the run I figured out he was wanting his
"Weed Flickers'!

Foxtails aka Weed Flickers

Oh you haven't employed foxtails or as LBM calls them weed flickers as a tool in your jogger entertainment arsenal?
You simply must try them.
LBM rarely makes it through a run without getting one or two of them.
They are good for so many things.

They make great pinwheels to spin around as we cruise down long hills.
They are great at trying to hit every other weed along the side of the road.
They are excellent at threatening the local livestock with. 
Also great at torrmenting insects with.
They are wonderful to disect while in the jogger.
They make nice "let's irritate mom" devices.
They are perfect fishing poles.
The come in really long lengths so you can try and hit cars as they pass.
(don't worry, we are not close enough to the cars to actually touch them but he doesn't know that!)
And they are wonderful for throwing out of the stroller to get mom to stop again.

I know his arms are out.  Don't worry we weren't running anymore.

A good weed flicker can get you a good mile of uninterrupted running!
After the challenge of getting out there last night, I started my day right this morning with a quick run.
I didn't need an weed flickers to make it through.

Day # 108 ~ a.m. Run 3.5 / 28:46
Yes, I washed this outfit before wearing it again this morning.
Gee I look tired.

What's the most innovative thing you have used to entertain your kids so you could run?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

If you create a habit...

If you create a habit in 21 days,
you create an obsession in 106 days.

I simply could not make myself get out the door Sunday morning.  I knew my body was needing a rest.  I busied myself with other chores all while trying to convince myself that I could take a rest day.

The family enjoyed breakfast together, S'ghetti girl had a friend over later in the day, I worked on head bands, baked a cake, cleaned the kitchen, played with LBM, did laundry and talked with Hubbs.  Before long it was time to take S'ghetti girl's friend home and head back to PA.

The drive was uneventful, which is exactly how I like it to be.  When we arrived home the kids piled out of the car to run off some energy.  I got to work unloading and settling back into the house.  It wasn't until I was putting away my running clothes that it really start to nag at me.

On the clothes went, out the jogger came and off we went for a later than usual run. 
It just felt like something was missing in my day.
Or has it crossed a line somewhere along the way?

I have made some racing plans for October, a few in fact.  Hopefully one that includes Hubbs.  So I know that my body is going to be in need of some rest and recovery if I want to enjoy some of the distances I have planned to take on.  Don't go crazy mega miles are probably "off the table" for this year.
And I am still hoping to find a race I can use as a training run during September so rest has to be in the plan.

But how do you know when you've gone from Habit to Obsession?
And is that really a bad thing?

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Giveaway # One - Sof Sole
Take Two - Road ID
Third Times the Charm - CEP Compression

Sunday, August 22, 2010

100 Days of Running ~ Reviews and Giveaways ~ Third Times the Charm

Saturday morning mega humid run 6.64 miles
I was so hungry all day!

Yesterday after having driven down to VA Friday evening, I was still feeling the effects of LBM's disrupted schedule and ended up sleeping from 7 a.m. until almost 9 a.m.
Since LBM didn't sleep much during the night.  Ugh!
But I was determined to get some miles in before we started our day.  I didn't want my run weighing on my mind, keeping me from enjoying the day.

So while everyone else still slept I peeled off my CEP Compression socks which I have been sleeping in nearly every night since the Ultra and I hit the road.
Right away I know it was going to be a hard one because I had to return to the house to re-visit the bathroom.
GI issues.
Not something that usually attacks me a lot BUT in my part of VA there are very few opportunities to duck into a corn field.  So I grab my water bottle again and headed back out the door for my 8 - 9 miles.
After the .35 mile to the "main" road I knew that the humidity was going to cut this run short.  
I did enjoy ducking into a garage sale during my run but that aside it was a mental game of struggling through how hot it was.  
The one thing that wasn't having a hard time; my legs.
Even since starting the Legs Love Lunges Challenge my CEP Compression socks have kept my legs feeling great!  
No more cramps in my legs, no more fatigue after my runs.   I didn't start wearing my socks until after the Ultra but I know that I would have benefited from using them much sooner.  I didn't need to run a race to feel the quick recovery that these socks help provide.
After even my short run days, I slip into the Hot Pink socks and feel ready for the next day. 
 We enjoyed some entertainment on the walking mall in Charlottesville

I contact CEP Compression  to tell them just what a difference they have made in my running and recovery.  The wonderful folks at CEP 
Compression  have offered to give one of you the opportunity to have the same great tool to help you enhance your running and recovery.

What they say about CEP  Compression:

CEP Running Socks

For all Runners and Endurance Athletes: The scientifically optimized pressure flow provides your muscles with the maximum amount of oxygen and energy during performance and recovery.

The times are over where the sole purpose of socks and stockings was to protect feet from blistering. The CEP compression sportsocks are the first functional sport socks with a unique compression profile that provides a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance.

Achilles Tendon Support: Additional support of the Achilles tendon protects and prevents irritable tendons.

Padded Foot Soles: The special support of the foot sole prevents irritations caused by pressure spots.

Ventilation Channels: For a pleasant foot climate.

3-D Fit: The socks adjust to the anatomy of the leg and foot for a perfect fit thanks to the three-dimensional manufacturing process.

Shin Splints
Achilles Issues
Micro Muscle tears
Vibration trauma
Blood clots from travel

So what do you need to do to get a chance at winning some great CEP  Compression?
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Entries will be accepted until 7 a.m. September 1st, 2010
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Watch for bonus entry possiblities.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

100 Days of Running ~ Review & Giveaway Take Two

Day # 103 ~ morning run ~ 3.5 / 28:45

This morning started late last night when LBM woke up the first of three times so when the alarm went off to get up and run, I wanted to forget it.
I wanted to say that a little more sleep would serve me better than a few miles on the road.

I didn't say that, I may have thought it for a moment but my feet hit the floor and I was quickly running.  My mind was a little fuzzy to say the least when I was first running.  I kept thinking I had forgotten something important.  But having ran my daily routes for so many years at least I knew in my haze I wouldn't take a wrong turn and get lost.

All those thoughts reminded me of my beloved Skyline Challenge, the highlight run of my 100 Days.  As my feet moved me forward I thought about the highs and lows of that race.  Even though I did get lost during that race, I knew I had not left my safetly to chance.  I was wearing my bright yellow Road ID.

Because I have a terrible memory Hubbs has often worried that something would happen to me during a long run or trail run and I would not be able to tell someone a phone number to call to reach my family.  I agreed.  We never know when the unexpected might occur.  I solved that problem with my Road ID.  It will do the talking for me if ever I am unable to speak for myself.

I had been wearing it for about a month prior to the race with no problems.  Unfortunately the problem waited until during the Ultra to arise.  I was climbing a steep hill when the clasp opened.  I closed it.  Again on the same very long steep hill the clasp opened.  And so it was for several miles until I took off my Road ID and put it in my camelbak for the rest of the race. 
Hoping that someone would find it if I fell over from exhaustion.

After the race excitement settled down I emailed Road ID and shared my story with them.  I wasn't surprised when they offered me an apology, an explanation and a new clasp.  It seems they were aware of a problem with the clasp and are working on a redesign.  Great customer service!

The wonderful folks at Road ID even sent along a gift card for me to share with one lucky follower.  So you and your family can have the same peace of mind while you are out here enjoying the roads and trails.

Here's what you can do to get your own Road ID:
(separate comment for each please)

1. Follow me. (Mandatory) 
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2.  Visit Road ID and tell me what product you'd like most.

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The gift card was given to me at no charge for my honest review of my Road ID. 
What you read above is just that, my honest opinion.
You shouldn't run, bike or swim without a Road ID.

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Marcia @ Running off a the Mouth also has an opportunity for you to win CEP Compression.  First who is Marcia?  She is a SAHM with big running dreams and she is making them happen.  She qualified for Boston and has a busy racing schedule this year! 
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So head over and check out a crazy running penquin.  Tell her I sent you.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The 100 Days of Running ~ Reviews and Giveaways

The road to 100 days was a some times challengening one. 
I want to offer a word of caution to those who may look at the example I have set and want to attempt the same.
I do believe that our bodies were made to be used every single day.  I feel that we need a hour each day of exercise to truly get the most out of the bodies we have been put in charge of.
I did not go about my 100 days in a manner that was one I would suggest to other runners. 
I did not limit my miles.
I did not limit my efforts.
I raced.
I pushed.
I attempted multiple goals during my 100 days.

Given that many of you reading this are simply people like me; runners who love to run, love to attempt to win (an age group here or there) and maybe win a few races along the way, streaking is serious business.  Streaking is a thin line between pushing your limits and injurying your body.  And is not something that should be entered into without serious thought and flexibility.

So I did the one thing I have always told anyone
who would ask for fitness advice:
I listened to my body.

Because I listened I changed the way I normally run.
I normally put on my Sauconys and whatever clothes I have handiest and hit the road.
Maybe I remember fluids...sometimes.

As my streak progressed, I changed.
I took fluids.
(in one of two hand helds - to be reviewed in a later post)
I dressed with more thought to protecting my body and feeling good  about how I looked. ~ CEP Compression Socks!
It is amazing how much looking good while you are running can help you run better! ~ Running Skirts!
(to be reviewed in a later post)
I made sure that I accounted for the what ifs that can happen.    ~ Road ID!
I realized that a tired pair of Sauconys is not necessarily a worn out pair. ~ Sof Sole Insoles!

Making these and a few other changes allowed me to not only meet my goals but exceed my goals!
Injury Free.

Day # 102 08.19.10 ~ 6.5 miles / 52:06 with LBM

Let's talk about Sof Sole.  I have to admit that I really did not understand the importance of the insole in my shoes.  I mostly relied on the "tread wear" as the indicator of the shoes life.  Some of you many recall my Good Bye post to a pair of Saucony's that I wore for 1000 miles.  Little did I know that I could have been getting longer miles out of more of my shoes if only I had replaced the insole! 
As soon as the package arrived from Sof Sole, I was inserting my new insoles.  I ran with both the Athlete and Airr insoles.  The package did a great job at explaining how to tirm the insole and properly insert it into the shoe. 

Now you have to remember I am a newbie to the majority of fitness related support gear so I didn't realize that I should have used my old insoles as a guide when trimming the new ones.  The instructions are the one and only negative I could find about my new Sof Sole insoles. 
Prior to the new insoles I was alreadying thinking about starting a new pair of shoes even though my tread still looked good.  The insoles made my shoes feel new again!  It was amazing.  I will never again sideline a pair of running shoes without first replacing the insoles and getting more miles out of them.  This one step will save me buying countless extra shoes and although I recycle/donate my running shoes I like the thought that I will be saving a little bit on what I put in that landfill!  Who knew Sof Soles insoles were eco friendly?!

So now you can get a little help in extending the life of your favorite pair of shoes and helping your body remain injury free!  This will be the beginning of three giveaways.

To enter please leave a comment for each item completed.

1. Visit Sof Sole and tell me what you like in their product line or offer a suggestion or comment about their website.

3.  Follow this blog.  (Mandatory)

4.  Anyone who commented on the past three 100 Days posts by midnight August 19th (EST) will get an extra entry into these giveaways.

5.  If you answered the questions in the past two 100 Day posts will get a bonus entry into these giveaways. 

6.  BONUS.  Anyone who will take up the challenge to streak for 10 days (honor code here!  verifiable via your blog or dailymile) will get 10 extra entries into these giveaways. 
Your streak starts today August 20th.  Minimum 1 mile each day.

Up Next for Review and Giveaway...

Go check them out now and you'll be ready for the next post!

The products were given to me for my honest review.  That is what is above.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day #101 ~ You didn't think I was done

When I set a goal I don't simply like to reach it but I want to reach beyond it. 
I want to reach into the area just beyond where my eyes can see.

Just beyond where I can envison myself going.

Day #101 ~ 08.18.2010 A double day
3rd day of 10 mile runs

I want to show others that it really is not amazing that I ran 100 days.  It was only a little more than a hour a day.  Don't we all deserve an hour out of our days to spend on our selves?  I think so.  I know so.
I didn't neglect my family to run everyday.  I showed them that I am more than just a wife, mother, cook, maid, lover, taxi driver, nurse, refreshment dispenser (yeah still breast feeding), worker, bill payer, boo boo kisser, clothes washer, toy finder...
I am a person.
I am a person who needs to take care of this body that God gave me.
I want to change the way people view fitness and the time spent to achieve and maintain it.  I want to see an hour a day become the norm.
We tell our kids to go outside and play for 60 minutes a day
(I'm sure you've seen the commercials)
and yet we find it amazing when people actually do it.

I do feel a sense of accomplishment in having gone 101 days but not because it was amazing that my body could do it.  It was an accomplishment to make it a priority to take the time to do something good for myself.everyday and not allow others to tell me that I didn't have time for that each day.

So whether you chose to run or bike or swim or play ball with the kids, get outside or inside (the weather is no excuse!) and move for an hour each day. 

How much time do you give yourself each day?
Do you think you deserve more?
Will you take it?

The wonderful folks at Sof Sole, CEP Compression socks and Road ID have all offered to sponsor a giveaway.  So go check them out now.  That way you will be ready when I finally get my act together get the Giveaway post up.  Until then visit some of my bloggy friends who are hosting giveaways too!

Barefoot Angie Bee is hosting a Snorg Tee shirt giveaway.  You would have to live under a rock to not follow Angie Bee.  But I know things happen and we miss opportunities so now is your chance to get over there and catch up with an amazing running mom.  Oh did you catch the fact that she is a barefoot runner...and it was her hubbs idea!  I just love that!

Erika G at Chasing my Monkeys 1 mile at a time is hosting a What's in your running bag? Giveaway.  This girl has it all together and she is going to share it with us.  Granted minus the really expensive stuff she keeps in her running bag but that's okay.  Head over there and let her know I sent you.

Kayte at long legs on the Loose is hosting a giveaway.  Can we say Bloggy World is headband crazy?!?
Etsy is loaded with great vendors.  Kayte's giveaway is sponsored by Cam Bands.  Some bloggies are making them too, me included.  But who doesn't love a great product for F.R.E.E.?!
I love her entry idea.  She wants us to send her a photo showing how much we need the headband.
Go over and show her your crazy hair!

A few from the kiddos collection
Yeah, I borrowed the monkeys...but I made it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100th Day ~ Double Day

come back for the giveaway...
Tuesday 08.17.2010 ~ 100th Day
a.m. run ~ 3.5 / 28:45

Wow.  I can hardly believe that the 100th day has come and gone.
I got up this morning and run my usual a.m 3.5 miles in 28:45.
Beginning my 100 days the first run was a 3.5 miler that took me 24:57, it was a speed day.
When looking over my paces there isn't a clear progression of slower paces.

Which I do credit to several things:

~ Splitting my mileage over the course of the day.
~  Listening to my body when it came to each day's pace.
~ A mental attitude that I knew I can do what ever I choose to do.
~ Using products that previously I would have not chosen to rely on.
~ Fueling my body to meet the days needs.
~ Reminding myself that I was only getting about an hour a day of exercise ~ that really is what everyone should be doing.
~ Knowing that I was showing those out there who choose to follow along, that they can do it too. 

Biking Sherpa made me this shirt!  I love it!
Thanks Biking Sherpa!  You made my day!
Amazing things happen every day.

My Facebook status today was about amazing things happening today. 
And they did. 
I showed myself I can do whatever I chose to challenge myself with.
I showed S'ghetti girl that exercise and fitness is a daily habit that is FUN.
I reminded my family that I am a person beyond my roles in their lives.
I spent time with LBM and Biking Sherpa pondering the big questions in life.

Everyone (almost) who was there for the 100th day

Speaking of my beloved Biking Sherpa, she told me today that she too was streaking. 
It was the second day in a row that she went with me!
Although she felt certain that her streak was ending with 2.
LBM tried to run away with the dogs but they were all there too.

 No matter how often she goes I am always glad for her company.  You can see we rocked our tye-dyed Tees (thanks Biking Sherpa) and Running Skirts!  We looked great.  Okay I only looked great for the first 2 minutes and then I was a sweaty mess.  But a colorful one!

The shoes that finished it out.
Nothing else but SAUCONY!
...and a new pair of insoles

Just one of the items I will be reveiwing this week. 
And you will have a chance to win some saving on your own pair of insoles or socks!
Sorry no Sauconys to win...I'll keep working on it.  After all these years of loyalty you'd think they'd come through!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The 100th Day

What would be more appropriate than a heart.

 To do something everyday for 100 days. 

 It must be love. 

Biking Sherpa joined me last night for the second run on Day #99. 

The Stats

100 Days
732.5 miles
4 Runs of 2 miles
1 Run of 3.2 miles
62 Runs of 3.5 miles
1 Run of 4 miles
1 Run of 5.37 miles
1 Run of 6 miles
53 Runs of 6.5 miles
13 Runs of 7 - 33 miles
1 ~ 18k Urban Trail ~ Xterra
1 ~ 5k Cross Country ~ first female
1 ~ 50k Trail ~ 3rd Master/7th Female
Average Workout Time per Day ~ 1:11:30
Average Miles per Day ~ 7.3 miles
Average Time per Week ~ 8:20:32
Average Miles per Week ~ 51.3
Total Run Time ~ 119:10:35
Not so Fast Run ~ 12:51
Fastest Run ~ 6:55
I didn't get here alone.  Even though I pride myself on being a minimalist when it comes to running, I must admit that there were a few things that aided me in avoiding injury while streaking for 100 days as I ran  heavy miles and raced.
 I will be reviewing a few of those products and giving you a chance to see if they can help you enjoy your running experience more too.  Can you say giveaway?
I do have one question for you today. 
The question is what do you think is next for me?
This might get you bonus entries into the upcoming giveaways so think about it and answer honestly.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Life on the Refridgerator

Some people may think that my home is messy.  When you walk into my home usually by the side door, you walk directly into the kitchen.  Probably the first thing you see is my refridgerator. 
She is getting old and most likely in need of a replacement but she has held snapshots of my life for 20 years.

I rarely take a photo down.  I usually just put another one up.  There are layers of photos in some places.  Some that have barely moved in all those years.  I wish I could say I remember which photo was the first  but I can't.  What I can say is that I know the very first photo was one of Army Son.

Today my Army Son turns 20 years old.  I have seen those snapshots multipy and simply can not bare removing one.  I think of the days yet to come and know that my little refridgerator will run out of room to hold all the wonderful memories.  But for now standing in front of my own life long collage I am reminded of what am amazing little boy he was and what a blessing he has always been to my life.

Today I celebrate the fact that roughly 7300 days have passed since I was first blessed by becoming a mother to a special little boy and I gotten to be a part of that wonderful life. 
This will be the first birthday that we will not be together.
But I won't be completely without him. 
I will see him today as I have everyday right here on my refridgerator growing before my very eyes.

Happy Birthday!
I miss you.

Freaked Out!

All weekend I struggled with a lack of motivation. 
 I felt like my measly miles really didn't amount to much compared to all the long runs everyone was putting in.

What I lacked in motivation I made up for in jealousy.  I was jealous of all the races planned when I still have none.  I spent considerable time looking over upcoming races to see what I'd really like to do but even that didn't snap me out of it!

I was really getting Freaked Out over whether or not I was going to get my run in today.
It's Day #98!  I kept telling myself.  Get out there and get your miles in.
Then Negative Nancy would start yapping about not really having a race to plan for and how I wasn't going to get a long run in this weekend with everything else.
Yap Yap Yap.

So I spent the day with my family simply spending time together knowing that when we got back to PA I would be hitting the treadmill.  After the long drive, I needed to find some way to keep myself on the mill.
A movie! 

I got everything in place.  The kids were playing in the other room.  My Nathan's handheld was filled with ice cold fluids.  Good to go.
I told myself just do 2 miles and see how you feel.  Okay.
Start the movie.  Which movie?
The Fourth Kind
I like a good scary movie sometimes.  But this movie started out with the actress telling everyone how there is actual footage along with the movie and how "these events were supported by actual video or audio."

The miles were ticking by and I had stumbled across my motivation somewhere on that looping black belt!
I was in a little room tucked under the stairs with headphones on so I can't hear much of anything else that is going on around me. 
Freaked Out!

I kept thinking I heard noises behind me.
Uh, maybe because the kids were in the adjacent room, duh!
But at the time that reality didn't register.
Needless to say when S'ghetti girl opened the door to tell me LBM was done "playing nicely", I screamed out loud and ended my run with 5.75 miles. 

Now the kids are in bed and I would really love to go get in another 5 miles but I have to admit that I am still a bit Freaked Out!

Next time, a comedy.